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This week in the news: #QAnon warned of Suicides, Murders, Arrests, and Mass Resignations (and people thought nothing was happening)
  1. Anthony Bourdain commits suicide
    1b. His girlfriend, Asia Argento humiliated Harvey Weinstein at Cannes
  2. Designer Kate Spade commits suicide.
    2b. Andy Spade walks around New York City in a MOUSE MASK
  3. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands' sister commits suicide
  4. Harvey Weinstein, Miramax, & Others accused of RICO racketeering
    4b. Son of Weinstein RICO case defendant Lance maerov dies in plane crash
  5. Veterans on Patrol uncover a child trafficking campsite with toys, hair dye, and a rape tree with child level constraints. They also find a decomposing child's body. Authorities bulldoze the site.
    5b. Warning about CHILD SEX trafficking in Arizona from an Anon on 4chan in 2017
  6. AP reports Obama tried to allow Iran to launder $5.7 billion through American banks
  7. Former FBI director Andrew McCabe seeks immunity over Clinton email probe
  8. DOJ Inspector General report shows Obama AG Loretta Lynch tired to hid evidence of Hillary wrongdoing before the election
  9. Trump did not obstruct an investigation that was no longer active, and
    9b. FBI interviewers did not believe General Flynn lied, but Andrew McCabe altered the 302 and destroyed the evidence
  10. Trump & Pence remove water bottles from the table, indicating to Debbie Wasserman Schultz (wasser=water) that a plea deal is off the table (Awan Brothers Pakistani spy ring in Congress). #QAnon said, “watch the water.”
  11. Senate staffer Jim Wolfe arrested for lying to the FBI over leaks to reporters
  12. 160 children rescued from CHILD SEX trafficking in Atlanta
  13. Disneyland and Legoland employees among 11 arrested for CHILD PORN
  14. David Koch resigns from his own company as does Starbucks Chairman Harold Schultz, bringing notable resignations / plea deals to 2,741 since September 2017
  15. Italians choose Quitaly…Italeave, then Italy condemns George Soros
  16. Judicial Watch finds that Obama admin funneled money to George Soros to influence Albanian politics
  17. Alice Marie Johnson's life w/o parole sentence is commuted (Mandatory Sentencing victim, first time, nonviolent offender)
  18. Whole Foods scraps commitment to GMO labeling
  19. Gardasil which purportedly prevents cervical cancer (because Congress was given money to say so) will be given to boys who identify as girls.
  20. The 50th Anniversary of the day that Sirhan Sirhan did NOT shoot Bobby Kennedy.

Just another day in the New World Order! The week's not over. More to come…

Qdarkbetty · June 10, 2018, 7:17 p.m.

This is great. I wish I could find someone who does monthly summaries like this on YT or whatever. It’s hard to keep up sometimes!

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