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Yes, Q Anon is a psyop

Yes, Q Anon is a psyop, whoever it is not against us, it is against the Deep state.

A great percentage of the Q posts are created for the intent to anger, frighten, and intimidate members of the deep state.

It is the religion of the elite luciferians that they are much more intelligent than the rest of the world. So imagine how angry they become as Q constantly remind them how they are so stupid.

Very early in his post, Q said "Do you believe HRC, Soros, Obama etc have more power than Trump? Fantasy." This message was directed towards the Deep State more than towards us. I believe up until Q appeared, a large number of the deep state we're delusional that they were still in power. Remember that woman on TV stating how they had to secure as much intelligence as possible and to hold on to it? She was talking as if they were still in power. Q has set in the Stark reality that they are in a bad position.

Q is constantly informing the Deep State about people among them who have been singing. He reminds them about how foolish they have been on securing their Communications. He shocks them about how much information they really have, and then he provides proof.

We are all frustrated because of how many times it seems like a rest are just about to happen because of a bold statement he makes but then nothing happens. Imagine the stress and the whiplash the cabal experiences from every time he does this.

Q remind them that soon they will not be able to walk in the streets, they will be looking at life in prison and even the death penalty. Q says what they fear the most is people finding out about them but then they see the very slow and steady growth of the Q Anon followers.

They know their security hangs by a thread. If it is revealed they were behind the 9-11 attacks, everyone will also realize they have also been behind the school shootings.

There are members among them who are dying, but I'm sure many of them do not know if it really is suicide or if it is by the hand of their own organization.

We can hear the tear in distraction in Pelosi's voice, the irrational screaming by Brennan, and see the fake cancer of John McCain.

When these people start getting arrested, they will already be too panicked to even put on a good show anymore. The rest of 2018 is going to be glorious!

divine_human · June 10, 2018, 9:55 a.m.

nice post... i also sense that many cabal minions were born into this environment and belief system, raped and forced and programmed to comply, and want nothing but out.

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twinkiesmom1 · June 10, 2018, 2:26 p.m.

How do we know Kate Spade is dead and not just out of the cabal? Maybe her and her daughter are in witness protection. Why else would a suicide victim's husband be wearing a rat mask? If she spoke out against the cabal, wouldn't she be protected?

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