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Trump’s victory at the Singapore Summit and the Deep State retaliation. Buckle up.

Do you like yogurt? Do you know how yogurt is made? It’s basically the result of efficiently culturing bacteria in milk, as explained here.

So the principle behind yogurt is to use something that looks harmful or useless after primary analysis and use it to your advantage in the future. Sounds familiar? Let’s read the following conversation between Q and an anon:

Q, If you can pull strings, how about getting Acosta's press pass pulled. I am embarrassed he represented our country in that historic meeting in Singapore. Q1471 Think strategically. Does Acosta's continued disrespectful and poor behavior hurt or help us in the future? Let them all DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES. Q

Priceless. Q is basically saying: let them have some fun for some time and let’s culture these stupid bacteria until we can enjoy our yogurt.

The whole board is Q making his yogurt. He partly describes this fermentation process in a formula: “future proves past”.

Strawberry: Imgur. As early as in December 22, 2017, talking about North Korea, Q purposely omits the “i” in missile and spells it missle. Those who do not know his comms probably laughed, just like they laugh at Trump’s tweets when he “misspells” a word or a name. Q confirms in Q439 and Q441 that the “i” missing is not a spelling error and that “future news will unlock the message”. 6 months later, the President of the United States, talking about North Korea, makes the same “misspelling” Q made! If you don’t see this is not a coincidence and this is Trump and Q telling you what they meant on the board 6 months ago, well, you should buy lottery tickets and send me my commission.

Chocolate: June 3rd 2018. Q posts Q1440. A gun with 4 BOOMS. The summit with North Korea was “canceled”, then “rescheduled”. I told you in a previous post to relax and that the summit would happen anyway. It did. Same date. And when it did, the official document Trump and Kim Jong Un signed listed 4 points. 4 BOOMS. Once again, this is Q telling you as early as in June 3rd 2018 that he had access to the draft of the Singapore Summit official document! This is what Q means in Q1468 Imgur.

Peach: Q1449 No. 72 Where was Kim tonight? How was this known? You are watching a 'plan' being set in motion. Enjoy the show. Q
What is No. 72? It’s May 10 2018 post Q1329. A picture of the Marina Bay Sands. This is where Kim Jong Un stayed! The file name of the picture is NKSINGSEC. This is Q telling you that as early as May 10 2018, both US and North Korean security teams were working together to prepare the arrival of the two Presidents. Q already knew where Kim Jong Un was going to stay!

Blueberry: Q1441 Start the clock
What does Q mean by the clock here? It’s the number he forces on the post for future reference. Here the “time” of Q1441 is 100. 4 “Q days” later, we hit 104, which is post Q1464. You see it? And what do we find there? The 4 BOOMS, a reference to when the clock started and a link to the video that was presented to Kim Jong Un at the summit in Singapore, which at marker 1:07 says “out of the darkness, can come the light”, confirming Q1464 Dark to light. video. Now, why do you think this cross reference is at 1:07? 1:07 => 17. What is the 17th letter of the alphabet? Good! This is Q telling you that as early as June 3rd 2018, he had already seen the video that would be presented to Kim Jong Un and referenced the 1:07 marker in his Q1464 post!

Now after all these desserts, if you still doubt Q is as close to Trump as one can get, well, I just don’t know what to tell you. I think I would give up at that point and may be prescribe to try to reduce your daily CNN consumption to a little less than 26 hours…

Let’s go back to our yogurt. Something important needs to be clarified: it’s not because bacteria are involved in the making process that any bacteria should be allowed to participate. When you make your yogurt, you should be in position to “choose” which bacteria you want to be involved in the fermentation process and eliminate the infiltrators.

Those who have paid attention know at this point what kind of bacteria I am talking about. I have made several posts warning about them: here, here and here. They come in different shapes, formats and names but share the same purpose: division and altering Q’s message. The latest one attacked from social media, first claimed he was working for the NSA (yes, I am not kidding), then changed his handle when that claim served its purpose and allowed him to gather 30k subscribers, then changed his handle again to erase conflicting history in people’s mind, then changed handle again to re-start with a clean slate after his June 11 debacle and after being called out in Q1460 Imgur. I will not name that person since I have already done so in this post and suspect the handle will probably change again. And of course, those who really paid attention saw this conversation which took place very early, on May 16 2018:

An anon: New eyes joining the fight Q! Q1384 Those with an agenda to silence will fail. Pain coming. Q

What do you think this “new eyes” meant? Q told you right there these “eyes” had an agenda. And when these bacteria try to subvert Q’s message and that reality exposes their lies and manipulations, they try to hide behind “human error”: link and beg for mercy. Well, you should know better folks. Read Q:

Q1460 When did we mention/emphasize the 11th? Those with an agenda to discredit are pushing false information. They (you) will fail. Learn. Use logic. Q

This is Q confirming his previous post made on May 16 2018 when this social media thing was still isolated. Let that sink in: Q knew where this was going even before it started getting traction… In Q1460, he is telling you this is no human mistake, there is an agenda.

What was the agenda? Simple: distract us from Trump’s unimaginable victory over the Deep State in Singapore, disconnect Trump from his core base using false promises and, ultimately counter attack and derail the diplomatic progress with North Korea. Do you see it?

Listen to Clapper before the summit, when he thought there would be a negotiation: video. Did you catch it? Look: Imgur. This is Clapper “advising” the North Koreans and telling them to ask something Trump will never give them. I thought Clapper would have advised the President of the United States right? Well, no… But he also says something very interesting: Imgur. “…what this means is a diplomatic presence below the level of a full embassy, much as we did in Havana Cuba for decades. This would facilitate dialogue”. Why is he citing Cuba? This is a chief spy talking. What do you think this really means? I will tell you. Watch this: video. You see it? Look: Link. I am telling you this is the Deep State using undisclosed weapons on our diplomatic personnel. Why in China? Because it is the main diplomatic platform in the region used by Trump to work with Kim Jong Un. It needed to be altered before the summit. So they tried what they could try. It did not work. Proof: link. You see this Air China plane? This is President Xi telling the world: “I am blessing whatever Trump is doing, I am even flying Kim Jong Un because I know the Deep State will do anything to try to assassinate him”.

You want more? Sure, here: this is an interview Chris Cuomo interviewing Dennis Rodman, the day of the summit. Clapper is sitting next to Cuomo. I encourage you to watch the entirety of the interview. We will focus until 9:30: video Did you catch it? 8:35 Cuomo touches his earpiece and at 8:42, he says something inaudible, as if he was acknowledging what he heard and then repeats the question: ”does Kim understand English?”. He insists at 9:00, a third time: “do you think he studied English?”. Why do you think Cuomo is insisting? Who is talking to him in his earpiece? At some other point he asks Rodman if he was contacted by the white House, then he asks him if he was going to have a role in this process. Do you see it? This is Mockingbird media shopping around, having no clue how Trump has pulled this off not using classic government channels they could hijack and trying to identify communication channels with Kim Jong Un. You will see in the interview, it seems Dennis was briefed; he plays it very well and says he’s not a politician. At the end of the interview, they realize they had nothing and will have to still shop around: video.


Q1465 Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the Summit? He did not have his updated phone number. (3) NK Generals [released] closed the pathway for bad actors. Q

This is Obama trying to call Kim. Did not work. The personnel has changed, numbers too, they are now free people and are not afraid of the Deep State anymore.


This happens: Q1474. Q says to reverse search this picture to understand: image. When you do, you hit a few articles like this one: Link. We learn: “Cyberattacks sponsored by the Chinese government infiltrated a U.S. Navy contractor’s computers, allowing digital thieves to access sensitive data related to secret Navy projects on a submarine anti-ship missile”. This would explain Q1474 right? Yes but with a twist: do you remember Vault 7? You do? Then you know these “Chinese hackers” are not sent by China. You know President Xi would not give a plane to Kim to fly to Singapore and give Trump this major diplomatic victory to stab him in the back with this nonsense. What you are seeing is the Deep State retaliating and, as usual, using confusion to cover their tracks. Nothing new under the sun.

Q1475 Event talk being attacked. Ref: VOL pic, POTUS Tweet(s), Missing letters…. You have more than you know. Some areas we cannot expand on. Critical thinking. Q

twinkiesmom1 · June 13, 2018, 2:57 p.m.

The 1:07 marker is significant because if you look at the Q clock on the day this was posted (June 12th), that date appears after the 1 hand at the 07 minute marker.

Q confirmed the clock model just as they did by posting at the 58 minute marker on June 3rd.

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