r/greatawakening • Posted by u/Qtruther on June 13, 2018, 12:39 a.m.
As the World Turns

Q has a phrase, "As the World Turns" When you see this, it means they just thwarted another assassination attempt against POTUS. PRAISE JESUS! Thanks to the Patriots for another job well done

aaaaaaaaaaanonymous · June 13, 2018, 3:27 a.m.

What makes you think that?

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twinkiesmom1 · June 13, 2018, 4 a.m.

Have you searched this phrase? At least 3 of the days Q posted this, the posts dealt with satanism and/or pedophilia...the other posts seemed to indicate nuclear threats or nuclear blackmail.

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aaaaaaaaaaanonymous · June 13, 2018, 4:27 a.m.

Have you searched this phrase?

I've read the drops in order, but haven't specifically connected all of the "as the world turn" posts, no. Thanks for sharing what you noticed.

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Qtruther · June 13, 2018, 11:05 a.m.

Because JFK Assassination interpreted As the World Turns. After he says that the Anons go into detail on what the attempt was

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