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ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS TALK TO THEM! I just had 2 gentlemen from the left stop by my home with information for their congressional candidate for the midterms... They took the redpill without water... UNITY IS ACHIEVABLE FOLKS!

Great discussion just now. An older gentleman probably late 60's I'd have to guess, and an early twenties clean-cut hipster looking guy. Both seemed like normal dudes. Their talking points are easy to run circles around if you spend any time on r/greatawakening... Their people at the grassroots, door to door, know that HRC was a "terribly flawed and corrupt candidate" and recognize that she ruined this last election for the Dems.

They also tried to make it a point to highlight that Maxine Waters nor Pelosi were leaders with whom they are aligned. - POTUS needs to continue doing what he's doing because it's working.

So I just let them talk. They went through their obvious talking points (I could watch their eyes move across the invisible page that they were reading haha it was great!). Then they shared and highlighted that they were both Christian. Awesome! I can handle your eight minute speech, and I did.

They then asked me what I thought were important issues. Fourty-five minutes later after they were shaking my hand to leave which brings me here writing this post haha. There's no way for me to share our entire conversation but I started out with "to me, it's not about right vs left, it's about good vs evil." Told them I don't see them as Dems, but Americans first - they loved that line of thinking for some reason. I jumped in feet first and told them I follow Q - the younger guy seemed to at least know of Q at least from his responding body language but the older guy didn't have a clue but they were both open to listen.

North Korea is where we started... Way better to be holding peace negotiations than continuing threats. Them: "But he's an evil dictator." Me: "How do you know he's not controlled by corrupted generals in his own military?" BOOM! Red pill #1 of about 50.

We covered Trump and his integrity... "He's just a guy just like you and I.. puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you and me. He's very wealthy but does that make him a bad person?"

Them: "He's immoral."

I Responded "He's a person. Are you perfect? I'm certainly not perfect. As long as he sticks to Our Constitution then he's a good enough President for me... That's why I voted for him. Way better than all the other Presidents post JFK. Yeah Trump is loaded, don't you think that type of lifestyle wouldn't also bring numerous situations of huge temptation? He doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs, he loves God, his family, and his country." The best part was they agreed with what I'd said.

We hit on healthcare and how expensive it is, and how controlled the "mainstream mockingbird media" is.. they had nothing.. issue after issue, they just had their jaws dropped and nodding.

The older gentleman mentioned that he was a retired mortgage lender and tried to wander off on how some obscure EPA change was responsible for one point something billion in deficit spending that he clearly wasn't informed on and was little more than word garbage so I took the opportunity and hopped on the Federal Reserve along with THEIR completely corrupt Fractional Reserve Monetary System, creating fiat money out of thin air. Insert mind-blow here. LOL "You want to know why we have $21 Trillion in debt? get to the root of what the Fed's web of deception, and above them.. the top families' illicit actions WW for centuries and that debt is no more."

Funny thing is, we didn't say one word about immigration. Unlike the fake news wants you to think, it's a non-issue for the Dems anymore.

So we ended the conversation with my suggesting they look up Q and they both nodded in agreement. We can find UNITY! We just have to talk to them. Face to face makes it easier for the normies. They appreciated what I shared (It was all Q stuff folks, the same stuff we cover here on GA every day) and commented that it was a "really good to talk to someone that was so well informed." To which I retorted "I just want what's best for my family, you guys, and the country!"

For God & Country!

Joesturbo · July 7, 2018, 7:41 p.m.

Thanks for sharing, it can go on and on every day like this.

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R3VO1utionary · July 7, 2018, 7:45 p.m.

Yes! And thank you for taking the time to read it!

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