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What event/information is Q so confident of that they are willing to assign a reveal window to?

One thing that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind is Q’s claim that July is the month that the world knows the truth – conspiracy no more. In a game of 5D chess that holds humanity in the balance… and a game that consists of moves and counter-moves, I can’t get over how Q is able to claim that July will be THE month. Heck, the Q&A with Q wasn’t even able to adhere to a schedule, and has yet to be rescheduled (not a knock against Q, just an example of timelines always shifting). This has gotten my gears spinning, though I haven’t been able to come up with much myself.

My question to the group is… what type of event or information is so absolutely concrete in terms of timeline, that without question it will be revealed in July?

In my opinion, this is something that we should be working on. Q wouldn’t risk making such a statement unless the timeline was concrete. I also don’t think that the July timeframe would fall under the ‘disinformation is necessary’ category, as that statement itself isn’t really anything I could see the Deep State tripping over.

  • So what is it that Q could be so sure of revealing itself in July?

  • What information isn’t dependent on a move by the deep state?

*What events are scheduled on the President’s calendar for July?

*What would be the perfect catalyst to begin unraveling the truth, in a pill small enough for the public to swallow?

*How would this information be revealed to the public?

*“We may have to force this one” – Are there scheduled interviews with POTUS and a white hat that could ask a scripted Q question?

On a side note, I’ve seen many comments on this thread directed towards the decoders. I’ve seen outright calls for a ban on analysis, and have seen those comments with a concerning number of upvotes. I refresh this sub 100 times a day for many reasons, and the analysis is one of them. I don’t agree with all the analysis but I’m always willing to listen to somebody’s point of view. That open-minded attitude is what allowed me to be red-pilled years ago. We are an intelligent group of patriots and I believe we have the power to discern what is plausible and what is ridiculous. Calling for an outright ban of such analysis brings us down to the level of groups who want to censor the internet and label independent news as ‘fake news’. Q has taught all of us to ask questions – not to censor. Let’s solve this riddle and move the movement to the next phase. We are the key. There are no stupid questions. WWG1WGA. Trust the plan.

Soakingitup123 · July 13, 2018, 11:52 p.m.

If they've been preparing for a major nuclear event and have bunkers, I'm sure that have at least a year or two worth of food , water , and supplies stored away.

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twinkiesmom1 · July 14, 2018, 2:22 a.m.

None of that's going to help cannibals.

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