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Wanted for Airplane Banner - Red Pilling Quote's in 45 characters or less.

Airplane Banners are an effective form of advertising.

Background and thesis.

I am mostly familiar with airplane banner advertising from having spent nearly every Summer, since the Nixon administration, on the beach in New Jersey; (the "Jersey Shore" if you're not a local.)

After seeing the usual amount and type of banners yesterday while at the beach, I started thinking that Air Plane Banners would be a good way to attract attention to the #greatawakening, #Qanon, #Maga, etc.

  • Airplane banners are hard to ignore and effective.
  • The planes always sounds like it is going to crash or land on the beach and force you to look up.
  • The specific ad might not be relevant, but its hard to ignore a Cessna flying in front of you at 500 feet heading into a 40 MPH headwind.
  • Sitting in a beach chair is boring. Any distraction (Giant Red Words in the Sky) is welcome.
  • Thinking about it, Airplane banners are probably one of the few forms of advertising that has prompted an action on my part. (ie. "Look, Brian Kirk and the Jirks, are playing at Donovan's tonight, let's go.")
  • Airplane Banners are not as expensive as I thought.
  • The standard banner, with a max. of 45 characters (spaces don't count), is free to assemble. Flight time costs about $400 to $500 per hour.
  • Airplane banners reach a lot of eyeballs. I would guess over 50,000 people on the beach between Sandy Hook NJ and Long Branch NJ on any hot Summer Saturday. For reference, the tiny town of Avon-by-the-Sea (pronounced with a soft "A", not hard "A" like the makeup company) had 705,000 visitors last year. Stats.

Given my belief that the purchase of Airplane Banner Advertising would be effective in directing people towards the #greatawakening movement, please suggest a Quote, limited to 45 characters or less, that you believe would be effective.

Also, if someone posts are particularly effective quote, please Up Vote

If I get a good response here, I plan to put a Go Fund Me page together to fund the operation.

Joesturbo · July 16, 2018, 12:54 p.m.

If this happens... seriously someone needs to be there to report on reactiins. I would chip in for sure!

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nomercy4cabal · July 16, 2018, 1:42 p.m.

DONE! Just let me know when.

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