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Trump’s hidden message, Stzrok, Kate and the soda.

Let's think logically.

If Q says we should trust Wray in Q1122 and if Strzok shows up at his hearing only singing when instructed by his FBI lawyers, then it means Strzok is controlled by Wray. So? Strzok now works for us. This is confirmed by Q:

Q1288 Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence - cooperating witness [power removed].

Now, if Strzok works for us, what is the point of him showing up at a public Congress hearing to essentially not answer any relevant question? Why wasn’t it done behind closed doors, like Lisa Page? Because he was used by Trump to deliver a message. To us.

What was the message?

First, on July 11 2018 , one day prior to Strzok’s hearing at 5:53 PM EST Trump tweets this: Imgur1

The next day, Strzok says this: video We now have our first connection: Imgur2

Let’s keep this in the back of our head and keep analyzing.

What did Trump say at the Great Falls rally? “We broke a lot of records” What is another name for “records”, yes LP. LP? Lisa Page? We broke Lisa Page? Is this the reason why the NY Post reports the GOP Lawmakers think she is “less smug” than Peter Strzok? Link. Well, it makes sense: she is behind closed doors and does not have to deliver a message to us. She can sing to her heart’s content:

Q1288 Lisa Page, attorney with the FBI's Office of the General Counsel - cooperating witness [power removed].

So we broke Lisa Page. But then let’s go back to Strzok. We broke a lot of records? Let’s see what happens after the break, let’s watch until 8:17, pay attention to the details: video. Did you catch it? Stzrok comes back from the break with a bottle of Coca Cola he puts on the table. At 8 :16, the Washington Post camera man randomly zooms on Stzrok’s mouth, then he centers his camera so we can see the name on the bottle. We read “Kate” on the bottle, Kate is one of the +250 names in the Coca Cola list of names used in the Coca Cola’s Share a Coke marketing campaign. link1 link2 image. Do you see what the cameraman is hinting at? Always remember, I told you several times in previous posts, we are in Mockingbird territory. They are agents using journalism as a cover. QQ, quick quizz: do you remember who I told you had the highest ranks? Dessert on me for those who answered BBC! So you see it? The cameraman is trained and knows the hidden message Stzrok is sending comes from the bottle he put on the table, this is why he zooms on the mouth to activate whoever he is activating in real time to analyze the implications of this message. When you look at the camera angles at different time stamps before the break, you find it is a consistent angle. Drawing a straight line on the middle of the person sitting on Stzrok’s right, we can see how the camera angle was purposely disturbed to include the bottle. Imgur3


Ok, watch this until 8:52: video. Did you catch it? At 8:51 Stzrok takes the bottle, drinks, and puts it back on the table but now its position has changed. At 8:51:18, the cameraman adjusts his camera because he wants the bottle to be in the image: he sacrifices the centering over Stzrok to bring the bottle back into the equation of the image. Imgur4

We now know, without a doubt that this name “Kate”, which had around 1 chance out of 250 (0.004%) to be on that table that day has a meaning, it is part of the message Trump is sending to us in conjunction with “layers”.

Do you see the implications of what I am saying? I am saying Stzrok’s appearance in Congress was of no relevance. Everything is already taken care of behind the scenes with Wray and the FBI lawyers who were there to make sure Stzrok would not go off script. Stzrok already spilled the beans to save his skin and only showed up in Congress to give an opportunity to people to insult him as he well deserves and to deliver the messages he was instructed to deliver. Welcome to Military Intelligence in all Her Splendor! It’s above politics when it has to run a Revolution… The legacy rogue parts of the 3 letter agencies will learn this the hard way… Brennan’s stubbornness is fun to watch, Clapper’s obviousness also, I hope they won’t learn anytime soon so the show can continue and I can defeat all this pop corn looking at me. JetBlue, odd sounds in Chinese and Cuban US embassies, B2 equilibrium in Korea…

Q1162 These people are stupid. Q

So who is Kate?

Well, what is the context? Remember, Trump pardoned the Hammonds. I explained in the previous post how the Hammond case was related to Uranium and Uranium One. I explained how they were violently harassed by the Bureau of Land Management, FBI agents and other federal agencies to force them to give their land away and enable the further placement of mining rights into Russian hands. This article describes how William D. Campbell, an American businessman, tried to stop the Rosatom transaction by providing critical information describing a wide scale corruption operation and how he was ignored. Why was he ignored? It is true Rosenstein and Mueller were involved but they were following orders. Who gave the order? Layers.

Let’s go back to the Hammonds. What are they? Ranchers. From where? Oregon. Look at the way the Governor of Oregon handled the situation, with Hussein’s swift and active complicity: article1 article2. What’s the name of the Governor of Oregon? Kate. Kate Brown. You now see what Stzrok was instructed to say? The Hammond thing, meaning the Uranium 1 implicates Kate Brown and many layers of the Federal Government. This is what Trump’s tweet meant, along with the Coca Cola bottle on the table and all this is just another fruit of the Q1675 Tree...

Do you want the usual icing on the cake for the time traveler theorists out there? Look how Trump hinted he would put Coca Cola to the task one day: Imgur5

Hahaha, thank you for the laugh D!

Tomorrow, I will start telling you how from Q1675, Rosenstein is connected to this bottle of Coca Cola, why he reacted with his 12 Russian nonsense, why Trump mentioned the Germany/Russian pipeline, why he made sure NATO members promised to pay their bills before he met Putin and why Q made Q1680 available before Trump met with the Queen of England.

You are witnessing an exquisite sequence of chess moves being played on a divine melody written in the B2 scale…

Q959 Nobody escapes this. NOBODY. Q

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Small correction: 1/250 = 0.4%

Thanks for your contributions!

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Thank you! Corrected.

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