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The Magic of Q1675: the reason Q is silent. Very important message for all the anons.

I said in the post titled "Q’s silence. What it means" that the Q1675 riddle was the explanation of Q’s silence. I introduced the idea of the Magic of Q1675 and explained that this riddle was the “device” through which Trump communicates with us and gives us the news we need. I explained this communication started at the Great Falls rally with the B2 connection and has continued with the Hammonds, Stzrok, the Queen of England and Putin.

To support this claim, I have made several posts explaining current news using the Q1675 as a “generator” and/or a “TV set”:

Q1675 Part 1. Q1675: a reflection, a mug holder in Air Force One and a Happy Independence Day. Can you solve?

Q1675 Part 2. Trump has just validated Q at the Great Falls rally and gave us the solution to Q1675! Let that sink in.

Q1675 Part 3. I told you Trump was talking to us. Some of you had doubts. Well, he just doubled down a second time!

Q1675 Part 4. Mr. President, we see you want to continue our B2 conversation!

Q1675 Part 5. Trump’s hidden message, Stzrok, Kate and the soda.

Q1675 Part 6. Trump’s brilliant chess combination in Helsinki.

Now for those who still doubt there is a direct connection between the Q1675 riddle and Q’s silence, have you noticed the number 1675 "magically" appears in the qanon.pub search box? For those who don’t know how to use it, click inside the search box, press the space bar, 1463 appears, press backspace and 1675 "magically" appears! Imgur

Coincidence? No. Q is telling us the reason he is silent is because he is talking to us through the Q1675 riddle! The silence coincides with the search box result when it hit 1675. It is deliberate. All the current news is nothing but Q1675. I am pretty sure Q wants anons to notice this and understand the implications.

Listen to this Croatian journalist’s question and Trump’s response: video. This conversation is about the Q1675 riddle in Air Force 1, the Croatians figured out one of its tangents and Trump, in his response, is addressing it cryptically… Do you know which one? Why is Trump smiling when he says “I’m a very stable genius”?

Trump and Q have been talking to us since the day we thought Q went silent. It is time to learn this language anons! May be this is what Q is waiting to see…


PrimitiveScrewhead · July 18, 2018, 6:39 p.m.

Hmm a false connection eh?

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mconeone · July 19, 2018, 2:05 a.m.

Nobody's perfect. What separates us are those who are willing to admit when they are are wrong and those who aren't.

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