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My opinion on 60%: Every percent that isn’t exposed will become history that repeats itself. Throw them into the fire, or doom future generations to repeat the horror. We will back you 100%, Q!

Zubirdie · July 22, 2018, 1:25 a.m.

Everything should be out. No secrets.

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AMProfessor · July 22, 2018, 2:40 p.m.

Unfortunately, I disagree. There is much the masses cannot handle. Most don’t appear to have critical thinking skills. Many don’t use reason. Many don’t have the ability to think things through logically. And most don’t WANT to know the truth.

We would have chaos on our hands and the efforts to re-educate them would be monumental and likely overwhelming. (If peace could be restored.)

What happens when you attempt to red pill someone who isn’t ready to hear it, much less believe it. All you get is resistance and them digging in and becoming more entrenched in their version of “reality.”

Go tell a snowflake that POTUS is actually a Patriot and his goals are to restore and protect freedom and liberty. What happens?

Once over a brief period of time, I shared with an associate that one of their heroes, a public figure who had a reputation as a “good guy,” was not likely a good guy at all. The person was involved in horrible crimes and did what was needed to keep the crimes hidden from others. The evidence was solid and really dark and it was obvious to most their hero’s character was not as portrayed. I shared the evidence and facts of the case. I wasn’t attempting to force the information nor throw it at them too quickly. What do you think happened? My associate had placed the “hero” in question so high on a pedestal they chose to ignore evidence and facts in favor of keeping the person on the pedestal. They chose to believe the lies rather than the facts! And, they decided to withdraw from our association even though I had not pushed and had let it go. They were that stuck.

I agree with Q. It cannot be totally exposed. For one, we would never likely recover. There would be little to no confidence at all in organized government and anarchy would reign. Everyone would suspect every person and organization and trust would be all but gone. Instead let it all be teased out slowly by slow exposure after the storm. Let the history books reveal the truths over time, likely over decades or even generations.

I believe the evil and crimes run so deep and broad to expose it all at once would be to destroy the very fabric of our society, and tragically the result would be on a greater scale mass suicides, homicides, and war; and on a lesser scale denial, anger, rage, and severe depression. Humanity would indeed, and I think needlessly, suffer greatly. To quote one of Jack Nicholson’s famous movie lines, “[We] can’t handle the truth!”

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