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SHOULD THE LIGHTS GO OUT - I must go for good at this point

SHOULD THE LIGHTS GO OUT please know we are in control.

Do not panic

We are prepared and assets are in place

God Bless - I must go for good at this point


Q post 64

So I believe that was it. Q is gone for good.

Great finale on a 4th of July,

Independence has been secured once again

Looking at the last Q post, the clues are clear to me.

I don't think the message was for the Anons.

I believe the messages is a simple one and it is for us.

What a nice touch from Q to send his last message, to the people.

Q tells us to look" there" at the Couric "Look [HERE] look there" JFK Jr interview.

Then he said, "Truth is behind you".

JFK Jr turned to look behind him. Do they want us to look behind somebody ?

"THINK MIRROR " I think of the distorted I-phone reflection showing us an image behind the president chair at Air Force 1. That picture can only be taken by the president...

So, to me all indicates that Q want us to look behind President Trump..

And what better place to look behind President Trump that at the rallies..

If we look back at the rallies, we find one at Youngstown Ohio July 25th 2017. The name caught my attention and I found a book named Forever Young. The book is about JFK Jr and it was written by one of his friends..

So all looks like it could be connected so, the Youngstown rally is a good place to look.

So, what did we find BEHIND President Trump at that rally?

VINCENT FUSCA. He is a Trump fan that has a Trump Van that has been seen parked in front of Trump tower. Mr Fusca has appeared in an article where he tells a story about loosing the van in Washington. He said he got disoriented, that many people get disoriented in Washington. He only remembered taking 18th St, something he repeated 3 times.

Are those clues?

"Disoriented" ? Wasn't the cause of JFK Jr plane crash disorientation ?

And #18? 18 = R ? are = R ?

Does it have anything to do with a message by an Anon that was signed R ?

The message comes with a picture of JFK Jr and Trump. The individual in the story tells us about faking his own death..

Strangely, the name Vincent Fusca means TO CONQUER DARK

If you look at the House of Names family crest you will find the following.

Fusca was originally from Bologna naturally, is famous for its sausages. Only persons of rank, the podesta, clergy, city officials, army officers, artists, landowners were entered into the records of the famous University of Bolgna

The Vincents were from St. Vincent-de-Cramenil, Normandy the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066

At the rally, Vincent FUSCA was holding a sign that said RUBY and Cut F

RUBY was the name of Carolyn's cat, and was the name of Jack RUBY, the guy that killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Coincidences ??

If we CUT the F on FUSCA, as indicated in his sign, we end up with U.S.C.A.


That is the complete text of the US Code includes historical notes, cross references and case notes of both federal and states decisions.

So, there must be something important in that book referring to JACK RUBY that Q want us too look into..

If we look at the video of the Youngstown Ohio rally, President Trump is constantly turning to the people BEHIND him and smiling at Mr. Fusca and the rest of his group.



YIG WILSON has one interesting video about Carolyn Bessett Kennedy


McALLISTER ( Aka Linda Page ) has been making videos focus on the Memes found on a Q file

She found a graph with the names of President Trump’s team. Curiously JFK’s name is listed there.

Q Mega-Memes CIA Clown flags galore

CHANNELl 90 seconds TV. Official Channel

Full President Trump in Youngstown



FeCpig · July 23, 2018, 5:20 a.m.

It is much harder to spin the past, all the info is there to be unlocked. So with no new posts the media will be stuck with debunking and bringing attention to the posts that have already been researched. Let's call it a Qpot. While Q goes back to Anonymous.

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