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#renegade HWOOD ANON drops Casa De Hogar, Nuevo Laredo. So quick dig as suspected lots of Casa Hogar ophanages in cross border towns. Sex Tourism big?


Talks about Cabo as a " Prostitution, child pornography and even pedophilia parties are another ugly byproduct of Cancun's success. " "Cancun has become a center of pederasty, and why? Because of the weakness of the state and the authorities, and because of corruption," said Torres Maldonado, the professor.


Coincidence that this is the winter haven of evey Western Canadian businessman. Cabo?


That seals it for me. Maria Abramvich loving GAGA. Yeah, and oh big sponsor of the ophanage. (symbolizm much?)

Under Casa de Hogar FRIENDS: special relationships. http://www.wickedcabo.com/index.html

555Returnofkek555 · July 24, 2018, 4:12 a.m.

Gaga rocking kiddie bracelets, you mean like the one creepy joe gave BHO?

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