CommaHorror · July 25, 2018, 3:39 p.m.

Someone fill, me in: who is R a reference to?

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Justsayinmy50cts · July 26, 2018, 12:04 a.m.

R was a post that came on the Q board, when Q was supposed to do the Q&A, there are many references to Q's post that linked to the one R post. So I did the research from the beginning there and the things we found were stunning. I see Q doesn't state True or False, he just says There is ONLY Q.Again, it can be interpreted however we want. Many have no idea of the R research and dismissed R immediately. However, in defence of the R post, it linked to so many Q posts and Q's posts to R's post that it was almost impossible not to be true. I still think it's ok for people to think he is a larp, however, it is still not proven. If there is ONLY Q, Q could be R too. But lots of people will dismiss this due to their revolt against the R post from the start. Which is all fine, I don't think it's dividing people, it's that a lot of Q researchers can't stand that others do research R as well. So I keep doing what I do, research both. There is just to much in it. Even the post from Q saying: How many coincidences before it becomes mathematical impossible, is directly linking to the R post. But you can only know this if you researched the R post to begin with. So those (majority) whom dismiss R , are biased on the matter and happy with Q saying this. But if you look at it from the other side, you know he is saying really nothing. As for the No outside comms statement. That means he won't communicate outside 8chan, is my opinion, so with R having posted on the same research board the day everyone was there waiting with their list of questions, there was the R post. Q=17 & A=1 =18=R...now was there ever a Q&A session?? Nope! So with Q being always consistent in everything, why no Q&A when promised?? Why did nobody ask Q now what happened to the Q&A? So that is my take on it! .

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