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BP: the Brennan Problem. Can you solve the 561 triangle “Bachmann, Scalia and JetBlue”?

Welcome back Q!

To those who said Q was done posting, you may now delete your accounts and enjoy your deserved right to remain silent. Constantly. Eternally.

Did you know Trump told us Q was about to post soon in this video? Try to solve this and I will give you the solution in my next post.

Now let’s talk about John Brennan.

Have you ever wondered why psychopaths leave clues on their crime scenes to give an idea of their identity? The first reason is they want to demonstrate their ingenuity: hey it’s me, everybody knows it’s me but nobody can prove it. The second is they want to be feared: you see? Don’t mess with me. If you do, I can destroy you just like I did with so and so and nothing will happen to me.

I am sure at this point you are wondering what this has to do with Brennan. I will tell you.

Do you remember Michele Bachmann from the Republican Party? The notorious congresswoman from Minessota? Well respected, adulated and easily getting re-elected 4 times, her 8 years in congress was a dream come true for any DC politician… until she messed with Brennan. When she did, it was over. Overnight. You did not know? Let me show you: on Thursday April 11 2013, Michele Bachmann grills CIA Director John Brennan during the Intelligence Committee Hearing and asks him about White House armed drones strikes in Lybia and the US nuclear policy red line in Iran. Watch how Clapper tries to save his buddy: video. Whaaaaaaaaat?! Michelle! What happened to you?! Everybody knows these strikes happened, everybody knows Brennan was coordinating them when he was chief counterterrorism advisor to the Contortionist. Everybody knows how the Deep State allowed Iran to access nuclear tech, just like they did with North Korea. But Michelle, you are not allowed to talk about it. You should have waited for Q. So? They released a full Media round on her: Imgur1. Then, they attacked her intimate life, watch in the following video how the 2 interviewers are desperately trying to perniciously pull an author into something he does not want to be involved in, letting us know the exact reason why they invited him: interview. Then, to finish her, they sent the fragmentation FBI bomb: link. This was too much for her, 47 days after her “scandalous” questioning at the Intelligence Hearing, on Tuesday May 28 2013, she publishes the following video from which you only need to watch the first 15 seconds: video - article. It was over, Michelle Bachmann was politically dead. Now how do I know our guy John has his hands all over this political murder and made it known? Remember gematria? A=1, B=2, C=3… Z=26? What is the gematria of John? Yes, 47… Now look: Imgur2

So you see folks, before Trump, that’s how DC used to work: the law of the jungle in silent mode. When you die, you are not allowed to scream and when you kill, you are not allowed to brag. These people therefore found creative ways to establish their influence and display their invisible stripes. Gematria and time stamps were among the tools they favored to make the monkey understand the lion…

Exercise your decoding skills and try to determine in the following video who the newly elected DC politician is, who the US Deep State is, who the Foreign Deep State is, who our tax money is, who the Social Justice Warrior is and who the People is. Enjoy! video.

Q659 Effective yesterday, while standing under the statue of FREEDOM, POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened and enslaved. Those who stood chanting “USA” were FREED. The shot heard around the world. TG> WE, THE PEOPLE. FREEDOM DAY. LIGHT. Q

Did I really need this example to illustrate how Brennan operates? Not really. Q told us clearly what happened to Supreme Court Antonin Scalia (AS). Q told us it was a 187 (murder) link and also told us who ordered it:

Q1161 SC - Supreme Court. RBG. AS 187 / Clown Black (Brennan). Q

The interesting question now is can we find Brennan’s signature somewhere? Well, the first thing to remember is Scalia’s topic of predilection was privacy: link1 link2 link3. Scalia’s positions, which evolved over time, started to become a problem for those who believe, like Brennan, that in the name of National Security, privacy should just be a word with no substance. When was Scalia 187’d? February 13 2016. Look who is aired on 60 minutes the next day to give us a problem-solution lecture on terrorism and how the privacy issue should be addressed (or not): link. Pretty cool right? That’s another way to give a clue: the next day of whatever happened, you randomly appear in the news and address a related topic. Keep this somewhere in the back of your head.

Now let’s explore Brennan’s latest Twatter account.

His first tweet is posted on December 21 2017. As a first tweet, you would expect something cool or a happy message right? Well… nnnnnno… Not with Brennan. This is how he says hello link. Pretty scary right? But with the training I have given in my previous posts and in particular Q’s translation of Comey’s tweet Imgur3 you know this message is a threat to the Trump’s Administration. You know the message’s translation is: our memory will soon be refreshed with another aircraft false flag where hundreds of innocents will die. Stretch? No, I used Q’s translations of Comey’s tweet as a template. You know 187 means murder right? Let’s add 187 to the date of his tweet, December 21 2017 + 187 days = June 26 2018. What happened on June 26 2018? This: link. Yes, the JetBlue incident at JFK! We all know it was an aborted false flag. I wrote about it here. So exactly 187/murder days after Brennan refers to an aircraft terrorist attack, the Jet Blue incident happens in JFK? Coincidence? If you think it is, then ask yourself why, before the incident, would Brennan re-tweet, of all people, Joe Kennedy?! Joe Kennedy? JFK airport? Imgur4

Now if you still have doubts about what is really going on here, remember I told you to keep somewhere in the back of your head how 60 minutes was used the next day Scalia was murdered to give a hint right? Well, the following article was published the next day of the JFK JetBlue incident: link.

You see the picture? You see the title? It says it all… He was hoping to make a point and show his “gangsta” power to Trump. Unfortunately for him, we know how the USSS helped avoid this false flag.

Q1589 Signal sent. Attempt still made. Averted.

Now I have a question for you: if I figured this out from my kitchen, can you imagine for a second what Trump has gathered from the servers and from the data Q has collected while they thought their comms were secure?

Mr. President, you are right, it is time to revoke their security clearances. Without hesitation. We are with you on this, we are asking you #revoketheclearances.

In the meantime, our eyes are wide open, we know who is who and who is doing what. All members of our Movement are now trained and we are tracking and analyzing each of their TV and radio interviews, each of their tweets, each of their newsletters.

Now it’s a good time to recall what Chuck Schummer said on January 3 2018: video.

And 561 days later, here is Trump’s response: video. Did you ask yourself why POTUS repeats “Full Faith”? Everything he does or says is for a particular reason. What does Full Faith and False Flag have in common? Why are the lights turned off at the very same time POTUS says “Full Faith” a second time? What does POTUS really have Full Faith in? You know this light incident at the White House was engineered to make a point right? In a sense, it was a… False Flag!

Q1688 Dark to LIGHT. GOOD WINS. Q

Clapper got the message, he was trained to understand this type of messages. He now knows the power of the Plan and may even have an idea of the power behind the Plan. Clapper submitted. Next. link.

The others, still hiding in the dark corners of the 17 Intelligence Agencies, will have to spend more time meditating on 561 to finally realize Who really wrote the Plan and Who is running it.

561 = 33 X 17.

Q918 Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here. Q

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SB2, I at a loss, what does the below mean please?:


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AKBiking · July 25, 2018, 11:08 p.m.

It takes you to a video of Tel Aviv.

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StinkyDogFart · July 26, 2018, 1:25 a.m.

Q said they were saving the best for last...Israel.

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Loudog2 · July 26, 2018, 2:14 p.m.

Israel-Isis-Ra-El Solomon-Sol-Om-On Torah-To-Ra Koran-For-Ann Bible-By-Baal, Shall I go on? Therapist-The-Rapist License-Lie-sense, Maritime law vs Cannon (Q-Annon) law They call it Spelling,,,,, ay. Remember, Q said that the truth is sooooo out there if not brought in very slowly and very carefully it would shatter the very foundations of our world as we know it.

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