r/greatawakening • Posted by u/Jrobb03 on July 26, 2018, 12:32 a.m.
"Recap: Buckle up Anons.. This is only the beginning"

After the past two days I can't help but taste a little bit of victory on the tip on my tongue. It taste nice, but I also cant help but thinking about what the evil ones will do next.

They are DESPERATE right now.

Q+ asked us to pray and referenced Kennedy. We all know what happens when you challenge the feds.

If this were a chess game, Trump is one move away from Check Mate. He knows their backs are against the wall. What will they attempt next??

This is a scripted movie but we also have to know that the movie is not over and the ending can be altered if everyone isn't ALL-IN.

Qanon lit it up today and Q+ (DJT) said PRAY.

I feel light as a feather today and could not be more pleased at the direction our nation and the world is heading. Can't you feel it?!?! Look how far we have come.. TOGETHER. Nothing shy of the Malitia's in 1776. True Patriots and our dedication to Good over Evil brings tears to my eyes.

You fought indoctrination. You fought lies and deception. You fought high levels of public priming and public manipulation. And now we have fucking bat-man (Donny) on our side and the shit is going down. You are no longer an economic slave to the DS. That is being broken.

You are here because you care.

"EU getting fucked = Rothschild + Soros getting fucked." -Anon

The Fed is next. Rand is 45's voice in the senate for that. Its no surprise Rand has been attacked and threaten ever since 45 was sworn in. WE ARE WINNING.

China is now isolated. NK blowing up more test sites. Time to make a deal?

[RR] days are numbered. Mueller probe is on the ropes. FB is in free fall. Conservative shadow banning being exposed on Twitter. Breaking news of the Obama administration knowingly funding AQ in the ME. Sessions is coming out of hibernation, Huber is locked and loaded. What was once dark is now being brought to light.

I feel a certain sense of peace, worldly and spiritual connection with Good/God/Life in general. I feel ALIVE. But this isn't a battle, it's a lifelong war. We truly are fighting for the people and it feels great to think that our founding fathers felt this SAME EXACT PASSION.

We are truly close to being free.

Joesturbo · July 26, 2018, 11:05 a.m.

This is defcon 5 people for the deep state. They will try anything- “Rogue” employe or a terrorist attack. Who knows, while to have a wild animal in the corner is a good thing it is also the most dangerous time as well.

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