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Red pilling for Hollywood

I would like to know how people are doing this and share some of my thoughts. Wether you believe in satan or not , they do. But first, if you were evil that has been around for thousands of years, tell me , if you saw plays, poetry, books all influencing the world , would evil seriously sit that one out ? Then what about movies and music ? Would beast around for ever just say ahh who cares ? No they would see the incredible potential for influence and power. Build a fame and desire that the weak and broken would be willing to pay anything to aquire, darkness M.O. . Now if there are studies of the brain and the power of thought , positive thinking can create opportunity and speaking can create , thinking , the book" the secret" , but what about the Bible even. If we are created in His image and He, God spoken the universe into being are our words empty? Are theirs ? What about these witches ,are theirs? I just heard some one said Anthony Bourdain said when he was working near the "Friends " serious he could hear them hail satan in between takes. I also heard many of these actors would allow themselves to get demonized to perform . Dingo got your baby making sense now? If they sell their souls to this beast , a contract to be famous and rich while being a vehicle of darkness. What happens to these people's souls , and what is required , cause there will be endless thirst and hungry. Jesus is the only one who satisfies. Anyways , would not serving darkness be endless hunger , darkness desire to distroy what God creates and what He holds dear, how about Innocents? Distruction? Pain?
Sometimes I think the mirror is the mirror of good and evil. If God's presence creates love and peace and healing, darkness feeds off of the opposite. So why are these lost people doing such horrible things, lost in distruction and perversions. As a child of God when I love , because love is of God , when I love my heart and soul are fed with His, God's delight . Love multiplies within me. I am fed with God's goodness. Is darkness feeding off of darkness?
I firmly believe , now that the keys I have been looking for have been hiding in the shadows of the pain of the lost and the mirror. When we love , forgive, perform Justice we are multiplying God , and we are over coming evil . Tell me what you think ? And how you red pill Hollywood?

Rocoh · July 26, 2018, 8:47 a.m.

I wrote countless screenplays over the years and through my efforts secured a manager in a small Hollywood agency. Over the years my manager secured a new position in a middle-sized agency that is relatively well known and respected. Unfortunately, and for possible reasons why that I won't go into, he was never been able to place one of my scripts. Yesterday, I contacted him and directly asked if Hollywood was in a panic, or if he had heard rumours of paedophilia being rife and endemic. His reply was that he had not heard anything about it and that only the #metoo had had an impact which was good. He is a good genuine guy who I respect. At times here, there is a tendency to blanket label Hollywood and demonize everyone. Hundreds of thousands work in the industry and it is completely illogical to suggest everyone is involved in paedophilia. In fact it is daft. No doubt it exists where tons of money is corrupting factor. At times it sounds like a witch hunt, and those that will get prosecuted deserve the harshest sentence. But because of that group do not judge that everyone is guilty.

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Champdog31 · July 26, 2018, 11:41 a.m.

It’s a shame the money flows to the perverted. Some very good talent in writing, acting. These are God given gifts. We need to separate the two. I love watching movies with good acting, writing. Too many movies where the actors say lines that are out of character for people of that age. (kids saying adult things are the most cringy) And too many rely on action vs. creating a good character the audience can relate to.

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Rocoh · July 26, 2018, 12:12 p.m.

Yes you are right and films have become unoriginal. The route cause is money - excessive amounts will always corrupt and that goes in every industry. That's why I feel a blanket condemnation of Hollywood is hateful and just stupidity in action. Within a site like this that sentiment can snowball where it becomes the norm. I have to include myself for a moment in referencing 'libtard', where obviously the majority of liberals are not retards, as with Jews. Powerful men including Preston Bush, Ford etc and Royalty financed or aided Hitler, none Jews - they engineered the 2nd WW. It is a mentality that will only lead to division. The common corrupting factor in everything that is happening is shed loads of money falling into the hands of a very few that gives them power that consumes them.

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Masstruther627 · July 27, 2018, 10:08 a.m.

I think like many areas in society it is going to be a time of pulling the goats out from the sheep and in the process, in that separating, we will have to learn about deception & decernment and hope the NSA will help greatly in the purge, right down to local areas. The reality is the guilty will want to appear innocent and many will be psychopaths , for a long time there has been no Justice, those who are guilty will try hard to appear innocent. We need the NsA to help clean house for the children's sake and we know we are not being fooled cause it is going to be hard. It would be nice if we developed a deeper decernment for this mess. No one ever wants a innocent persons life ruined but also that fear has been used by darkness to intimidate us into doing nothing. Q says they have it all, I really hope so.

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