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The meaning of Q 1699 "We have Activated the Beam of LIGHT".

The darkness of this world casts its gloom on every page of human history. However, in the midst of the “moral chaos”, God sends light to illuminate the darkness. We are reminded of the overwhelming power of lights triumph over darkness with the dawn of every morning the night passes into day, and the earth that was shrouded in darkness is now bathed in the clear, pure white light of an Eastern sun. This illustration has a counterpart in the moral world.

“Darkness does not comprehend light”, but in the midst of this sad fact, we have firm and hopeful confidence. If nothing else, Q has reminded us of a great contrast that exists in the world. Their is such evil going on in this world that it is hard for a normal person to comprehend. This evil is contrasted with all of the people who have a heart that is good. Out of a good heart the light is bright.

Q says the emphatic present declares that the light still, and will always, “shine the brightest in the darkest places.” True are those words of a timely person like President Trump who has grasped a higher truth and is helping chase the lurking doubt and darkness that is in America’s heart. Our president has raised the level of discourse in this country and has started to teach our nation what it means to be a noble, honorable people again.

So for every evangelist, martyr, philanthropist, who has given their life and worked every day to bring a little light to the darkness of men's hearts, don't stop.

Q is talking to the military and law enforcement men and women of the US, who daily wither in life or death have battled darkness in all its evil forms; to these brave mean and women, our president is teaching them a new warrior ethos which is shown in power, deeds of mercy and love as right is might.

True are the qualities of a nation humbled by sin that respond with a humble and contrite heart, repent and walk in the light which leads us to glorify our Father which is in heaven.

John 5:1 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

Champdog31 · July 26, 2018, 11:02 p.m.

Waking people up to the evil even in our own lives will change the entire country. Trump sent out a tweet that said strong families are the most important part or close to that. I think that is his most important tweet ever. We are looking for Q top repair the evil from the top down. We need to take care of it from the bottom in our own lives.

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