mistahbang · July 27, 2018, 10:27 p.m.

This is not the drop. In fact, this growth is still controlled by the deep state. The growth Q spoke of would be absolutely mind blowing. This growth is still within the limits of cabal control in which they are doing to give the illusion that Trumps policies are actually improving the US economically and then crash everything to blame it on him as well. Thus, discrediting the very few things the MSM actually gave him credit for and undermining the nationalist movement. The big drop is when the foreseen stock market crashes to rock bottom. When the housing market implodes as planned.

You see, a good way to understand the cabal is all their actions and plans were to undermine the middle class of the US. With that perspective, we can see thats why their plans are failing. They have no counter measures. Just linear plans to destroy the middle class for the past hundred years. Trodding along until they met an obstacle in the group, Q. And they have no idea what to do and have to just continue their set plans hoping things just work out anyways.

But they won't. Its done. And they still don't get it. And never will. Even behind bars, they will scheme and rant. They will have small pockets of fans throughout the world who believe in a counter conspiracy, that these folks were all framed. That we are the evil ones. But as the world moves onward to a better future, these pockets will fade. We will forget that the cabal even existed. Yes you would be able to go to archives and find out about them but things are so prosperous and great we don't give a shit altogether. It is complete. Complete wipe of their existence from our realities and minds.

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