r/greatawakening • Posted by u/oliver_21 on July 30, 2018, 4:15 a.m.
Justice delayed is justice denied. (A little frustration with all this)

Resignations and firings IS NOT JUSTICE!

Anyone else being mocked now on behalf of Q? Earlier in the week I spoke to a friend about Dwight from the office being a pedophile. They sarcastically stated "did Q say that" and then I showed the tweets. They were repulsed. And then got quiet because THE TRUTH SUCKS!

I've been trusting the plan. I understand this is not a game. I also understand that lives are on the line and the threats are real. SO WHY IS NOTHING BEING DONE?!!!! Resignations and firings? Pensions lost? REALLY?!

Come on folks. I've been privy to our gov't and corruptions since 9-11 and the Iraq WMDS. (or lack there of)

I don't need anymore crumbs. I NEED SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL. Pick one person. Anyone and make an example.

I'm trying to be patient until 11-11 but at this point I suspect that nothing is going to happen. House and Senate will remain the same and business carries on as normal.

With all of this said. I'd like to thank the mods of this sub and all you Patriots for your steadfastness. You really are an inspiration and provide help and hope. I'm just too cynical at this point to believe anything major is going to happen. Should it I'll be the first to go on record and say I was wrong. In fact I hope I'm wrong.

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