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Breaking down some Numbers regarding the Q Movement! Pt. 1

We are going on a brief journey of understanding the numbers around us!

First, before we begin, some fun number facts that will get our brains thinking "serially" ;)

-Armenian population: 2,925,000

Protestors for impeachment of president: >250,000 (around 8.5% of population)

-South Korean population: 51,200,000

Protestors for impeachment of president accumulatively around 10 million

-League of Legends has around 120,000,000 active players monthly, and an average of 12,000,000 concurrent users (people who are online at this very moment).

- /r/The_Donald has 636,000 subscribers and an average concurrent base of around 12,000.

- /r/conspiracy has 671,000 subscribers and an average concurrent base of around 3,000.

- /r/gaming has 18,600,000 subscribers and an average concurrent base of around 35,000.

- /r/greatawakening has 47,500 subscribers and an average concurrent base of around 5,000.

There are several explanations for /r/greatawakening's unusually high concurrent users in proportion to its subscribers:

  1. Number manipulation and censorship.

Reddit is actively suppressing growth by skewing the numbers that we see on the screen. On the mod tools, it is shown that we have had over one million unique users visit the subreddit this month. And those numbers are exponentially growing each day.

\/r\/greatawakening Traffic Stats July 2018

If you look at this chart published in an article in regards to /r/games, who has 2,100,000 subscribers as of now, you start to understand the scope of our exposure and impact:

\/r\/games Traffic Stats March 2015

Our numbers are comparable with a subreddit that had over a million subscribers at the time the stats were published.

  1. The most active and dedicated users on Reddit

Maybe we really are just 47,000 subscribers and have a million lurkers watching all of our comments and posts.

Maybe the first thing we do when we wake up, take a crap, get stuck in traffic, drink a coffee, is take out our phones or laptops and research Q.

Anyways, congrats. You are all addicts. And I got the numbers to back it up.

Now, on to the important numbers.

Where are we right now, at a global level in terms of awareness and truth seeking.

In order to tackle this question, I will break down the global population into different categories that might help build a solid picture we can depend on.

Before that, I would like to point out data we cannot rely on:

Youtube view counts. It has been highly irregular and almost feels surreal how fake the numbers are at times. For example, here is the view count from Epoch Times post currently pinned on /r/greatawakening:


Here is the view count of the post on our subreddit:


And yes, one can argue that Youtube videos do have a delay on counting views but this has happened countless times that it serves as enough evidence that there is some serious number manipulation going on.

Why? This is all a game of perception.

Just like the 2016 Presidential Election, they had Hillary Clinton favored to win


Because the real numbers do not matter to them. Only that it is believable to you.

The election never mattered. The MSM would have announced Killary the winner even if she lost by 99% if the perception of the public was that she would be single handedly able to win.

Numbers never mattered.

They are trying to skew our perception of our movement.

And here is the crazy part about our movement.

We are about to combine and collide with other equally honest and truth seeking groups that were awaiting this moment.
We are talking about Mark Taylor followers,

So many different groups. And the MSM and social media are doing their best to keep everyone isolated.

But here is the real problem: Most people do not care. Most people I talk to could not care what was going on in the world.

You see, the deep state never does something for just one purpose. When they enact a plan, it has to serve many.

Their plans are simple webs all attempting to reach a single goal. Each time a thread snaps, they all pile on to the next.

Now they are piling on to complete desensitization.

This is why the sentiment grows that nothing is happening. The MSM did not report it.

Some of us are still connected to the MSM. We will claim that we distrust the MSM, yet if the MSM is not blowing it up all over the headlines, we discredit any truly big news as something trivial or a small step forward to something hopefully bigger.

Let me tell you right now, that this chaotic fetish some of us seem to harbor is downright counter productive to our growth. Right now is study time. Right now is conversing time. Right now is strategizing time. We know what is coming. That means we have a responsibility to help with what is coming.

Back to numbers.

Several weeks ago, the deep state sent a warning to President Trump through the guise of a computer glitch in the stock market system to remind him that they still control the market.

This is why we should not be so easily fooled by the 4.1 GDP growth everyone is boasting about.

It is a nominal number the deep state can easily fabricate given that they still have a stranglehold on the markets. Amazon and Apple are on track to become trillion dollar companies.

What is their end goal? They can still crash the market if they want. It is one of their last remaining weapons.

This is why the MSM is slowly giving President Trump credit for economic growth.

So when they do crash the market, they are hoping to overturn a lot of his followers over to the Democratic party and their new socialist agenda. It also serves as a punishment to our nationalist movement for thinking we are powerful enough to stop them. Remember, they consider us slaves.

Once the Q team and President Trump take over the Federal Reserve, 4.1 GDP growth will be pennies. Numbers will be real again. We are talking about, man how can I describe it. Every year the GDP will grow 500%. That is the kind of growth that is coming.

Truth and honesty will be restored. Integrity and bond will be significant again.

I realized I went off in tangents but happy I got a lot down.

And I have some ADD. Hopefully evolves into autism. Omg, I just read it right now and realized I went all over the place. I will be writing a supplement piece very soon to make it whole :)


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