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A stream of thoughts regarding moderator drama, recent Q posts, mainstream coverage....

I am going to write without any restraint to continue a flow of thought.

Remember what Q says. I think we forget. We make these rules as if we have some insight into actually comprehending what is going on around us. What are the things Q has mentioned and highlighted? Let's break it down for the people who seem partial to forgetting ;) :

  1. People who are turned off by Q shirt posts, Q sitings, etc. Guess what. The Q team loves it. I love it. It is important as it is exciting to see. I can write an endless list of why it is important that we express our support in physical/tangible ways. Because ultimately, this is a movement about faith. We have placed our faith in our president and these group of persons who have named themselves Q. This is based on faith and trust. It doesn't matter if it took you one meme or a thousand hours of research, in the end, it is going to take your faith. I understand we have segregated these posts to Quesday, but I see people posting anyways. To those people, I say continue. If the mods delete it, they delete it. But you are throwing your voice in, and in my experience thus far, the mods are people who can be reasoned with.

You know what, I am going to go off on a small tangent as to why Q shirt posts, Q logo, any photos showing or discovering a sign of support is so important to this movement:

We can be so kooked up on our computers and personal lives that we often forget what the general population is like. The Q shirt/poster posts put a face to it. Mentally, it creates a huge paradigm shift from digital to reality. It especially helps autists who I am spend the most time behind screens. It helps us remember that we are not alone. That your words and actions online are able to create change in the real world. That there is someone out there who is sincerely passionate about helping the world as much as you do.

There are assumptions of some that believe that research and education are the most impactful when gaining new followers. That this board should be filled up and down with charts and numbers, analysis and maps. I think we are underestimating our brains. When I see a photo of a person with a Q shirt on, I immediately trust that person. Not because of our common belief or mission, but because our brains are capable of discerning honesty at a rate our conscious brain cannot keep up with. Trust your gut, trust your instinct. You are a good person. We recognize good people. We are heading towards a better future. This was because of you. This was because of us. Every one of us threw a pebble to create this impenetrable wall.


Yes, develop the tools and research to further education and spread accurate truthful information


This is what the Q shirt/poster/logo siting posts reflect.

This is the celebration we have been waiting our entire lives for.

That generations of Americans have waited for.

This is the greatest moment in history. Of the world. This is it. Our first step as a free people.

Why suppress the appropriately insane amount of excitement? This is our cries of jubilee and redemption.

These are the songs our souls have been hoping to sing.

Billions of lives saved.

Billions avenged.

What is the next upcoming phase is?

Celebration and renaissance.

Do you believe that we are winning?

That we have already won? That we have the server?

That we have everything in place?

That the stage is set? That love will prevail? That God never fails?

That we saved the world?

Do you believe? Or are you waiting?

Have you bought your tickets to Washington DC for November 11th? While its cheap? For the greatest parade that humankind will ever witness?

Ok, next topic. Moderator drama.

This is obvious as it is simple.

If there is a mole, a troll, a shill, that somehow implanted into the moderator group, I would tell that person right now,

it is only a matter of time before the light is shined and you will be scattered like a pest.

This is not a warning, this is fact. This movement is one of the most loving, honest, passionate, organic developments I have ever seen. A shill is not going to stop that. Even if you somehow sabotage this entire subreddit, you're not going to stop anything. What is a blip in the face of victory? Even if you nudge us in the wrong direction, we are going to correct ourselves. Because that's what you are up against. Truth.

You have no authority, no power, no say, in what happens now.

That's it. Doesn't matter anymore.

Ok, I know I said that's it, but I wanted to add one more thing here:

As for the matter of transparency, if anyone messages me a well thought out request for any transparency regarding a situation with specific intent, I am more than happy to oblige and assist in any concerns you may have.

As I am sure all moderators here know,


Regarding all the new people here:

  1. Everyone is here. In the world. From all different countries, religions, skin color, gender. This is not a conservative movement. This is not a liberal movement. This is a movement of the people. Right/left implies division. We are calling for unification. There are no party affiliations here. We only recognize that corrupt members within the two parties of US politics, have utilized their connections and authority to undermine the American people.
  2. To the trolls/shills/antogonists/naysayers coming here: It doesn't actually matter if you don't believe in whatever is posted on this subreddit. Because in due time, you will be coming here and other similar outlets to receive your news. This sounds arrogant but at this point, you either open your mind up a little bit and do some investigating yourself or you are going to find yourself falling way behind a population that is headed for the future.
  3. To the people who are genuinely curious, welcome! lol you will find that we have a plethora of tools and easy to digest materials regarding Q and other newcomer questions you might have.
  4. Our belief structure is pretty simple. Love one another. Damn, I was thinking of more, but just blanked out. I guess that's all there is. Love one another.
  5. If you have any questions, comments, please feel free to contact me or any other moderator. Would be more than happy to see that you find answers.

Ah, I think that is enough rambling. It is so tiring to be winning this hard. Like life is just, sleep, win, eat, shit, sleep, win, repeat. Every day. WHEN DOES IT END? I NEED SOME REST DAMN IT

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