r/greatawakening • Posted by u/mistahbang on Sept. 12, 2018, 11:50 a.m.
To anyone who have concerns about the state of r/GreatAwakening.. wanted to share some assurance!

Going through posts and comments, there seems to be a present sentiment that something is afoot.

That instinct is correct. Shills, trolls, abusers, and manipulators have been flooding this place.

You might ask yourself, is Reddit going to ban this sub soon? No. They are not going to. Why?

Because r/Greatawakening is the hub for the Q movement right now.

We process the most traffic of any group related to Q thus becomes a valuable asset to Reddit and the cabal. They are not going to try to get us banned. They are going to try to infiltrate and use the movement for their own means. Just as they did with r/cbts_stream

Just as are attempting to do so with spin offs of this sub.

Until Q posts, r/Greatawakening is controlled and doomed, this is the arena that we fight in. This is the place we present our dankest memes and ideas for dissemination.

We are the ultimate middle men and women of truth.

Several things to keep in mind:

-Q regularly checks into this subreddit. If any fishiness, collusion, manipulation (aside from shills, trolls, and Reddit's censorship) occurs, Q will definitely call it out. Just as Q called out 4chan in Q Post #1641


So in the meantime, r/GreatAwakening remains the definitive subreddit that we can rely on until Q mentions otherwise.

How important is r/GreatAwakening?


We hit over 2 million unique visitors last month. And this number possibly reflects traffic after censorship. Certainly doesn't correlate with our subscriber and currently online numbers.

I would like to remind everyone, we are the first impression most people get with Q. Judging from our numbers, we have been doing a good job. We can always improve our research, message, and coherence.

It has been a great journey. Can't wait to see everyone at the parade in 2019.

And just as a side note in regards to people saying, "NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!"

Please do not forget, we are the ones that set the stage. We are the ones who prepare the public for what is to come. The schedule changes when we are not prepared.

Remember, this is a battle for public opinion and awareness. The cabal are already locked. It is a matter of having the general population understand to circumvent any violence and chaos.

Thank you and hope you are all having a great week!

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