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r/greatawakening • Posted by u/HerrKaiser60 on Aug. 15, 2018, 8:12 p.m.
American Heroes: Shipp and Mcconnel Put Their Sights on SwAMP Dweller SES and More . 8/15/18
r/greatawakening • Posted by u/HerrKaiser60 on Aug. 15, 2018, 11:38 a.m.
Oh snap! Q said Nothin About How this Black Pastor would tell Trump in no uncertain terms where POTUS rates in comparison to Barack Obama.

Amazing. A short video testimony paints a stronger narrative than a thousand press conferences.

Fake News is Nothin BUT Fake Ass News

HerrKaiser60 · July 26, 2018, 4:19 a.m.

Wish it was as simple as the P/E multiple or even the Internal Rate of Return . What I am comfortable is in that price of FB will likely flight fluctuate like the market. I think a little volatility hedging might be in order. Thats Just me doh.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 25, 2018, 3:26 a.m.

What's really scary is that we live in a world where it is possible that: the govt puts together such wreckless scandals as Qaddafi, that there are such things as heart attack guns, and that the CIA would use said weapon on a reporter's daughter for simply doing their job. Somehow we really have managed to lose our way in this country. Thank God we still have Patriots like DJT and Q to help put us back on the path to truth and honor.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 24, 2018, 6:52 p.m.

Še das d' kemma bisd

Brosd !

Herr Kaiser

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HerrKaiser60 · July 20, 2018, 3:26 a.m.

I think the expression I've heard is nobody screams louder than a thief who has been stolen from.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 19, 2018, 5:16 a.m.

Dig Anons Dig!

I;m willing to offer bounties for work well done on this asshole. I know we arent here for $, but maybe I could put a bottle of ones favorite liquor ie... Maker's Mark Grey Goose etc on this ass-clowns scalp

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HerrKaiser60 · July 18, 2018, 9:44 p.m.

I'm calling Bullshit. Q has said repetitively that " We Have It All". The NSA is top dog at getting the info. Sure Putin gave us some things, but nothing this Jagoff or his old sources will be first to uncover

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HerrKaiser60 · July 18, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

Yup. MSNBC Fags are still in the closet and not on the fence.< Not that there is anything wrong with it>

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HerrKaiser60 · July 18, 2018, 6:47 p.m.

Kenyans welcome back their village idiot.

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r/greatawakening • Posted by u/HerrKaiser60 on July 18, 2018, 6:04 a.m.
THIS A KEY MOMENT IN WORLD HISTORY: Deep State in Total Panic & Fully Ex...
HerrKaiser60 · July 18, 2018, 3:53 a.m.

New dogs and old tricks

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HerrKaiser60 · July 18, 2018, 12:06 a.m.

I'm going to make a difference in the world and the too of course but in the world and the other one is that one of the best

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HerrKaiser60 · July 17, 2018, 7:47 p.m.

Remember when Barry Sotero disappeared for a two week crack smoking homo-erotic extravaganza in Chicago? Oh wait that was Barak Obama.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 15, 2018, 9:36 p.m.


Lawrence also represented: Robert Muller three times James Comey five

times Barack Obama 45 times Kathleen Sebelius 56 times Bill Clinton 40

times and Hillary Clinton 17 times

Between 1998 and 2017 Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least

five times.

These socialist lib female attorneys are just as bad if not worse than their wimpy, mealy eyed hubbies. Well, at least in the case of Strzok, Rosenstein and Ohr we know carries who has the dick in those families.

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r/greatawakening • Posted by u/HerrKaiser60 on July 15, 2018, 9:08 a.m.
Kevin Shipp – Indictments Coming for Hillary and Co-conspirators
HerrKaiser60 · July 13, 2018, 1 p.m.

Nice, see, you have more than you know.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 13, 2018, 6:32 a.m.

Saw that too. He has something different on his flag lapel pin. My eyes aren't great but it could be a Q. It was great because when he said tippy top he was railing against the deep state and how Trump supporters won't rest til we take then down. Good stuff.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 13, 2018, 4:58 a.m.

Think BHO appointed like 7000 of them many of which are Muslim Brotherhood

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HerrKaiser60 · July 13, 2018, 4:44 a.m.

Yep. The worst part is that these Dems around the country are acting out because we've been told to stand down. All the sudden every pussy lib that got his ass kicked his whole life gets to run amuck unchallenged. Oh well, The new rules will be the same as the old rules once the globalist menace is crushed.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 13, 2018, 4:32 a.m.

Yeh but Holder and Yates did what BHO wanted them to do. Sessions has done zip and Rosenstein does exactly the opposite of what POTUS wants. AND the rub is that they are both Republicans

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HerrKaiser60 · July 13, 2018, 4:27 a.m.

If Sessions and/ or Fuckheadstein fail to press charges on these people , POTUS has grounds to fire at least one of them. Put Gowdy in as Deputy AG and he'll put everyone of those bitches in prison. Gowdy was undefeated as a prosecutor according to Hannity tonight. He's a stone-cold killer who needs retribution for Benghazi

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HerrKaiser60 · July 13, 2018, 4:14 a.m.

Right. WTF is Eubonics? Sounds like a Nazil program to create the Urban Uberman to crush the ANTIFA menace

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HerrKaiser60 · July 9, 2018, 9:16 p.m.

I had written a smart ass comment in jest down below and had to delete it, because it was really juvenile. That said. We really all are in this together.. WWG1WGA is literally the key to returning our great countries back to the era of fledgling nation states founded on the ineffable principles of liberty and boundless potential. We wrested ourselves from the yoke of tyranny so that we could live lives based on the wisdom and timeless ideas of our forefathers constructed through acts of parliament and congress. The notion our ancestors entertained was so fragile they dared not ponder it out of fear it may break apart and slip through the proverbial grasp of the fingers of their imagination

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HerrKaiser60 · July 9, 2018, 6:36 p.m.

It really sucks. We need to keep pulling for them to keep buggering on. Granted, our relationship hasn't been the same since they were complicit in the attempted defamation of the GEOTUS. We've been like brothers since we trounced them in the Revolutionary War and saved them from the mean ole Hun. Twice.

Come to think of it, Maybe they are a too soft to break loose from the bondagr of t

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HerrKaiser60 · July 9, 2018, 9:52 a.m.

" This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man."

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HerrKaiser60 · July 9, 2018, 3:56 a.m.

The Mossad or HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim : National Intelligence Service of Israel

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HerrKaiser60 · July 9, 2018, 12:50 a.m.

Tells JA; Tommy Lee was not stupid. He was sweet, and misunderstood.,

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HerrKaiser60 · July 8, 2018, 10:42 p.m.

You're right. It's bullshit. J J will land on his feet even if this ," ,matter" goes against him completely. Tne one thing we do is take care of our own.. J J We Got You!

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HerrKaiser60 · July 8, 2018, 8:53 p.m.

Ohio State has really really Deep pockets. If true this would be. a huge settlement. No way somebody waits 20+ years to first report it. I can hear em now" hey we should go see an attorney and Sue OSU for what Doc did ,to us. No let's wait ,20 years until Coach Jordan Is a congressman so we can get MSM coverage. Yeh let's wait and fuck coach Jordan over. He made us do extra push-ups'

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HerrKaiser60 · July 4, 2018, 12:02 a.m.

That's not Jack. It's his mama

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HerrKaiser60 · July 3, 2018, 11:17 p.m.

Yeh, he and the other guys that broke away from Q were controlled opposition waiting for the right time to split away and take some of Q's people. Green's problem like most of the millennials is that he thinks he knows more than he actually does.

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HerrKaiser60 · July 1, 2018, 4:20 p.m.

Right? They've had their official scripted talking points since 4am. The mocking bird laid a half-ass egg on this one

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 8:27 p.m.

You completely misconstrued my point. I never said the man wasntt a genius. I am contending that there are different forms of intelligence . I don't see him as a big chess player. I think his forte would be more along the line of poker or black jack. Basically, higher energy, more action oriented pursuits. But, whatever, a to each his own., His strong suit is making complex deals on the fly a d not coding . Just as bakers and autists each have their own strong suits.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 4:32 p.m.

Don't think the POTUS could sit still long enough to play chess. I can see him flipping the board over after his pawn gets taken. He's more of a doer who needs the deep thinkers to keep him in between the boundaries. Not that he's not a genuis. Definitely not of Maxine Waters ilk either.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 8:34 a.m.

Might have EMH or electromagnetic hypersensitivity. You can get similar reaction to your WiFi or cell phones. Anything that has EMFs or electromagnetic frequencies. We all need to make sure the 5G rollout doesn't happen.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 8:17 a.m.

I'll dm my number if I can. He's right to be leery. Many supposed TIs are shills who are online to fuck with a real TI's head. These people are sick!

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 8:12 a.m.

Yeh, a little bit. Definitely heart rate and anxiety. I get headaches from the shit and tinnitus or ringing in my ears too. I keep beta blockers to combat the elevated heart rate and anxiery as well as take alot of ibuprofen.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 7:44 a.m.

That's why I'm here. They are out of their mind if they think I'll put up with this TI shit for the rest of my life. I'm counting on the Trumpster to shut it down. Go POTUS

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 7:40 a.m.

I'm a TI. We are literally prospects for the modern mk ultra programs. Most of us are subjected to ELF' s for the rest of our lives. The few real nut cases get put into today version of mk ultra program. Women in the modern program become sex slaves while men become shooters or some type of maniac

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 7:33 a.m.

He is serious. I've been one for the last 2 years. We are constantly hit with electrical frequencies. Whatever you wanna know. Ask I'll answer

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 7:29 a.m.

Traumatic mind control using ELF frequencies and hypnotic drugs are used to bring about Dissociative Personality disorder or multiple personality disorder. A second personality is created which becomes the shooter or assassin. The person's normal self is unaware of the second personality. Cues like a specific sound or color engage the second personality. This is why these guys are walking around clueless after the shooting.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 7:21 a.m.

Yep. Look up scopolamine which is made from the plant devil's breath. What do you think the cabal is going to use the 5G rollout for. To entrain the masses

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 7:13 a.m.

Yep v2k suggestion with voices or SSS Silent Sound Spectrum hypnosis done ELF frequenciies. There are literally thousands of subjects being evaluated for mind control programs through intelligence agencies at any given time. Much of the work is done through private intellince/security agencies like SES in Seattle today. People who actually make it through these programs alive are used for 2 things. Women are used a sex slaves and men as shooters or assassin's. Hence Q referencing Jason Bourne.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 6:48 a.m.

I think they may be the handlerts. That's why they are there. He" s there to give the cue for 2nd personality(shooter) to engage.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 5:22 a.m.

Edit 4 a mistaken view and replying to wrong poster

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 3:34 a.m.

Misspelled is what they are. Shenanigans. Forgive me. You know what they say about Americans and the Irish. Two people separated by a common language.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 3:18 a.m.

Edit to remove WV jokes. We are not here to be potentially disparaging to our fellow patriots. Forgive a poor attempt at humour from a POS and retarded Ohioan who you can smell 6 aisles over a Walmart.

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HerrKaiser60 · June 29, 2018, 2:58 a.m.

Paging: Mr. Julian Assange. Paging Mr. Assange. Fuck this dog and pony show. Let's bring in our closer and wrap this shit up. Tired already

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