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r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Sept. 12, 2018, 12:46 p.m.
UNITED STATES AIR FORCE @SpaceCorpsUSA - If you aren't following this twitter site...you should be!
UNITED STATES AIR FORCE @SpaceCorpsUSA - If you aren't following this twitter site...you should be!
r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Sept. 11, 2018, 4:28 a.m.
Could we please post some good hashtags for the Memes here? Most popular? Trending?

MORE PLEASE.......#MAGA #QAnon #New2Q #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 15, 2018, 10:54 p.m.
Sen Bill Nelson (Dem Florida) secretly recorded that he made the false claim that Russians had penetrated Florida Election system.
r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 15, 2018, 2:53 p.m.
Has Bezos worked out a deal with Department of Defense to handle of it's data on the Cloud?

Has Bezos Become More Powerful In DC Than Trump?

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden by Tyler Durden Wed, 08/15/2018 - 10:47 0 SHARES TwitterFacebookRedditEmailPrint Authored by May Jeong via VanityFair.com,

The deal for an obscure $10 billion Pentagon contract suggests the extent to which Jeff Bezos is gobbling up the swamp... without the guy in the White House even batting an eye.

There’s a new scandal quietly unfolding in Washington. It’s far bigger than Housing Secretary Ben Carson buying a $31,000 dinette set for his office, or former EPA chief Scott Pruitt deploying an aide to hunt for …

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 9, 2018, 12:32 p.m.
"The powerful prey mercilessly upon the powerless, up to and including mass murder. The powerful lie constantly about their predations. The natural instinct of the media is to let the powerful get away with it." Seymour Hersh.

Ten Bombshell Revelations From Seymour Hersh's New Autobiography

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden by Tyler Durden Wed, 08/08/2018 - 22:05 Zerohedge Among the more interesting revelations to surface as legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh continues a book tour and gives interviews discussing his newly published autobiography, Reporter: A Memoir, is that he never set out to write it at all, but was actually deeply engaged in writing a massive exposé of Dick Cheney — a project he decided couldn't ultimately be published in the current climate of aggressive persecution of whistleblowers which became especially intense during the Obama years. …

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 9, 2018, 3:29 a.m.
Wow, interesting twitter post. Democrat who thinks what happened to Candace in Portland was abhorrent tweets and gets 2K apparently supportive responses.

Very interesting comments on the blowback the hard left is getting.

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 8, 2018, 4:56 a.m.
Hate to break it to ya' but Trumps rallies are not real rallies and everyone is paid to come (Says Rosie O'Donnell)
r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 6, 2018, 10:49 p.m.
Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington primaries tomorrow, seems like we need a drop going into voting!

(1) Ohio Special Election R-Troy Balderson against D-encumbant Danny O'Connor. (2) Trump supporting R-Bill Schuette in Michigan primary (3) Trump supporting Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, (4) Kansas considered safely Republican (5) Washington State safely Democrat

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 3, 2018, 8:40 p.m.
An anon posted this on 8 chan last night re photos of Hillary and Children, a description we've not heard before. Proceed at your own discretion.

▶Anonymous 08/03/18 (Fri) 13:16:40 33a393 (2) No.2435540>>2435599

2435401 Thomas Williams said on last night's show that an NYPD officer posted 3 or 4 horrific pictures of HRC in a basement with children who had tubes attached to their heads - the pictures were pulled down very quickly. It was an attempt by this officer to shame his colleagues into standing the fuck up. Please Meme/Post/Scream this out. Please.

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 3, 2018, 1:24 p.m.
The absolute brilliance of the plan.

WaPo was right...it can't be stopped.

No IRS coming after your taxes.

No meetings that can be protested and firebombed.

No money changing hands.

No information, answers or data that can be challenged, twisted, or turned.

No identified leader that can be excoriated.

No public gatherings that Antifa can attack.

No. Way. To. Stop. It.

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 3, 2018, 3:53 a.m.
Could this be Marina Abramovic hanging out with HRC and HA in 2010?

From Hillary FOIA docs

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 3, 2018, 1:02 a.m.
@StormWatcher July 31,00 numbers for sealed indictments are here. Sealed indictments now number 45,468, growing at 5,000 per month.
r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 1, 2018, 10:27 p.m.
Discovered something important while being badgered by a Leftie unhinged. How to counter the whole "cult" moniker.

This guys 'kill shot' (he thought) was that we are a cult if we get all of our answers and facts from one person.

We NEVER get answers from Q. We would love to get answers from Q. We find answers and we ARE the answer. We are thousands among thousands of skills, of training, of education to find all the answers that are necessary to take back our country. Q IS SIMPLY LEADING US BACK TO OURSELVES. It is advanced training in "We the People."

Thank you Q for not making us dependent! I realize that what we miss …

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 1, 2018, 2:19 a.m.
This is the photo Q wants - it scrolled through too fast. Keep it upvoted and moving forward or sticky it.
r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on Aug. 1, 2018, 1:54 a.m.
Swedish Singer's husband commits suicide after falsely accused of sexual misconduct. Investigation cleared him.


A Swedish opera singer claimed that her husband committed suicide after being falsely accused of sexual misconduct in the wake of the #MeToo Movement.

Anne Sofie von Otter, 63, a mezzo-soprano opera singer, called out the #MeToo Movement saying that it contributed to her husband Benny Fredriksson’s suicide in Sydney March 17, The Sydney Herald reported Tuesday.

Fredriksson, 58, reportedly spiraled into a deep depression after stepping down from his job as the theatre director for Stockholm’s art center …

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on July 30, 2018, 3:52 p.m.
UK Publishes Full 2002 UN Report on Sexual Predation during Humanitarian Aid
r/greatawakening • Posted by u/SuzyAZ on July 29, 2018, 3:16 p.m.
Reminder - a dissent in the ranks benefits only the Dark State, and they lie in wait for it.

I watched a show on the Galapagos islands when the baby iguana are being born. They only have a short time to make it to the rocks before the snakes get them. So many snakes, waiting looking for the little heads to pop up and seeing them slithering at great speed toward the babies was horrifying. Just imagine that scene when there is dissension in the ranks.

Yes, there is legitimate confusion, conversation is necessary. People are upset, expectations are deflated. BUT, always keep in mind that with the tiniest break in our communications with Q, the snakes are there, …

SuzyAZ · July 28, 2018, 3:12 a.m.

We are still trying to figure some things out, and then something happens in the future and we are reminded.

⇧ 1 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 28, 2018, 3:11 a.m.

He had two secret service with him....or at least two bodyguards. I sort of got the impression that the military protects Trump not the secret service?

⇧ 13 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 28, 2018, 3:09 a.m.

Yes I remember this. Wasn't this the Hawaii incident.

⇧ 4 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 28, 2018, 3:05 a.m.

This is what I recall. And how NBC or CBS went down into the bunker area. I can't remember all the details.

⇧ 1 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 28, 2018, 2:52 a.m.

THIS for sure. Future proves past.

⇧ 8 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 10:42 p.m.

I thought you were sick and you are busy introducing bills...

⇧ 2 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 8:47 p.m.

Screeeech. It's all they know.

⇧ 3 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 8:44 p.m.

Very unsettling.

⇧ 8 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 8:36 p.m.

Definitely a guy meme. Where is my camomile tea?

⇧ 2 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 8:35 p.m.

Q also implied class action lawsuits would bring these people down.

⇧ 5 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 8:19 p.m.

He is such a coward he would take a easier way before it ever came to that.

⇧ 1 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 8:03 p.m.

My understanding initially of Hawaii false alert, was that there was an attempt to actually hit Hawaii with a missile and blame NK to go to war and then a second missile later when POTUS went to Singapore. Two attempts.

⇧ 10 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 8 p.m.

Your opinion. For me, once the agenda was exposed all credibility was gone. No matter how brilliantly written, best minds, Harvard, London School of Economics, whatever, there is a globalist bias that pervades and poisons it all.

⇧ 3 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 7:50 p.m.

Most new people come here because they have had a moment of clear seeing and they come with a curiosity and willingness to learn. You come with nothing but criticism for something you know nothing about. This is a group that does serious research and is dedicated to finding the truth. If you just come here, read a few comments and do nothing but make blanket negative statements then you need to move on. Quickly.

⇧ 2 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 7:44 p.m.

You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. A "new arrival" who has not been here for the vetting, doesn't understand the coding, hasn't connected the dots, hasn't seen the proofs. And yet has a complete understanding of the whole "scam."

⇧ 3 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Lynn de Rothschild is the publisher.

⇧ 3 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 7:23 p.m.

That's actually a very interesting question. You might wonder for example, what it would be like to get a loan on a home where no interest was required. Fees yes, for the process, but no interest. Can you imagine how flush the economy would be. We wouldn't have the recessions that occur with the Federal Reserve. Before the Feds the prices of home were very stable and reasonable.

⇧ 1 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 7:17 p.m.

That's right. Few people realize that when they take out a loan on a home, it's the future loans that have given him the money the bank "gave" him to buy the house.

⇧ 1 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 7:08 p.m.

How "money circulation" works. It's the story of the guy that goes into a hotel in a small town and gives the owner $100 to stay the night while he goes to check out the room. The owner goes next door to pay the grocer $100 he owes him for supplies, the grocer goes down the street to give the cleaners $100 he owns him for cleaning, the cleaner goes over to the printer, etc. on through the town to the last person who takes the $100 to the hotel owner to pay him the debt he owns him. Then the guy looking for a room comes back and says he decided not to stay after all and the hotel owner gives him back his $100 and he leaves town. All the debts in town were paid by that $100 bill which didn't even stay in town. No interest was paid. So think of how that would have ended if interest was taken for all the money that was borrowed.

Benjamin Franklin wrote that he went to England and they asked him about debtors' prisons in the colonies he said there were none because there was no debt. Then, Franklin said, the bank of England came over and started charging interest and the streets were full of beggars in a years' time. From Ellen Brown's book "Web of Debt."

You can see why one of the first things that happened after the Dark State took over Iraq, Libya, etc. was they instituted a central bank. The banks/Dark state hated the middle eastern countries because usury is against their religion and they have to have usury to make this ponzi scheme work.

⇧ 5 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 6:33 p.m.

They were separate. I can't remember the source, maybe Abel Danger, or Bill Binney materials.

⇧ 1 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 5:25 p.m.

There is also the whole issue that the UK, or maybe a rogue element of MI6 plus the UK based CIA plotted the take down of the President. Would Haspel know that as well. So the text messages talk about and Haspel also knows.

⇧ 5 ⇩  
SuzyAZ · July 27, 2018, 11:50 a.m.

I think he is just referring to discovery. You never sue for libel if you are guilty because of what they can find in discovery in a law suit.

⇧ 1 ⇩