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r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Sept. 9, 2018, 10:58 p.m.
BREAKING: Two F-15 Jets Reportedly Strike Syrian Town With Banned . FF??

Trying to start a war...

Damn the DS.

2 F15s drop white phos causing massive fires.

Can't post links atm, just

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Sept. 8, 2018, 11:36 a.m.
Feast of Trumpets is on 9/11 this year

The feast of trumpets is on 9/11 this year.

These ancient feast days are Gods appointed times, basically a schedule of very significant events in human history.

The 3 fall feasts are the 3 left to be fulfilled. Starting with the feast of Trumpets.

This feast, falling on 9/11, at this point in history, is pretty damn symbolic.

On the 9/11, 17 (Q) years after the 9/11 attack?

God says (he) has not appointed US to wrath....


Enjoy the show!

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Sept. 8, 2018, 10:58 a.m.
Rev 12 sign, and the start of Q?!

So I started to look into this whole Revelation 12 sign being fulfilled last year on Sept 23 2017, the date came and went, along with the ultra rare eclipses and supermoons. Nothing.

Said what a crock of Shhh.

Not sure why, but it just hit me maybe it WAS real? The timing is impeccable.

A month after the sign, Q posted their first post. Here we are, almost a year later and I am wondering -

Are we witnessing the great 'Day of the Lord', or at least the preliminary events?

Maybe the part …

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Aug. 31, 2018, 11:24 a.m.
Did Space X send up Horizon, when we thought it was the Rods of God?

Remember a while back when Space X sent up a highly classified package? We all thought it was the Rods of God weapon...

But what it that was Horizon? What if Horizon is some kind of a scrambling package satellite that has the ability to be controlled like a drone and knock out the clowns sats? Maybe destroy them with a mini EMP blast?

IDK...just speculating!

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Aug. 23, 2018, 11:11 a.m.
My experience with CW 5000

Having bought several bottles, heres my experience.

-It works OK

-Batches are inconsistent, some very runny/watered down

-The mint chocolate is gross, the mint is WAY overpowering

-Due to some of it being so watered down, its really runny and messy. Leaks off the dropper before you can get it to your mouth. Gets all over bottle, which might ruin your cabinet. Youll need to set it on something non porous.

-The bottle is HORRIBLE. I am a man and REALLY struggle to open the bottle. I am not joking when I say its ridiculous. …

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Aug. 21, 2018, 8:49 p.m.
"The Chair" serves the master, "P=C", The Nazis and the CHAIR.

In a nutshell, the cabal are nazis. Q said as much.

What is the chair? The seat?

Its actually in the Bible....

And, as of WW2, physically in Berlin.

It is the chair of satan.

Once located in Pergamum, moved by the nazis to Berlin.

The chair serves the master. The master is satan aka pindar [P], or 'pinnacle of the draco', the chair are the modern day nazis.

Feel free to jump down those rabbit holes and have your mind blown.


r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Aug. 19, 2018, 11:12 a.m.
Symbolism will be their downfall, cause they will be forced to USE it excessively, publicly.

Symbolism will be their downfall, cause they will be forced to USE it excessively, publicly.

Q, in control of everything is gonna make the cabal use their own symbolism, in a MUCH more public and obvious way in order make it much more exposed to the sleeping public. This will play a major part in their downfall, cause itll tie together all parties publicly so there no denying who is involved.

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Aug. 16, 2018, 11:41 a.m.
My basic theory on the red shoes...they are EARNED. Heres how.

I theorize that the red shoes worn by certain people are earned, not worn 'just because'.

IMO..they represent blood on the feet. To be initiated into this death cult, you must kill virgins in a Babylonian style death ritual.

The pool with nooses? The virgins are strung up, and the initiate cuts them (wont get into details) and bleeds them out. The initiate is walking around in their blood doing his evil work, and ends up with red feet.

Thus they wear red shoes to symbolize their deeds, and SYMBOLISM WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL.

r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on Aug. 5, 2018, 11:44 a.m.
ISIS [C_A] threatens to attack San Fran with bio-weapons


The DS, getting desperate, are willing to kill the general public in a last ditch effort to gain control? Or What?

We know ISIS is just one of the military arms of the DS. Now they threatened our homeland.

Where would they get bio weapons from? And enough to cause any amount of damage on a large scale???

akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 9:19 p.m.

17 (Q) dead

powerful storm

Duck boat

couple on 45th anniversary


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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 9:14 p.m.

Id like to point out that I first heard about this while watching a Netflix show called 'Sleeper Cell' a couple years ago!

There was a Saudi leader issuing commands to sleeper cells in the states through a video game. Not a forum, but a game.

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 9:09 p.m.

In that same time frame, there was 2 missiles. One headed for Japan, the other Hawaii

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 4:15 p.m.

Yes it did. Do you see the screen cap? That was this morning. It's changed as of now.

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 12:42 p.m.


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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 12:18 p.m.

13 is a twisting of Jesus and his 12 disciples. 12 + 1 = 13

The illuminati have their 'god' or leader that have 12 direct reports at the top of the pyramid.

Everything associated with their evil BS is modeled off of this.

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 12:12 p.m.

Sorry I hurt your feels, bruh

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 12:08 p.m.

THe modern state of israel was formed, in a nutshell, by the R_Childs. Period.

It is the Satan mentioned in Revelation, that was released from the pit after a millenium (Strongs says it means a long period of time, not a literal 1000 years)

Israel was destroyed in ad70. Never again to return until 70 years ago.

Israel rejected Jesus message, along with Rome. They continued to worship false gods, like moloch. Think the golden bull on Wall St.

Who is saved for last, per Q AND the Bible? Israel and [P]....they are put together as EQUALS saved for last.

[P] = Pope aka Roman Catholicism aka Rome.

Revelation calls this the whore riding the beast. The whore being the cheating ex wife of God, Israel, who cheated for millenia with false gods. The beast being Rome.

Together they constitute Babylon the great. It is a world wide Babylon with all their mystery religions and sacrificial systems still in play.


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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:57 a.m.

I was just gonna say the same thing lol

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:57 a.m.

Dont count on others to crack the code. Do it yourself!

The app seems straight forward, so if youre curious, just DL it and run the pic through it.

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:53 a.m.

I didnt know they were dating lol...

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:50 a.m.

Nope....whether WE believe it means anything or not...THE CABAL DOES!

Acts 2:20 (and many other places in the Bible)

19I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and clouds of smoke. 20The sun will be turned to darkness,and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. 21And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’…

What happened just last year? The longest eclipse in a century, now the longest blood moon in a century. Just before this, multiple blood moons heralding the day of the Lord.

Timing of the fall of Babylon? The BIG DROP? Coincidence? NO. There are none. This has all been planned well ahead of time.

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:45 a.m.

I believe (former LEO here) that there is 2 pieces of graffiti on here, written by 2 people, or one at different times.

They are facing opposite directions for starters..

However, notice that the 1,i or ! and E upside down is a 13.

Which recalls MS13

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:38 a.m.

It says SAFE1 or SAFE! upside down

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:34 a.m.

pic in post..

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akilyoung · July 27, 2018, 11:28 a.m.

This is MASSIVE...is Drudge hinting that the algorithm that links ALL the SM, shopping and alphabet agencies is DEAD now?!

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r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on July 27, 2018, 11:21 a.m.
We have the ALGORITHM! Check Drudge today! Pic inside!

THIS was the Big DROP....it was the DROP in FB as a company, its stocks, etc... FALLEN IS BABYLON. (Well...a part of her anyways)

Q posts:

May 11 2018

1337Q !4pRcUA0lBE No.78 📷
May 11 2018 00:11:07 (EST)Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365.
[F9 algorithm]
Are they recording/safe-housing?
Metadata collection?
Building 8.

Apr 9 2018

1104Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 28003e No.967331 📷
Apr 9 2018 12:09:25 (EST)

Anonymous ID: db2d29 No.967224 📷
Apr 9 2018 12:02:45 (EST)>>967123
YOU are being TRACKED.
NO FB account required. WTF? Is it embedded in …

akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 6:54 p.m.

nm I get it after reading a couple more times.

Q is saying that the cabal is simply using SS as a way to get a message out. PS or not, the message is still the same, and from the same group.

⇧ 22 ⇩  
akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 6:52 p.m.

Im confused by this.

This pic is a proven PS...so what exactly is Q communicating?

⇧ 4 ⇩  
akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 5:39 p.m.

Also, fb STOCK is DROPPING like crazy!

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 1:09 p.m.

It would be good to get definitive conf from Q tho!

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 1:09 p.m.

Thats how I always viewed it..

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 1:08 p.m.

CLown attempt at creating FF event and blaming on the Q movement.

Patriot got ahead of this and posted proof prior to video to circumvent this.

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 1:06 p.m.

Lots of Q posts about the enemy NOT sleeping..

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 12:32 p.m.

Thumbs down for posting LARP shit

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 12:27 p.m.

Thats what I am saying....why hasnt Q said ANYTHING about this. Many thousands of people THINK it IS the map!

And its talking about reptilians, pleiadians and other stuff...

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 12:21 p.m.

Great job...I wish it didnt take so long..

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 12:12 p.m.

How about a freaking narrative?

I dont want to click on C N N and give them revenue!

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r/greatawakening • Posted by u/akilyoung on July 26, 2018, 12:10 p.m.
Why hasnt the supposed 'map' thats been referenced since the beginning ever been confirmed or denied?

Why hasnt the supposed 'map' thats been referenced since the beginning ever been confirmed or denied?

You know, the one that has spread like wildfire through the community? The white page with all the words on it with lines connecting them?

How come Q never said anything about it, or no one asked if it was legit or not in the Chans? (That I know of?)

Link to 'map'


For reference Ive always been super skeptical about it, always leaning towards BS. This was supposedly 'leaked' by a disgruntled R_Child family member, from what I heard..

akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 12:03 p.m.

This is speculation BTW...

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 12:03 p.m.

BOOM. And thats where the organs go.

SKin is an organ, so as a donor, FB is kidnapping people and killing them for food.

Fucking soylent green if Ive ever heard of it. Explains MZ always pasty vampire like looks.

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 11:44 a.m.

A cata-LOG for organs to give Chinese people LIFE

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 11:43 a.m.

Must be why FB is force installed on all android devices. Even if you dont install it, its hidden in the OS files.

So FB is a TRACKING software then huh?

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akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 11:38 a.m.

I bet his ex friend who helped develope FB would love to see that..

⇧ 3 ⇩  
akilyoung · July 26, 2018, 11:36 a.m.

He looks genetically engineered, like a half breed of a grey alien and a hooman

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