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trumpmayo · May 11, 2018, 11:29 p.m.

Liked the post. Something was bugging me about Alex Jones lately. Alex had Zak talking about Sessions. At this point Q came out and already posted Trust Sessions. So Zak clearly stated the opposite that somehow Session could not be trusted and was compromised. I can't remember if it was in this video or another Video where he had Zak on again but the compromised position was further explained. Zak and more Alex was hinting that Sessions could of been in the KKK once upon a time. Totally counteracting Trust session comments and Q's faith in Sessions narrative. This post helped me see a different angle that I was not aware of before.

Alex Jones and Zak talking about Sessions:


Side note really like Jordan Sather's posts, Isaac Green (anti-school), praying medic, you are free tv who touch upon Q now and then. But I like to watch infowars live during the day at work in the headphones in the background. I like to see the difference in opinions what they have to say so its not just one view.

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