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Tips and Tactics to Raise Your Social Media Game to the Next Level







· My Twitter account was deleted/suspended/banned. What's the best way to establish a new Twitter account? >>140

· Should I have multiple Twitter accounts? If so, how do you set them up? >>141

· Is it true that using certain #hashtags will get you banned? >>142

· How do you find out what #hashtags to avoid, to avoid such bans? >>143

· Twitter seems like a hostile environment. How can I help, without having to argue with hostile people? >>144

· Suddenly I lost most of my followers. What's going on? Am I shadow-banned or being throttled by an algorithm? >>145

· Some people set up fake identities and profiles on Twitter. Is this advisable? If so, what are your recommendations? >>146

· I've been tweeting a lot over the last few months, but I hardly ever get any follows or retweets or replies. Am I shadow-banned? What should I do? >>147

· Am I shadow-banned? (2) >>187

· Why is no one retweeting my tweets? >>188

· Does Twitter read the cookies on my device to recognize me and correlate my Twitter account to my other activities online? Is that why I got shadow-banned? >>148

· Is there a way to establish a Twitter account without giving a phone number? >>149

· How do the top social media warriors keep their accounts from being suspended? >>150

· What about alternatives to Twitter, like Parler? >>151

· I heard that if your Twitter profile indicates you are right-leaning, you will most likely get shadow-banned. Advice? >>152

· Where can I get real news? >>153

· I just set up a new Twitter account and I'm not sure what to do next. Advice? >>154

· Using Anonymity to Combat the Prevalent "Cancel Culture" of Bans >>155

· How to Create a Fake Identity for Social Media (also known as a LARP) >>156

· Spy Operations >>157


Good luck, social media warrior!


If you have other questions not addressed in this FAQ, please ask! We will keep adding to this FAQ based on your questions.

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Q: BANNED! My Twitter account was (deleted/suspended/banned). What's the best way to establish a new twitter account?


A: Last I had checked, a couple of years ago, twitter bans take into account your email, IP address, and phone number. In order to get around these 3 ban hammers, you would need to take the following steps. First, use a VPN service to change your IP address. Preferably a VPN outside of 14 eyes. Second, create a new email. I do not suggest using gmail. Protonmail is a good alternative. Lastly, use a burner phone to register your new account. I say this because authorities can subpoena customer information from companies like AT&T and Verizon. Not saying we plan to do anything illegal, but you never know when Howdy Doody Schiff may want to accuse you of being a Russian spy, even if you're a humble corn farmer from Iowa. You can also use a service like to generate throw away numbers for registration. I've not had much luck with these in the past as most numbers have already been banned from someone else trying to use it.

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Q: Is it advisable to have multiple twitter accounts? If so, how do you set them up?


A: Yes and no. If you use the same email address and IP address logging into these accounts, all of your accounts will get "locked" or suspended indefinitely for "suspicious activity," which is as bad as being banned outright. Don't bother trying to appeal Twitter bans. Twitter will not unlock your account or free you from suspensions. If this happens, you will need to establish a new Twitter account using different credentials.

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Q: I heard that if you use certain #hashtags you will get banned. Is that true?


A: Yes. If they know it is being used for a raid or to spread info that they are trying to contain, they will ban you for use of a hashtag. I saw this happen many times when twitter tried to stop #DNCLeaks from trending during #pizzagate. They have bots that make lists of accounts that use "unapproved" hashtags. This is how they lump you into a group with others.

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Q: So how do you find out what hashtags should be avoided, to avoid such bans?


A: You don't, soldier. Watch the video.

The hashtag is the beach. Your boat is your tweet. The men rushing the beach are all of our accounts. Bullets are bans flying at us. Good luck and godspeed, patriot. Lulz.

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Q: I'm not very comfortable on twitter yet. It seems like a hostile environment. Is there a way I can help, without having to get into arguments with hostile people?


A: Yes, Twitter is extremely hostile and dangerous. If you use your real identity, people will dox you and attempt to have you fired from your job. They go as far as to attack your relatives and even your children. SJW's are ruthless.

Don't reply to hostilities. Just let it fade into time. Shills want you to reply and argue so they can report you. If they are successful, they will get your account locked.

Your comfort level is sort of a litmus test that determines if you have the grit and skill to be a Tactical Assault warrior, or whether you should select a less-demanding Flank or Scout role. Become a ghost on the internet. Do not link any of your Meme War accounts to any of your In-Real-Life (IRL) accounts.

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Q: I had lots of followers and suddenly most of them disappeared. What's going on? Is Twitter throttling me with an algorithm?


A: Twitter bans come in waves. As described above, they may delete all users at once for a particular hashtag, or simply for retweeting someone conservative or following the wrong people. They often explain it away as deleting a bot network. There are many bots on twitter, from left to right to non-political. You may be shadow-banned. Shadow-banning is a way of disabling your account without actually banning you. Often people don't know that they've been shadow-banned, but soon realize that nobody else is seeing their tweets. To you, it looks like Twitter is working normally, but you have become invisible to others.

One social media warrior reports that in their experience, a shadow-ban is timed. Eventually it will release your account, usually days later.

You can check your Twitter account status at

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Q: Some people set up fake identities and profiles on Twitter. Is this advisable? If so, what are your recommendations?


A: Yes. It is highly advisable to set up fake identities and profiles. I plan to use historical figures this time around. Why use ZIP code 50047? This serves a double purpose because I live nowhere near Carlisle, Iowa. When using fake identities, try to send those who might be trying to identify you in the wrong direction. I even go as far as making innocuous tweets such as, "It's 6pm! Supper time at Back Alley Smokehouse tonight, boys!" I'm tweeting a time in a timezone that I'm not in and a restaurant in Carlisle, which I'm nowhere near. All this is done in an effort to lead others to believe I'm somewhere that I'm not.

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Q: I've been tweeting a lot over the last few months but I hardly ever get any follows or retweets or replies. Am I shadow-banned? What should I do?


A: The only way around a shadow-ban is to delete the account and make a new one.

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Q: Does Twitter read the cookies on my device and correlate my Twitter account to my other activities online? Is that why I got shadow-banned?


A: Very possible. I would definitely dump cookies before trying to create a new account. You want to keep tracking to a minimum. Use programs like ABP, Disconnect, Decentraleyes, Ghostery, etc. to control your cookies.


If you have network security background, you might study the following Twitter anonymity advice and think about how you might implement it in your own computing environment.

Join Twitter using a (1) VPN, (2) an anonymous email account email (.com domain is US property), and (3) a phone number app. If you join Twitter using a VPN, Twitter will demand you confirm by phone.

–Phone number apps: Signal and Wire have apps for Windows and Linux. Don't use Whatsapp, Telegram, or FAGMAN apps.

For an extra layer of anonymity on the phone app, make a Virtual Machine on your desktop and install an Easy Linux operating system within the Virtual Machine. A virtual machine is a window that has an independent Operating System running inside it. It's a really easy way to learn Linux because you can go in and out of Windows to look up Linux commands in a familiar OS. So you don't have to learn much at all. Amazon took over the Ubuntu Linux operating system, if that bothers you. More secure Linux operating systems for beginners are Debian and OpenSuse.

How to install Ubuntu Linux on a Windows system by using the Virtual Box Software


Then install a phone number app on the virtual machine.


Paying for your VPN service using cryptocurrency provides the best anonymity.

– has a "bitcoin for retards" guide.

–If you don't use cryptocurrencies, you can get the Surfshark VPN or NordVPN from and there won't be any VPN on your bank statement. How?

>You can buy $100 in Daily Caller credits for 80

>You can buy Surfshark or Nord with these credits; these VPNs are cheaper this way too.


Choosing a VPN: NordVPN was hacked last year. That could probably happen to any service, but use your own judgment. You can look up "VPN reviews" and pick one that way.

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Q: Is there a way to establish a Twitter account without giving a phone number?


A: How to Unlock Twitter Account without Phone Number

Getting locked out of Twitter has become a common phenomenon. With any suspicious activity, Twitter immediately resorts to locking your Twitter account and asking for the OTP (verification code) that it sent to your phone number. Or, Twitter may ask you to verify your phone number before logging in.

Now, there are several scenarios when you don’t use the same number, or you don’t own the same number anymore. In such a case, you need to unlock the Twitter account without a phone number. Also, there are times when you initially never had to provide a phone number, but now you no longer have a phone to unlock the Twitter account.

If you’ve been facing any of the issues mentioned above, then this article will solve all your problems. In this article, we will list some of the alternative ways to unlock Twitter account without a phone number.

One of the options I can verify worked is below to verify using a Google Voice Number (VOIP). Some other ideas are in the article.

Verify using Google Voice Number:

Twitter has banned a lot of sites that let you create free numbers and bypass Twitter verification to work on their site. However, thanks to Google’s reputation and its authenticity, the Google voice number can be used for Twitter verification. To use a Google voice number, you do not need a real phone or number; you can simply generate a number and log in to the Twitter account.

Go to to get started.

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Q: How do top social media warriors manage to keep their Twitter accounts from being suspended?



  1. Never make a direct accusation. For example instead of saying 'You are a gay,' you might ask, "Are you gay?" Ask instead of stating.

  2. Don't spam. People will get you quick if you spam. Each one of your posts should be unique.

  3. Don't let yourself get emotionally triggered. Don't reply to comments intended to trigger you, or comments from someone who is obviously emotionally triggered themself. Just post your tweet and move along. They want you to reply so they can report you (to get you banned). So never reply unless you really really really need to. Be very very careful about this.A SOCIAL MEDIA WARRIOR NEEDS TO HAVE CONTROL OF THEIR OWN EMOTIONS, BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE WHEN OTHERS ARE TRYING TO BAIT YOU INTO AN EMOTIONAL REACTION, AND BE ABLE TO EXERT IRONCLAD SELF-CONTROL.This cannot be repeated enough times. If you let yourself get into arguments and fights, you will get banned.


While it's good practice to follow patriots who follow you, some of these "followers" might be up to no good. They might be planning to bait you into an argument in order to get you banned. Evaluate others before blindly following them. Be a little cautious and understand that not everything is as it appears. It's a battleground.

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Q: What about Parler, as an alternative to Twitter?


A: Currently we are not targeting Parler. Will update FAQ if/when that changes.

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Q: Someone said that if your Twitter profile indicates you are right-leaning, you will most likely get shadow-banned. Advice?


A: Do not profile that you are right-leaning. Instead, show some common ground between left and right, pushing the right agenda mostly. It is also possible to fake it as a leftie, by just posting average left articles with a seed of right. Sample left postings:

  • gays win

  • families lose

  • cali love illegal immigrants

So taking that into account, you could write something like this:

hey i love cali and all the illegal immigrants we got here. everyone needs to live here. but yeah voterid is a must.

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Q: Where can I get real news?

A: Try these

  • We Are The News - has all the QResearch notables, automatically collected and updated 24/7

  • Right Reads -

  • Breitbart News -

  • One America News Network -

  • Q Briefs - News, links to Q communities, tools and more - everything you always wanted to know


Another technique is to scan headlines, for example:

  • National Review -

  • True Pundit -

  • Big League Politics -

  • Just the News -

  • Sara Carter -

  • Conservative Treehouse -


You can even infer real news from fake news by "thinking mirror". Invert whatever the fake news is pushing, to figure out what they DON'T want you to know. Example: If fake news advises Trump not to talk about General Motors, what should POTUS do; should he talk about General Motors? Kek.

Anonymous ID: e2905e Sept. 5, 2020, 8:32 a.m. No.154   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>139

Q: I just set up a new Twitter account and I'm not sure what to do next. Advice?



1) Pin a great tweet with instructions to your profile

2) Send a few good tweets (have something to say, add hashtags, a meme, include TY @potus and perhaps a URL to something).

3) Search for a current #hashtag that TACTICAL ASSAULT is tweeting today. That's how Flanks hook up with TAs.

4) Select RECENT.

5) Now retweet (abbreviated RT) the first 10-15 tweets you see, that you found by searching that #hashtag.

You can repeat steps 3-5 every 30 minutes or so, as new tweets with that trending hashtag will keep appearing.


Study a successful patriot account for several days. Watch what they tweet and when, who they RT and follow, and who follows them. Observe their technique and emulate.

Study what hashtags are trending and how they rise and fall through tweets, bans, and algorithms that attempt to modify trends. Watch what Twitter is pushing and what patriots are pushing back. Learn how warriors hop onto trending hashtags to change the flow.

Anonymous ID: e2905e Sept. 5, 2020, 8:33 a.m. No.155   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>139

Using Anonymity to Combat the Prevailing "Cancel Culture" of Bans


The new trend of "cancelling" people has been adopted as a battle tactic of the left. Just because you don't support gay marriage doesn't mean that a mob should burn your uncle's house down, but that's where we find ourselves. I find the "cancel" practice despicable because it often targets completely innocent people. It's as disgusting and evil as using biological weapons on civilians during a war. Collateral damage be damned is now the way of the left.

How do you stop the angry mob from showing up on your doorstep? You don't. Maintain as much anonymity as you possibly can should you choose to get involved in this war. I would suggest setting all of your current social media to private and friends only before embarking on this journey. "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo friends cuz SJW's be rapin erbody out here!"

The only way I see to combat it or end this practice is when enough lefties and SJW's have felt the "cancel" wrath themselves. The left already does a good enough job of eating their own, but regarding the previous post about setting up fake profiles, one could hypothetically use the identities of friends and family members of the left. Identity Theft as a law or punishable offense requires intent to defraud. Nothing is being stolen here. At worst, you may be sued for libel which is a civil, not criminal, offense… and that is, if they can find you. If you live abroad, you can do this without worry since there would be no extradition for a civil suit. That said, if you're an American, choose a Brit to larp as. If you're a Bongbro, larp as a Leaf. If you're an Aussie, larp as a Burger. You get the picture. I'll speak more on LARPing tactics in the next post.

Anonymous ID: e2905e Sept. 5, 2020, 8:34 a.m. No.156   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>139

How to Create a Fake Identity for Social Media (also known as a LARP)


LARPing or Live Action Role Playing as another character is a super-effective tactic for spying on our opposition, sabotaging left wing operations, and derailing conversations. Most of us chan users are used to shills derailing threads and have become skilled at detecting bait and trolling. Normies and lefties are not skilled at this and take almost everything at face value. Like how ShareBlue operated in the previous cyberwar, we can LARP as lefties using similar tactics.


Who is this girl? I have no idea who she is. I don't know her name. I don't know where she's from. I found this pic on Pinterest. I doubt that she's a Trump supporter. I took the pic and flipped it horizontally, color-corrected it, put another color filter on it, and wiped the EXIF data. This will be my new face on social media, and this will be her profile:



queer she/her DSA

#fucktrump #LGBT #UCBerkeley

My name is Pix. No DM. Don't @ me.


Altering the image should prevent reverse image search results. She appears to be a lefty. 98 in the username would lead one to believe she's 22. UC Berkeley in the bio. By inserting these hashtags into my profile, Twitter automatically green-lights me for all sorts of shenanigans and tomfoolery. Follows will come flowing in, as I'll be added to left wing lists. Pop out a few tweets and retweets. Follow AOC and a few other popular leftists. Let it simmer a few days. Once you log back in, you'll find that your SJW comrades have welcomed you with open arms. Be sure to say some wild stuff in your tweets. Have fun with it.

Anonymous ID: e2905e Sept. 5, 2020, 8:34 a.m. No.157   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>139

Spy Operations


Learn the lefty and SJW language. Learn what new flavor-of-the-day agenda they are trying to push. Once you become skilled enough and can talk social justice like a true Marxist, you'll be able to check people's privileges and call them out for micro-aggressions and other nonsense. The end result creates infighting within their own ranks. Once this operation has grown large enough and word has gotten back to the left that LARPers are among them, they won't know who to trust or who is being honest about anything. This will be especially easy to pull off because of the insane ramblings from the current left. I could start a "cancel Thanksgiving" campaign (because it's racist) and it would seem completely legit. Go around pissing off other liberals who just wanted to eat their tofurkey in peace. The end game comes when other liberals start saying things like, "I can't stand those people!" See if you can get JK Rowling to delete her Twitter account. The possibilities are endless.

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Q: Am I shadow banned?


A: Twitter can use several methods to hide your account. To find out if your account is shadow-banned, test it HERE:

Anonymous ID: e2905e Sept. 5, 2020, 11:53 a.m. No.188   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>139

Q: Why is no one retweeting my tweets?


A: Is there a padlock symbol next to your Twitter name? If so, your account is set to “private”. This means that no one can retweet you. Twitter sometimes changes this setting “by accident”. In order to fix it, go to SETTINGS and uncheck the box that sets your tweets to private.


BONUS ROUND: When on Twitter, whenever you see someone tweeting that has a padlock next to their name, please send them a reply explaining that their tweets are set to private, that therefore no one can retweet them, and explain how to fix the problem. Help a friend and ask them to help others too!