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Precipice Level Events


>>85777 Video of the mass shooting yesterday at 66th/Halsted. Seven shot, including a one-month-old niglette, by blacks who emerged from a black Jeep Cherokee with rifles.

>>85788 BREAKING: The Taliban says they’ve captured a key Afghan border crossing with Pakistan - AFP

>>85789 Thomas Paine (Twatt) ‘We Are Willing To Do Anything’: Cuba’s President Demands Cubans Defend The Revolution From Pro-Democracy Protesters.

>>85795 (Gab) Moreno Valley: a suburb in the southeast of California where white families escape to live safely and grill in peace, far away from the violence and chaos of Los Angeles

>>85821 VIDEO: Army is going door to door coercing people to take the COVID vaccine in Smithfield, NC. (YouTube)

>>85873 NOW - People chanting "Liberté" in Paris as they protest against mandatory vaccinations of health care workers and vaccination passports on Bastille Day (#14Juillet), a national holiday in France.

>>85864 USDA Attacks Amish Farmers Selling REAL Food to Protect Corporate Industrial Farming (

>>86066 FBI now claims any statement anyone makes concerning any health care matter is now subject to criminal prosecution if they don't agree w/ the statement, regardless of a lack of ANY federal jurisdictional nexus.

>>86072, >>86077 Policeman caught looting also. S.Africa

TheHill (Twatt) VIDEO: Sen. Joni Ernst: "We're all going to be paying back the trillions of dollars borrowed to pay for Bidenomics, both in higher taxes and in higher consumer costs. And that price, folks, it isn't right."

>>86099 More tweets about Army guys going door to door with vaxxer agents

>>86095 FBi going after citizens/patriots from Jan 6th

>>86116 French citizens are taking to the streets in opposition to labor reforms and higher taxes

>>86120 Vaccine Victims Begging to Be Heard

>>86122 Jen Patski "Vaccines can still kill you"

>>86135 PSAKI: "There’s about12people who are producing 65% of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms." (Going after Patriots/Truth Tellers)

>>86138 The State Of The South African Protest After Former President Jacob Zuma Was Arrested. Fire

>>86141 China Sends Ships to Senkaku Islands After Japan Names Country Top Security Threat (NewsWeak)

>>86153 New Zealand - Prime Minister asks to only listen to government as source “you can trust us”

>>86164 Fauci says 3-year-olds should be forced to wear masks: “No doubt about that”

>>86168 Lebanon's prime minister-designate has said that he will not form a government, plunging the country deeper into crisis.

>>86172 BREAKING: Biden admin 'flagging problematic posts', putting pressure on big tech to increase 'fact-checking' efforts

>>86314 María Elvira Salazar (Twatter) The people of Cuba have had enough of the failed communist regime. They are demanding their freedom and the world should answer their call. #SOSCuba #CubaLibre

>>86226 #BREAKING: L.A. County officials release new Health Officer Order requiring masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. This will go into effect on Saturday night at 11:59 p.m.

>>86286 AUTHORITARIANS… Democrats: "We are concerned about you knocking on doors because of voter intimidation & civil rights violations…

>>86317 Jason Miller (Twatt) This is how it starts. “Biden administration ‘flagging problematic posts for Facebook,’ Psaki says”

>>86323 (Twatt) WATCH: Aerial shot shows Wednesday’s massive rally against Greece’s mandatory #COVID19 vaccination orders. Flag of Greece

>>86337 (Twatt) VIDEO: Cuba protests

>>86338 DanaLoesch (Twatter) The Biden admin finally admitted that they are conspiring with social media platforms and directing them to censor citizens. Fair to ask what else are they flagging? Is this how I and others were suspended for sharing NYP Biden piece? Safe to assume this is more widespread.

>>86381, >>86382, South Africa damage…

>>86417, >>86418 Alabama military base is first in the US to require vaccination proof amid rising COVID rates (

>>86421 JUST IN - Protests erupt in Melbourne as Victoria, Austrialia goes back into lockdown

>>86426 SWAT command leader dead, 4 wounded after standoff with gunman in Texas (

>>86381, >>86382, South Africa damage…

>>86417, >>86418 Alabama military base is first in the US to require vaccination proof amid rising COVID rates (

>>86421 JUST IN - Protests erupt in Melbourne as Victoria, Austrialia goes back into lockdown

>>86426 SWAT command leader dead, 4 wounded after standoff with gunman in Texas (

>>86427 ( IRAN NUKE ENRICHMENT: The levels have sparked serious concerns, as it is considered the minimum required to build nuclear weapons, and stands well above the 60% level Tehran announced it was aiming for back in April.

>>86428, >>86429 France vaccine pass protests turn UGLY, tear gas and flames as police charges demonstrators (WATCH) (RT, EMBEDDED MP4)

>>86432 ( Greece protesting vax

>>86437 ( Chaotic scenes are unfolding across Beirut as Saad Hariri supporters block roads - with the army attempting to unblock them - following his resignation left Lebanon without a cabinet.

>>86476 ( ICE confirms Tucker's report on flights of illegal immigrants from military airport

>>87166 TheHill (Twatt) More evacuations ordered after California wildfire jumps highway (Keep Voting Dem California.. keep getting BURNT)

>>87160 (Twatt) Famine has always been one of communism's favorite weapons.

>>87293 America's Frontline Doctors urgently need your help stop Covid-19 Vaccine mandates in our schools. Kids wear masks in the fall. (


>>87235 China is buying up American farms. Washington wants to crack down. (

>>87229 NFL Recommends Teams Use ‘Color Coded Wristbands’ to Identify Vaccinated Players, Employees (

>>87228 (Twatt) NEW: I’m back at the border in Del Rio, TX, where a massive group of 300-400 migrants have arrived at a gate at the border wall and is hoping to be let into the U.S. Many are from Haiti

>>87227 Good luck with that! Chicago mental health professionals will be dispatched on 911 calls instead of cops following defund the police protests - as gang members now outnumber officers ten to one (

>>87223 NPR (TWATTS) Developing: The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped nearly 800 points, or more than 2%, overs fears of the rising COVID-19 infections around the world tied to the Delta variant. These fears come as investors were already getting worried about surging inflation.

>>87218 Now They Are Saying That The Republican Party Is The #1 “National Security Threat To The United States Of America” (

>>87207 Surgeon General: Facebook’s Efforts to Combat Alleged COVID-19 Misinformation ‘Not Enough’ (

>>87199 Multiple people shot, including EMT personnel, in series of attacks in Tucson; children missing (

>>88310 (Twatt) Milan ,Italy~ Police surprisingly stand down in solidarity with massive groups of protesters…

>>88319 ( Some reports suggest a large group of armed assailants, with the area being evacuated.

>>88330 CNN: Segregate Unvaccinated, Make Them Pay For Tests Every Day (ZeroHedge)

>>88348 SAGE VIDEO: ILDonaldoTrumpo: Why Michelle Urgenti-Rita got booed off stage… (music by il Presidento…)

>>88357 Horrific Video Shows Teen Mob Brutally Attack New York City Firefighter Who Was Walking His Dog (thegatewaypundit)

>>88363 (GAB) Google vaccine passport protests.

>>88370 The Republican Guard, a security detail established to protect the President of France, have ALL resigned, and will no longer protect President Macron! (Mulit-sauz)

>>88388 Catturd (Twatt) The Biden regime is taking COVID so seriously, they’re letting hundreds of thousands of untested illegals pour across the southern border - and transporting them all across the USA.

>>88393 How the Plague of Corruption Is Killing Mankind (

>>88431 CDC closely tracking Monkeypox outbreak (

>>88429 A 10-year-old girl has died from the plague in Colorado, officials confirm (

>>88451 (Twatt) The people of France shot the presidents house of with horse shit.

>>88496 (Twatt) MOAR MSM LIES.. Thesis: This was the week that vaccinated America started to get really fed up.

>>88500 SeeBS"news" (Twatt) Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams says pandemic is "spiraling out of control again" because of unvaccinated Americans

>>88499 (Twatt) "January 6th UNMASKED!" AWESOME VIDEO!!

>>88500 SeeBS"news" (Twatt) Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams says pandemic is "spiraling out of control again" because of unvaccinated Americans

>>88541 ( NY Mayor Bill de Blasio mandates Covid vaccines or weekly testing

>>88555 AndyNgo (Twatt) “F— antifa. F— you and Black Lives Matter!”

>>88556 SteveScalise (Twatt) Now Confirmed: The South American COVID-19 lambda variant is spreading in Texas.

>>88561 (Twatt) French are tearing up some gov building

>>88568 Atlanta restaurant's 'no vax, no service' sign prompts death threats: report (

>>88573 Jill Biden Protested At Vaccine Clinic (

>>88574, >>88611 Facebook and tech giants to target attacker manifestos, far-right militias in database (All the major fag MSM outlets) [FF imminent]

>>88577 MP (GAB) From New York to LA and now the VA. I think they are going to get major pushback. The idea rank and file government employees are going to put up with this is going to be very interesting. This

>>88594, >>88595 PAIN: "PUT them in cars"? Willing people GET in cars. "Coming to a door near you". Flynn Buckle up, Patriots.

>>88600 (GAB) 100,000 French protesters chanting for Macron to resign in Paris yesterday, if it was up to mainstream media, you'd never know.

>>88617 COVID-19 Vaccine Pass Mandate Approved by French Parliament Amid Widespread Protests

>>88635 Breaking911 (Twatt) JUST IN: Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Assaulted & Robbed In Oakland

>>88717 California City Orders Vaccinated Employees To Wear Stickers If They Want To Work Without Masks (ZeroHedge)

>>88774 Urgent Plea by Doctors to India’s PM: “Halt Roll-Out of COVID-19 Vaccines Now”

>>88771, >>88781, >>88787, >>88777, >>88784 CDC will recommend everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status - CNN

>>88817 (Twatt) BREAKING REPORT: Biden DOJ Declares COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Legal..

>>88833 RSBN (Twatt) The DOJ won't even let @mtgreenee, @RepGosar, @replouiegohmert, & @RepMattGaetz in the lobby! It is SHAMEFUL to not let these elected leaders access to a federal government building! Give us the answers!

>>88835 "Plain and simple—vaccinations are the only way out of this pandemic," Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas said in a statement. (


>>88839, >>88840 BREAKING: Statewide 'Flex Alert' issued for tomorrow in California as power grid threatened, residents asked to set air conditioner thermostats to 78 degrees or higher

>>88850 (Twatt) Tucker Carlson & @emeriticus Calling Out Vaccine Mandates, Big Pharma, & The Censorship Surrounding Vaccines Including The ADL Teaming Up With Paypal To Deplatform "Extremists"

>>88862 (Twatt) BLM rioter punched a police officer in the face requiring surgical repair. Punishment? Released on his own recognizance! Non-violent trespassing in Capitol on January 6th? Solitary confinement without parole! Double standard? You bet!

>>88879 TheHill (Twatt) JUST IN: House to resume mask mandate after new CDC guidance

>>88884 (Twatt) VP Harris after the CDC said even vaccinated people should wear masks in public indoor settings:

>>89029 (You) Richard Grenell (Twatt) The government does not give you your rights.

>>89031 (You) Disclosure.TV (Twatt) JUST IN - American Postal Workers Union representing over 220,000 postal workers opposes #COVID19 vaccine mandates in a statement just released.

>>89047 BREAKING911 (Twatt) JUST IN: Texas Governor Issues Executive Order Restricting Transportation Of Migrants Due To COVID-19

>>89022 (You) Andy Ngo (Twatt) Breaking: Antifa brawl & get beat up at a “We Are Israel” event in El Cajon, Calif.

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>>89129 We Do Not Consent… We Parents Decide What’s Best For Our Children, NOT THE GOVERNMENT! (

>>89170 It Begins… Illinois Superintendent Will Hand Out Yellow ID Badges Based on Vaccination Status

>>89203 Juanita Broaddrick (Twatter) We the people… ARE PISSED!

>>89206 CandiceOwens (Twatter) DO NOT COMPLY.

>>89209 DonJR (Twatt) These people are insane!!!

>>89212 (GAB) I’m getting flooded with messages like this from active duty military who do not want to take the vax and are being threatened with court martial if they do not. This is madness.

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>>89264 (GAB) VIDEO: Start resisting NOW!

>>89267 WendyRogers (Twatt) Biden works for us. Pelosi works for us. Under no circumstances should we the people tolerate the trampling of our rights. Don't put up with it. They can't arrest 300 million people.

>>89290 (Twatt) JUST IN - Australia will not reopen its borders for travel until 80% of the population is vaccinated - Prime Minister Scott Morrison

>>89305 Martial Law Has Arrived in Australia! Military Summoned to Occupy Parts of Sydney (

>>89308, >>89333 ‘Unnecessary, misleading, catastrophic’: Senior European physicians co-author expert statement on COVID vaccine for children (

>>89313 Postal Workers Say ‘NO’ To Biden’s Looming Call To Mandate COVID Jab For Federal Workers (Gatewaypundit)

>>89281, >>89319 Man Charged With Sending Threatening Emails to Fauci (EpochTimes)

>>89365, >>89419 (You) ( We are at the PRECIPICE! (if it is a mountain road and we just started pulling grade then yes..)

>>89370 (Twatt) JUST IN - U.S. House adjourned for a 6-week August recess without passing an extension of the eviction moratorium which expires Saturday, leaving millions of Americans at risk of losing their homes.

>>89375 (Twatt) Vive la résistance!! Nice, France French hospital workers in Nice have decided to not give the vaccine any longer.

>>89406 Nearly 1.6 billion disposable masks polluted oceans in 2020, will take 450 years to decompose (

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>>89494 DOJ Sues Texas Over Governor Abbott’s Order Outlawing Ground Transportation of Illegal Aliens (TheGatewayPundit)

>>89495 Homeland Security Secretary Admits DHS/FBI Are Spying on Gab's Users (

>>89498 More corporations are requiring workers to get vaccinated (

>>89507, >>89508, >>89510, >>89511, >>89515 DanScavino (Twatt) Dems want a "new normal" of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports" (Current Situation in Syria/Israel/Iran/ w Tanker strike & Troop Drawdown.. DS FUCKERY DECODE)

>>89519 PDF files constructing what the creator of the documents calls an “air tight religious exemption request” for the COVID vaccine if it is mandatory for you at work, school, or in the military. (PDF FILES & LINK TO OG Article)

>>89524 German newspaper APOLOGIZES for pushing COVID lockdown hysteria and harming society (multiple sauz)

>>89526, >>89546 Twitter Suspends Science Writer After He Posts Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test (

>>89537 Outrage as police fly helicopters over western Sydney backyards blasting sirens and warnings to enforce Covid rules and stop a repeat of last week's anti-lockdown rally (

>>89542 U.S. Military Warns China Is Building Nuclear Missile Silos (

>>89549 Walt Disney, Walmart Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for US Employees, Alters Mask Policy (

>>89551 Water cannon v burning barricades: Paris protests against Covid ID turn violent as France resists measure (

>>89562 Arkansas Judge Restores $300 Pandemic Jobless Benefit Boost (EpochTimes)

>>89574 (GAB) For the past year - it's been one fear porn story after another about it being Armageddon here in Florida.

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>>89624, >>89631, >>89635 VIDEO: From Sydney, a driver observes hundreds of police vehicles in the city after the NSW commissioner called in over 1000 additional units, in case of another anti-lockdown protest. + Message from FREN (EMBD MP4)

>>89626 ( Australia’s Brisbane set for ‘strictest lockdown’ yet after SIX new cases spotted

>>89639 ( Sound guud. God and Country Patriot double down in Vegas (Covid related)

>>89645 CJTruth (GAB) I said I would not post but this is too important. Doctors are not prescribing certain drugs that work for Covid 19 because it is off label. This is just plain EVIL! (Massive bowl of sauz.. GREAT POST!)

>>89646 BOOM!: Watch: Dozens of Activists Show Up at Pelosi’s Mansion to Serve ‘Eviction Notice’ (

>>89655 (Twatt) JUST IN - Pfizer and Moderna ramp up #COVID19 vaccine prices in the European Union as demand increases for expected "booster shots," generating billions of dollars more for the groups (FT)

>>89656 (Twatt) NOW - Thousands protest in #Berlin against Covid restrictions despite a ban by the authorities. The police try to regain control with punches, batons, and pepper spray. #b0108

>>89666 TRIPS CONFIRM EBIL PLOT: (GAB) There is no test for the ‘Delta Variant’, or the other phoney COVID variants for that matter, so why are we even talking about them?

>>89669 WH condemns WaPo, NYT for 'completely irresponsible' tweets hyping COVID spread among vaccinated (foxnews)

>>89670 The Media’s Big Lie About Who Isn’t Getting Shots Is How You Know They Don’t Care About The Unvaccinated (

>>89671 Joe Biden Calls for Illegal Alien Amnesty to Be Included in $3.5T Spending Bill (

>>89688 (Twatt) REAL GOOD VIDEO: Talks much troof, good to see the YOUNG AMERICA not all blue haired freaks who hate her.

>>89692 (Twatt) Coercive ‘Vaccinate or Face Testing’ Plan for Federal Workers Tramples Rights, Violates Nuremberg Code

>>89703 American Couple Fined $50,000 For Traveling To Canada With Fake Vaccination Documents (

>>89709, >>89711 (Twatt) House OK’s hiring illegal migrants on staff, fattens budget 21%

>>89714 (Twatt) France leads the way, MASSIVE people in the streets!

>>89718 Illinois Unconcerned As Communication And 'Science' Behind COVID Policy Slip Toward Chaos (ZeroHedge)

>>89719 10 Republicans Back Bill Calling For Audit Of The CDC (

>>89720 233 Health Workers In San Francisco Get ‘Breakthrough COVID’ (

>>89722 Jeff & Gary Holland And Dr. Tenpenny's Staggering News About The 'Vax' Creating And Rogue Antibody that Will Kill 28 Types Of Human Tissue Cells…Extremely Alarming ( (RENSE)

>>89722, >>89723, >>89724, >>89725, >>89728, >>89731, >>89732 ANON(S): I just spent 3 hrs on a busy street corner with a sgn and a Murican Flag

>>89733 (GAB) If they can force an injection on you, they can force anything they want on you.

>>89750 KatieDavenport (Twatter) It’s time for citizens to stop paying the salaries of teachers that refuse to return to the classroom.

>>89756 TedCruz (Twatt) An absolute and complete abuse of power.

>>89763 Zerohedge (Twatt) Taibbi: Can History Itself Violate 'Community Standards?'

>>89769 (Twatt) This is such a great ad. Army VET running for Congress Teddy Daniels for US Congress (Teddy Daniels PA)

>>89771 (Twatt) Woman was kicked out of her First Class seat by United Airlines Flight, had ticket, system was whiped and she had to take Economy+ (she went up and took pic) [They] think of themselves as kings and queens


>>89775 (Twatt) Police in La Joya, TX, a Border town, announce a charity has rented an entire hotel here for COVID-positive migrants. (2 important threads)

>>89780 (Twatt) How many members of Congress shed tears for this poor woman?

>>89822 SPECIAL POAST Graphene in Medicine/Vaxxines (CURRENT).. WHY? This is a YUGE dig, and not complete. IS IN THE CURRENT COVID VACCINES, yet not disclosed.

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>>90034 Thousands of migrants overwhelm Colombian coastal town (

>>90035 Great Reset: World Economic Forum Declares the ‘Age of Human Robots is Over’ (

>>90045, >>90046 Breaking: OFFICER DOWN- SEVERAL INJURED – Active Shooter Outside Pentagon (Multi-Sauce)

>>90058 Passengers are left stranded as American cancels 562 flights, Spirit cancels 400 and thousands are delayed: Airlines buckle under renewed demand - and blame 'weather and operational issues' - but what happened to their $54BN taxpayer bailout? (

>>90071 BenShapiro (Twatt) BASED AF: Essentially, our government is now merely a series of unelected bureaucrats in the executive branch deciding how we live our lives, enabled by 3,000 page bills compiled by anonymous staffers and voted on by legislators who have never read them.


>>90074 ( THere has NEVER BEEN a MORE CORRUPT ELECTION than we just had..

>>90075, >>90076, ( ????Incoming ???? Combat tactics. War Games, Fake incoming missile alert [Defcon 1]

>>90079 Pentagon entered lockdown due to 'shooting event' outside building near Metro station, scene now secure (mulit-sauz)

>>90082 ‘Full Blown Border Crisis’: Illegal Crossings Hit 20-Year High Despite Hot Weather (

>>90085, >>90086 Iranian-backed forces are believed to have seized an oil tanker in the Gulf off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, three maritime security sources said, after Britain’s maritime trade agency reported a “potential hijack” in the area on Tuesday.

>>90089 WH officials this am: "B lockdown speech being drawn up this week" We 5:5 Jack. (Multisauz)

>>90095 West Texas Migrant Shelter Re-Opens Despite Executive Order from Governor (Breitbart)

>>90105 (Twatt) REMEMBER: if they won't close the border to illegals, they don't fear the virus.If they won't wear the mask themselves at their private parties, they don't really believe they're necessary. If they won't investigate where it started,they're not really concerned about its effects.

>>90115 (Twatt) President Biden Announces on Live TV That He Intends to Break His Oath of Office

>>90116 (Twatt) Presidents exceeding their authority is not a new thing, but Presidents doing it after previously acknowledging they did not legally have that power (Obama w DACA, Biden w eviction mor etc) is really an obvious violation of their oath and quite corrupt.

>>90121 Sen. Cramer introducing bill requiring states that mandate vaccine passports to also mandate voter ID (

>>90131 ( RIGHT ON QUE: BREAKING! Lincoln, Nebraska: possible active shooting with large police presence at Edgewood Cinema.

>>90136 ( Meanwhile, in Australia: Army patrols hit the streets of Sydney to help enforce stay-at-home rules, Reuters reported. ????

>>90144, >>90145, >>90147 UPDATE! Arlington, Virginia: Right now the bomb squats is here. There’s at least 10 fire trucks, 4 emergency trucks, and 10+ police vehicles. Helicopter dispatched to the Pentagon following shooting outside the building. There are also reports of an officer down.

>>90150 CharlieKirk (Twatt) Jen Psaki said Ron DeSantis should “get out of the way” because he’s making it “harder for people to put requirements on masks” and sign “asking for vaccination status into law.”

>>90151 CharlieKirk (Twatt) If the CDC doesn't recommend Obama cancel his birthday party, don't listen when they recommend you shut down your business.

>>90153 Dr. Shiva's lawsuit uncovered the existence of a heretofore-unknown portal built by Twitter for governmental officials to flag statuses they didn't like for censorship and deletion. (

>>90157 WendyRogers (Twatt) Biden DOJ Orders States Not To Conduct Arizona-Style Forensic Audits Of 2020 Election, Threatens Prison Time

>>90158 WendyRogers (Twatt) The 1487 request to the Arizona Attorney General has been filed against the Maricopa Board of Supervisors by @SonnyBorrelli on behalf of the Arizona Senate.

>>90161 Joe Biden Singles Out Texas and Florida for COVID Surge after Flooding Texas Border with Historic Number of Untested Illegals (gatewaypundit)

>>90180, >>90181 (Twatt) JUST IN: The CDC Announces New 60-Day Moratorium on Evictions… THEY HAVE ZERO AUTHORITY TO DO THIS….

>>90188 BOOM! Vax Passport Company's Horrifying History (Bitchute)

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>>90247 Worldwide Genocide Continues (

>>90249 The 'Penalties' for 'Violating' CDC's New Eviction Moratorium Are Unconstitutional BS (

>>90250 (Twatt) The SC ruled Congress has the authority to extend the moratorium.

>>90251 (Twatt) The CDC doesn’t have authority to make law.

>>90257 FEAR PRONZ DEER EDITION: Of course they've found covid strains in Deer's (

>>90261, >>90303 (Twatt) JUST IN - Missouri governor pardons lawyer couple who pointed guns at "social justice protesters" who marched past their home (AP)

>>90269 "The Great Reset" recast the massive economic dislocations produced by endless lockdowns as a chance to rethink and rebuild the world's economic foundations along more sustainable and equitable lines.

>>90272 Biden warns cyber attacks could lead to a "real shooting war" (

>>90273, >>90285, >>90286 F&GNEWS: The next Covid variant could kill up to one in three people says SAGE now, and UK's vaccine roll-out may even speed up mutant strain's emergence.!!! (multisauz)

>>90274 COURTFUCKERY: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott hits back after judge blocks illegal immigration order (NYPost)

>>90275, >>90279 Will Military Mandate cov Vax, Know your rights.

>>90276 (Twatt) BASED: I know the Guardian and other silly left wing papers are shit stirring. But what I said was that “IF WE HAVE COVID FOR EVER” we are just going to have to open stuff up and accept that if we die, we die.

>>90277, ( NWO Agenda in our face as we walk through darkness in to light.

>>90278 UK urges pregnant women to get the vaccinated as Delta Variants spread

>>90285, >>90286, No Vax no cell network . . .wtf (

>>90287 F&GJUDGEOPINIONS: The Latest: Judge says migrant stops could worsen pandemic (mulit-sauz)

>>90288 Fulani Muslims attack several Christian villages in Nigeria: 50 slaughtered, many more injured; 102 homes destroyed (

>>90296, >>90301 (Twatt) The President of the United States is acting unconstitutionally and openly admitting that it's unconstitutional, and destroying middle class property owners in the process, and the Republican Party seems to have hardly noticed

>>90297 (Twatt) SMELLoPANIC: BREAKING REPORT: Pennsylvania Democrats Call for ID to Buy Ammunition..

>>90298 MTG (Twatt) Every Member who says they are against Vaccine Passports should cosponsor my bill.

>>90300 (Twatt) Twitter Suspends Just the News Reporter for Reiterating CDC Backed Fact that Vaccines Aren’t Safe for Everyone

>>90305, >>90306, >>90396 BREAKING911 (Twatt) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to President Biden: “Why don’t you do your job? Why don't you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you, thank you.”

>>90319 (Twatt) AOC masks up for a photo op, removes it moments later while she mingles with the crowd.

>>90326, >>90327 Dr. Mercola: Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours (

>>90330, >>90335 ​​Physicians who post COVID-19 vaccine misinformation may lose license, medical panel says July 29, 2021 (

>>90340, >>90447 (You), >>90341, >>90346 FLYNN:" Listen Closely" YUGE!!! CANADIAN COURT VICTORY PROVES COVID-19 IS A HOAX & ALL RESTRICTIONS HAVE NOW BEEN DROPPED (Bitchute)

>>90350 MTG (Twatter) I have talked to multiple women who say they miscarried healthy pregnancies after taking the #COVID19 vaccine.

>>90351 MTG (Twatter) That’s it. Time to IMPEACH BIDEN!

>>90360, >>90381, >>90382, >>90384 WendyRogers (Twatter) The corporate communist globalist satanic Uniparty is the faction our founders warned us about.

>>90374 KANSAS (Twatt) If we do not restore our nation’s character, its leadership and its exceptionalism, trouble lies ahead. The enunciation of faith is absolutely paramount.

>>90380 USArmy (Twatt) We mourn the loss of Officer Gonzalez and salute his life of service and bravery. Rest In Peace, Soldier.

>>90383, >>90402 (Twatt) Breaking and viral: Ecuador Flag of Ecuador the military protecting the people from the police

>>90388 KANSAS (Twatt) The Chinese Communist Party’s coverup continues to this day.

>>90391, >>90392 Sen. @ossoff on the extension of the evictions moratorium: "I gotta give huge props to Congresswoman Bush for her fearless and dedicated effort to raise this issue."

>>90393 (Twatt) Election cheating surges to top US issue, most want photo ID

>>90394 (Twatt) The New Normal… Business must go on… (we must live, we must just realize we are all mortal and will some day die)

>>90398 (Twatt) Anti-vaxxers in the UK have started to declare themselves vegans on social media, in a bid to avoid any potential compulsory vaccines.

>>90399 NewsWeek (Twatt) "It was as if the doctor didn't care because this was COVID and he didn't prevent himself from having COVID because he wasn't vaccinated," Tyler Fairley's mother said.

>>90400 TheHill (Twatt) Kaine says he has votes to pass Iraq War repeal in Senate

>>90406 The Infrastructure Bill Gives Feds The Right To Test Taxing In Every Driven American Mile (


>>90422 (Twatt) Wendy Rogers: "what’s important here… this is what the media likes to blur and obscure. We have to stay at the forefront of people’s consciousness with the narrative. The vaccine mandates, the mask mandates is in an effort to blur what’s going on right now. Eyes on Arizona.

>>90431, >>90432 (Twatt) Good video w FLYNN talking about people on earth want the freedoms we have here in the US.. but we as Americans take them for granted (the rights).. I say there are tiny tyrants all over who try to take our freedoms away (CITY)/county/state.. etc

>>90455 (You) Ep. 1577 Biden Goes Full Tyrant - The Dan Bongino Show (Rumble)

>>90457 (You) 1984 Is Here: Vaccine Segregation In New York City (Rumble)

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>>90914 (You) (You) Breitbart (Twatt) Exclusive– Rep. Mark Green: Mandatory Vaccines for Troops Against Law

>>90915 (You) (You) (Twatt) Apple Reveals Plans to Spy on Everyone’s iPhones – Here’s How to Check for Spy Software

>>90917 (You) (You) (Twatt) Almost 2,000 people from 9/11 families tell Biden he's not invited to 20th anniversary ceremonies

>>90921, >>90922 CDC illegally extends eviction moratorium for another two months, despite U.S. Supreme Court ruling it has no such authority (

>>90925 Repeat after me: “The PCR tests don’t work!” (

>>90926 Governments hold citizens HOSTAGE, demand vaccine QUOTAS before restoring “freedom” (

>>90934 Texas Democrats Plan To Stay In D.C. Amid Second Special Legislative Session (

>>90935, >>90987 Let Them Eat Cake: Obama Lied – Massive Party Tents Set Up on Martha Vineyard Compound in Advance of Lavish B-Day Bash on Saturday (

>>90937 School subjects 2nd-graders to anti-police indoctrination (

>>90941 NnameTrump (Twatt) The people who think government cares about them are the same who believe the stripper loves them.

>>90943 NnameTrump (Twatt) NnameTrump Wisconsin has just canceled 205,000 voter resistrations because they say they could not find the voters, why wait till AFTER election? Would this mean we won Wisconsin? CONGRATS!!

>>90946 KANSAS (Twatt) Police officers face the impossible task of keeping people safe while the criminals they are trying to stop are routinely given lighter sentencing and allowed back into the communities they terrorize far too soon. (need timestamp check to drops)

>>90949, >>90973, >>90975, >>90977, >>90994, >>90983, >>90990, >>91000, >>91027, >>91039, >>91040, >>91041, >>91042, >>91043, >>91044, >>91045, >>91046, >>91047, >>91048, >>91049, >>91050, >>91051, >>91052, >>91053, >>91055, >>91056, >>91057, >>91058, >>91059, >>91060, >>91061, >>91062, >>91063, >>91064, >>91065, >>91066, >>91070, >>91071, >>91072, >>91073, >>91074, >>91075, >>91076 (You), >>91077 (You), >>91081, >>91082, >>91081, >>91082, >>91084, >>91085, >>91086, >>91087, >>91088, >>91089, >>91091, >>91093, >>91095, >>91096, >>91097, >>91098, >>91100, >>91103, >>91104, >>91109, >>91110, >>91111, >>91112, >>91113, >>91114, >>91115 TEAM: Setting up Patriots for FF (BigBuns/discussion)>>90954 Kevin McCarthy (Twatt) There's a reason inflation is rising. There's a reason crime is surging. There's a reason our economy hasn't bounced back like everyone expected. The reason is Democrat policies.

>>90955 Bryan Steil (Twatt) County fairs, listening sessions, & even the grocery store, everywhere I go people tell me about their concerns of rising prices. People are feeling the negative impact of rising prices due to Biden’s policies!

>>90956 Kevin McCarthy (Twatt) In 6 months, Democrats have caused historic inflation, opened our border, destroyed our energy independence, brought critical race theory into our schools, and are now floating amnesty for illegal immigrants.

>>90957 Ashley Hinson (Twatter) The Administration’s spending spree is forcing Iowans to pay more at the pump, at the grocery store, and now that it is back to school season—more for school supplies, too. I’ll keep fighting this harmful tax and spend agenda. #IA01

>>90960, >>90961, >>90964 Thousands now out in the streets here in Paris #Manifs7aout #PassSanitaire #France

>>90962, >>90963, >>90965, >>90966, >>90968 GrrrGraphics (Twatt) Not only is Biden laughing as the price of gas keeps going up ($4.20 here in MT 4 supreme) #Biden wants to track and tax you by the mile-& mandate Breathalyzers in all new cars! What other "goodies" are hidden in the infrastructure bill?

>>90980 Dr. Anthony Fauci: Expect 'a flood' of COVID-19 vaccine mandates after full FDA approval (

>>90985 (Twatt) JUST IN - U.S. sends in B-52 bombers and Spectre gunships in a desperate bid to stop the advance of the Taliban on three key cities in Afghanistan, urges American citizens to immediately leave the country.

>>90988 CatTurd (Twatt) Remember - if you’re a liberal on Twitter, there are no rules. Lars here is wanting every unvaccinated American shot and killed. If any conservative tweeted this, it’d be an automatic, Immediate permanent suspension.

>>90989 (Twatt) INSANITY: Alright vaxxholes. Get the Pfizer vaccine. We need to eradicate this fucking virus and it's variants. The government should start a program, Get the Shot or Get Shot. You can't spread the virus if you're dead.

>>90991 President Biden Rocked By Impeachment Charge – Joe Is Accused Of Violating The Constitution By Mark Levin (

>>90993 JuanitaBroaddrick (Twatter) BASED: F U C K the Obamas

>>90998 (Twatter) New TRANNY MEME VIDEO: This old timer says exactly what we all want to say. "You are Fuked in the head".

>>91004, >>90992 Moderna and Pfizer Intentionally Lost the Clinical Trial Control Group Testing Efficacy and Safety (theGatewayPundit)

>>91007 I have yet to attend a Brian Kemp speech where he hasn’t been BOO’ed off the stage. He’s the Governor.

>>91010, >>91006 Biden Climate Czar John Kerry Takes Private Jet to Island of Martha’s Vineyard For Obama’s Maskless 60th Bday Extravaganza (thegatewaypundit)

>>91009 JennaEllis (Twatt) Moderna says everyone will likely need booster shots before this winter $$$$$$$

>>91013, >>91015 (You), >>91089 (Twatt) JUST IN - Variants could be named after star constellations, says WHO Covid chief as variants soon could outnumber the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet (Telegraph) + Proof back to 06/07' HUNDREDS of strains a year..

>>91016, >>91017, >>91018 (You), >>91020, >>91035, >>91071 Runaway Texas Dems are Now Suing Gov. Greg Abbott for ‘Anxiety, Discomfort & Distress,’ as Well as ‘Damaging Their Reputations’ ( + Anons discuss Arrests imminent

>>91023 (You), >>91024, >>91028 ThomasPayne (Twatt) ICYMI - Cori Bush defends calling to defund the police while having private security: 'You would rather me die?'

>>91078 (You), >>91105 (Twatter) MINDY ROBINSON: The blonde is a rock star I agree with her 100%. SCORCH EARTH's Local Meeting.. MUST SEE

>>91094, >>91021 White House Refuses to Endorse Vaccine Mandate for Migrants Released into U.S. (

Tom ID: 599c01 Aug. 9, 2021, 1:14 a.m. No.91365   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>91147 BREAKING: Antifa assault families and children at Christian prayer event in Portland park (

>>91148 JuanitaBroaddrick (Twatter) These arrogant double standard bastards make me so angry.

>>91150 Swedish Expert: People Could Require up to Five Covid Vaccine Shots (

>>91159 WendyRogers (Twatt) Very rarely do I share articles from the #FakeNews because I don’t want to give them the traffic or the credibility. They really aren’t credible. They have an agenda against America. Treason is not free speech. Flag of United States

>>91160 Minnesota correctional facilities give fully vaccinated prisoners ‘perks’ (

>>91161 GOP Rep. Andy Biggs Announces Articles of Impeachment Against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (

>>91163 These Democrats Deserve Your Contempt (

>>91164 (Twatt) Yest I got 100s angry responses for calling Democrats "shit human beings." I stand by it.

>>91165 (Twatt) Let everyone judge the seriousness of the coronavirus by how Barack Obama and his billionaire Hollywood friends are treating it.

>>91166 (Twatt) CDC finally conceded yesterday that “…LIMITED EVIDENCE IN REAL-WORLD SETTINGS TO DATE CORROBORATES the findings that vaccination can provide improved protection for previously infected

>>91167 (Twatt) In this week’s episode of “Democrat on Democrat Violence,” Democrats threaten to use sticks (figuratively) and imprisonment (literally) on non-vaccine-compliant federal workers, most of whom are Democrats.

>>91169 Rep. Bob Gibbs Asks Republicans To Consider Impeachment Against Biden Over Eviction Moratorium, Border Crisis (

>>91179 (Twatt) Stop saying that your government is "confused" or "making mistakes" or "screwing up" on COVID.

>>91185 German Chief Pathologist Sounds Alarm on Fatal Vaccine Injuries (

>>91189, >>91183, UN Special Rapporteur On Torture: "Authorities Are Viewing Their Own People As An Enemy" (

>>91192 SenRandPaul (Twatt) We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads. Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children?

>>91201, >>91202 ILSharko (Twatt) FOUND HIM! HipTurdo found w Hussein & BIG MIKE (Social distancing optional)

>>91206 ILSharko (Twatt) Twitter locked il Presidento out all night and this morning so the Obama's dancing video couldn't be shared anymore…LOVE THE SMELL OF TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKES IN THE MORNING!!! IT SMELLS LIKE… VICTORY!!! (Related to KANSAS >>91239)

>>91211 Hispanic Mayor Forced to Build Isolation Camp for COVID-Infected Illegals as Biden Floods His TX Town (

>>91222 Biden yet to nominate new FDA chief even as delta surges (

>>91244, >>91248 (GAB) There once was a time when America was considered a Christian nation, but you'll be astonished when you learn how major companies and ordinary citizens are suddenly hell-bent on celebrating all things demonic.

>>91246 “We Want our Freedom!” 237,000 Protest Vax Passports in 180 Cities in France! (TheGatewayPundit)

>>91249, >>91252 Fauci: Sturgis Will Likely Cause COVID Surge — Public Heath Should Supersede Freedoms

>>91257 (Twatt) Your relatives died alone. Your wedding was canceled. Your business was locked down. By the people at this party. It’s all a control sham. Never comply. Never give them an inch.

>>91259 JosephJFlynn (Twatt) HAPPENING NOW: Thousands of Christians marching through the streets of Seattle to bring HOPE to the city at @seanfeucht’s “Let us Worship” Tour.

>>91262 CatTurd (Twatt) If you want to throw a huge party this week - go ahead. if Obama can do it - you damn sure can, too.

>>91274 ClifHigh (Twatt) the prepared backstory for the FBI/BLM [FF] is being layed out now. Timing seems set for next weekend

>>91294 Candace Owens (Twatter) BREAKING: I now personally know that (at least) two of the attendees at Barack Obama’s birthday were not vaccinated.

>>91310 SuzyQ (GETTR) AWESOME VIDEO on WUHAN LAB OWNER/Vax makers etc.. REAL guud.. MUST WATCH

>>91314 (Twatt) PRO-Trump NAVY Seal ERIC GREITENS win would terminate Kamala Harris' control of CONGRESS.

>>91317 AndyNgo (Twatt) Antifa members John Colin Hacker, Sean Gabriel Lopez & others are on the bridge next to the Christian worship event at the waterfront in downtown Portland. The group is watching & providing live intel updates but have not intervened so far because they're outnumbered.

>>91320 CatTurd (Twatt) I guess having 180-proof vodka breath exempts you from your own rules.

>>91353, >>91280 CDC Publishes 'Green Zone' Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Masses Imprisonment (Rumble)