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Thread Dedicated to Posts Showcasing TRULY BIBLICAL HABBENINGS.. (Floods, Storms, Lighting, any act of GOD)


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BIBLICAL Habbenings SECTION (Started 7/7/2021)Volcanos/EarthQuakes/sinkholes/other end times shizz


>>84904 Florida manatees are dying at alarming rates: ‘We’ve never seen anything like this before’ (WashingtonCompost)

>>84952 Harley roughly estimates that a total of one billion animals died in the Salish Sea off the coast of Vancouver during the heat wave, but says his team is still gathering data and whatever the actual number is, it’s massive. (7-7-21)

>>85013, >>85021, >>85022 JUST IN - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes California-Nevada border region (USGS)

>>85014 California's Drought Bringing Rattlesnakes Out in Full Force

>>85015 Hunger is not far away! Grasshoppers invade western US in largest swarms in 35 years, plaguing farmers and ranchers By Strange Sounds - Jul 7, 2021312

>>85081 (Twatt) Powerful magnitude 6 earthquake and 30 aftershocks rock the California-Nevada border and people report feeling the shaking hundreds of miles away

>>85517 ( Moar bible habbenins (ChYna heavy rains and flooding)

>>85790, >>85791, >>85829, >>85836, >>85847, I just found out that the G Floyd mural in Toledo, OH took a direct lighting strike to the face! Now THAT is biblical! (fake news that it was old & crumbling)

>>85947 One dead, hundreds evacuated in German freak floods

>>86396, >>86398, >>86399, >>86416, Now Turkey is flooding.

>>86431, >>86434, >>86438 Moar biblical stuffs, as France fires up Germany floods

>>86435 RT ( Belgium also under flood

>>86436 Tunnels under NY must be compromised (Street caved in). . . Either by floods or white hats

>>87142 (Twatt) Mosquito tornado in Kamchatka (biblical)

>>87144 SeeBS"news" (Twatt) What the megadrought means to the American West

>>87184 (Twatt) Biblical Cloud/storm

>>87186 (Twatt) Two dams in northern China collapsed. The waters of the corresponding reservoirs are flooding nearby towns.

>>88318, >>88320, >>88322 Shanghai braces for In-Fa typhoon, CANCELS flights - while Zhejiang province already reportedly hit as In-Fa reaches China's east coast.

>>88421 (Twatt) Scary Storm Attacks Germany! Warning signSevere Winds, Hail and Floods hits Berlin via

>>88422 Record-Breaking Flooding In China Has Left Over One Million People Displaced (

>>88455, >>88457, >>88460, (Twatt) On July 20th, 2021, the heaviest rainfall ever seen in China fell in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

>>88489 ZeroHedge (Twatt) World's Food Supplies In Jeopardy Amid Climate Disasters

>>88515 (Twatt) Worldwide Flooding

>>88529, >>88530 Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits Indonesia (

>>88533 Moar flood stuffs Haiti (embed MP4)

>>88534 ( London Floods

>>88536 Sandstorm Covers Dunhuang in China! (Embed MP4)

>>88554 VIDEO: FLASH FLOOD INSANITY close-range by Dominator Drone during Monsoon Madness in AZ and UT (Youtube)

>>88579, >>88615 China Flood 2021 In Tamil I Three Gorges Dam collapse I IN-FA new Cyclon…


>>88600 (GAB) 100,000 French protesters chanting for Macron to resign in Paris yesterday, if it was up to mainstream media, you'd never know.


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>>89137 BREAKING911 (Twatt) DEVELOPING: Preliminary Magnitude 8.1 earthquake strikes off Alaska peninsula triggering Tsunami warning for South Alaska; Tsunami threat elsewhere being assessed - USGS

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>>89268 Unverified video apparently shows the moment an 8.2 Quake struck off the coast of Alaska - This Is The 6th largest to hit in North American history (

89317 >>89318 >>89320 >>89321 >>89322 >>89323 >>89324 >>89325 >>89326 >>89327 >>89329 >>89330 HOLY HOLY!! Floods, Fires, earthquakes, volcanos sumfin Yuge is coming

>>89347 (Twatt) China faces another flooding situation this time Subway station in Guangzhou has been flooded with rain water. Travelers evacuated.

>>89427, >>89430 (Twatt) Lightning, discharge of some sort.. hit something sparks flew? Plasma explosion?!??

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>>89628 ( METEOR WATCH: Lots of meteors falling all over the world lately

>>89654, (Twatt) NEW - Meteor illuminated the night sky over #Izmir, Turkey.

>>89708 Tourists, Residents Flee Raging Wildfires on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast (