Anonymous ID: 47e9dc How to Survive Riots, Looting and Civil Unrest After The Coming GOVT-Manufactured Economic Collapse Feb. 25, 2023, 7:49 a.m. No.365111   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>5158 >>5160

How to Survive Riots, Looting and Civil Unrest After The Coming GOVT-Manufactured Economic Collapse


We can see the signs of a coming economic collapse, but that does us no good whatsoever if we fail to act. No, we can’t prevent what is coming, but we can certainly prepare to minimize the pain when it all comes down.


When the government debt is no longer payable and the government checks can’t be covered or the money printing to make it all keep going causes hyperinflation, there will be a lot of civil unrest. Unhappy people who either aren’t getting their government checks or people who are unhappy that their government checks won’t go far enough as 5% becomes the monthly inflation rate instead of the annual inflation rate.


So if we have the benefit of foresight and we see it coming, just what can we do to survive when it all comes down? Let’s take a look at three specific things you can to do survive the riots and looting that will make the streets a very dangerous place to be when the economic collapse happens.


Be able to stay home.


The safest place during a riot is in your home. Especially if you have taken measures to ‘fortify’ your home and make is safer, and if you have some means of self-defense, you won’t want to be anywhere else when there is civil unrest.


However, when an economic collapse happens, there are always reasons to be tempted to brave the danger outside – and it is almost always making a run to the store for supplies.


If you have had the wisdom to prepare, you will have 6 to 8 weeks’ worth of non-perishable items in your pantry to give you the insurance policy of being safe in your home.


Keep a low profile.


If you haven’t been telling anyone and everyone about your predictions of economic collapse and how you are preparing by stockpiling food, then you are much better off. While you certainly do want to help others in need, you don’t want to have every neighbor on the block knocking down your door asking for a handout when things go south.


The less said, the better off you will be in your attempts to keep a low profile. Looters and burglars who decide that they will help themselves to the supplies of others will not have you on their radar if you have kept a low profile, since word gets around quickly these days with Facebook.


Be able to hunker down anywhere.


Just as with my first point, having the luxury of staying in the safety of your home when there is civil unrest, you want to have the luxury of not having to risk taking to the streets to get home if things go south when you are at work.


Since we never know when something like this will happen and how it will unfold, having an emergency preparedness kit in your car is critical. We spend a lot of time away from home, and having some supplies with us only makes sense if we want to have the best chance possible of making it through periods of civil unrest unscathed.

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:49 a.m. No.365112   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Basic Survival 101:


56 Long-Term Survival Foods and Supplies at the Grocery Store:


55 Preparedness Items:


When SHTF These 100 Items Will Disappear First (STOCK UP NOW!):


40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World:




TONS of Survival Guides Archived:!78sUlSaT!p4RtcI2OGHnbiHaC3tohag


TONS of SHTF Prepping & Survival Video Guides Archived:!Qd0VgAhK!c10EVC5mheSoUuSDTedl_A

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:50 a.m. No.365114   🗄️.is 🔗kun

SHTF Prepping Thread




hardware / basic tools / power tools / related accessories

(drill bits, nails, screws, bolts, lag bolts, nuts, washers/lock washers, etc)

older mechanical utilities / mechanical equipment / hydraulic machinery

older mechanical vehicles / trucks / RVs / farm equip

gas / diesel / fuel / stabilizer / petro-based maintenance oils

(anti-rust, greasers, chain oil, motor oil, etc)

firearms / ammunition / gun cleaner & lube / related accessories

wood burning stove / wood burning generator

lumber / wood / wood racks / lumber shack

alcohol / coffee / tobacco / etc

medical aid supplies / OTC medication / basic drugs

rural property & homestead / fertile land / organic heirloom seeds / garden supplies

livestock for food & breeding / local contacts who own livestock and-or who process meat locally

extra long-term food storage (canned, frozen, freeze-dried, air-sealed, grain, etc)

^ clear totes to secure stored foods (like sugar, flour, nuts, oatmeal etc. from mice/rats/pests)

clean water source / water purification / water filtration systems / atmospheric water generator

^ DIY rain water collection system hooked up to a filtered gutter (gutter guard)

gas and-or solar generators / solar panels / 12V deep cycle batteries / power inverters etc.

extension cords / spools of various gauge electric wire, extra fuse, ballasts, solder, etc.

boxes of matches / bic lighters / fire starter / lighter fluid

rope / twine / duct tape / superglue / cement glue / liquid nail / loctite threadlocker adhesives

extra clothing / boots / shoes / gloves / work safety gear

soap / shampoo / other sanitation supplies / toiletry

like-minded people: friends and-or family

(ONLY those you know deeply for years and can trust!)

state maps / county maps / atlas

bulk scrap metals / silver / gold

butchery books / gardening books / cook books

hardcopy survivalist guides / DIY homesteading books

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:50 a.m. No.365115   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Prepping For A Power Outage: What To Stock Up On


While authorities typically give out notices in advance of a blackout, SHTF scenarios will feature abrupt power outages that last for a long time. Days without electricity could put you and your family’s safety on the line if you’re not prepared for a sudden power outage.


MY COMMENT:THIS!Never expect any notice before/during a real SHTF crisis! You do need to be prepared NOW for it, before it happens. In fact, the major indication of SHTF/another major world war would be the power grid and/or internet going out without notice. You have about 8 hours before full-blown panic kicks in! Then suddenly, once all the mindless consumers "get it" they'll all be flocking to the stores to grab up as much supplies as they can manage, likely fighting over the supplies! You NEVER ever want to be one of those poor fools!


WHAT THIS LIST DID NOT MENTION:A LOT!You most definitely want a wood burning stove or fireplace during winter with plenty of wood stocked up! Of-course this is likely not allowed in most communist-run cities or metro areas, but most of America outside the cities have those utilities. It's most common out in the rural areas, out where I live everyone has wood stocked up for winter! There are some who don't even have power or internet today, they are THAT old fashion and I admire them for it. You'll also need guns/ammo to protect your family and property. Arm the kids during a crisis, they will be of help, just make sure they know how to shoot and safely handle the gun! You'll want a solar generator that can trickle charge 12V batteries and power inverters to hook the 12Vs up to, maybe a couple 2000 watt inverters. That's enough to cover the very basics like the box freezers and fridge! Have 4 or 5 12V batteries routinely charged ready to go, when you use a couple make sure you are charging the others! Rain water is a great source of water IF done right! You need plenty of water purification tablets, cheese cloth and water filters. Before drinking, you need to strain the water out with cheese cloth into a bucket, then you need to add the purification tablets in to kill the bacteria, then you need a really good water filter to clean all the chemicals out of it, then boil the water after it's filtered properly and PRESTO! Clean water from the sky! While you are guarding your family, you could become bored in the rural areas as nothing much will likely happen if you are very rural, so buy some crossword puzzle books and some cards to play Blackjack with the family. Also, if you drink a lot like I do, you better have at least 50 liters of Vodka stashed somewhere, just make sure the kids don't get to them, last thing you need is drunk kids playing cowboys and indians in the house!


AS WARNED: Do Prepare For ISP Bans And Blackouts To Cover Up Genocide/Civil War During USSA Demise

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:50 a.m. No.365116   🗄️.is 🔗kun



I've been thinking writing about this issue recently. This is something I got prepared for a while back ago, a decade maybe longer. I really got this down well and would like to share what I know. I assume most hardcore preppers already do the same, so this is NOT for you guys because you are already aware of what I will have to say.


Communist revolutions are dangerous and violent, they are empowered by systemic corruption, insolvency, greed and moral decay. The middle class and lower class are always the ones culled in a communist revolution, never the uber rich as they are well protected and have offshore safe havens and get-aways. It tends to be the rich who fund communist revolutions anyway as a means to cull the population. It is always the struggling lower and middle classes that get robbed and killed in communist revolutions. ALWAYS.


Now that this FACT is settled lets talk about one of their many hostile tactics to rob, rape and/or kill you. Communists have many radical tactics. They can blow up a levee or dam to flood out communities they cannot loot or control. They'll also use arson to subjugate their victims too. Sometimes they'll disrupt transportation, much like Antifa derails Amtrack trains and cargo shipments across the midwest! Very common tactics. Another thing communists will do is use a hijacked corrupted government to target families, often at night or early in the morning when people are sound asleep. Or sometimes they'll use mobs to do that too. Depends on the situations at hand. Gun grabs and gulag kidnappings go hand-in-hand during communist revolutions. They know very well the most vulnerable point in time for their victims is when they are sleeping! This is one area in which I have prepped pretty well for!


I have some mitigation tactics for those who plan this for me, and I'll be happy to share these tips with all of you:


(1) First off get used to sleeping in clothing, next to some boots by the side of your bed, cargo pants and a flannel shirt are great and comfy enough to sleep in. (2) You'll want to have a loaded handgun next to your bed, maybe on the nightstand, or you can sleep with it locked on safety mode. Either way have a loaded gun ready to use if you were to wake up during a B&E job or gulag kidnap gun grab. (3) You want something that is battery operated by the side of your bed or mounted to the wall next to you which will allow you to see in the dark. It could be night vision goggles, it could be a handheld portable LED light, it could be a small lamp hooked up to a 12V-powered 200 watt inverter. Maybe a heavy duty flashlight. Whatever it is, make sure you can see good in the dark, and make sure you can use it off-grid!! Have it handy and practice with it in the dark till you can utilize it within 5 seconds when need be. (4) Hardcore entry point fortification and some kind of alarm system that will alert you during a breach at night. When I talk about "entry point fortification" what I mean is having katy bars, floor locks, multiple dead bolts (with long strike plates + 3" stainless steel screws) to reinforce your exterior doors. If you have any patio glass door you need to knock it out and replace it by building an extended wall over it. Windows should also be covered or barred up from the inside, you can easily use wood bits to drill holes through the 2x4s around the frames of the windows and use stainless steel bolts with washers and nuts to mount thick plywood and/or warehouse shelving beams against the windows. Just make sure you get the measurements down correctly and have them leveled.


Basic review:


1) Well clothed, ready to hop out of bed and get into defensive mode.

2) Have a firearm handy next to where you sleep, with extra ammo nearby too.

3) Some kind of battery operated lighting or night vision goggles.

4) Some kind of alarm system for the hardened entry points encase they are breached.

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:51 a.m. No.365117   🗄️.is 🔗kun

With these ten steps you can become more independent while not supporting such a corrupted system. I took some ideas from another anon and expanded on some, but will link to the original plan as well.


1) Cancel cable/sat TV service. TV service is full of subversive propaganda and lies.


2) Do not donate money to politicians & consider boycotting companies that give them money or pay them for speeches.


3) Boycott Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Google and other tech giants. Use a VPN service online to keep your info private from them and your ISP.


4) Bank with small local banks & invest with small brokerages & insist your employer/pension fund do the same. Buy from small local merchant stores, farmers markets, flea markets, thrift shops and use cash when possible. UPDATE: Boycott companies & areas that mandate vaccine passports.


5) Support a pardon for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers. Help spread the truth.


6) Join pro-freedom social networks like Minds, Gab, Bitchute, MeWe, Matrix, LBRY, Brighteon, etc. where freedom of speech and truth are respected. Follow Rense, Jim Stone, Zero Hedge, Natural News, National File, Citizen Free Press (or whatever else) for news updates.


7) Use web browsers like Brave, Tor, Dissenter, Librewolf, Basilisk when you surf the web. Do not use Google or big tech browsers which spy on and censor their users. Use Duckduckgo, Startpage or Qwant for your search engine.


8) Use Linux operating systems like Linux Mint, Debian or others rather than Windows, Mac or Chrome OS (almost any PC can be switched to Linux). Check out for all kinds of free Linux operating systems. If you use an older Windows, at least disable auto-update and remove a lot of the bloatware, don't always keep it online. Use a 2nd separate computer or laptop dedicated for sensitive person use like finances, banking, personal emails, dating sites etc. Keep that separate from your other computer used for reading news, shitposting and other online activity you desire kept private.


9) Do NOT support the phony 'War on Drugs' which causes more crime, death, murder, gang violence and incarcerations, enriching criminals while millions of people still use illegal drugs anyway. Best to avoid drugs and limit drinking.


10) Become a prepper, no matter how big or small, do something productive that will keep you safe and out of harms way when a crisis comes. Have some extra food, some clean water and other essentials stocked up to last at least three weeks. If you cannot legally buy a gun, at least forge another weapon or buy bear spray and have that handy for self-defense. Never trust your government, even in an emergency, governments are out to control you and treat you as a resource, they are not out to help you.


Here is the original plan:

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:51 a.m. No.365118   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Support your local farmers markets, make contacts and exchange info (business cards would do), buy from your local farmers around the area, consider buying quarter or half cow from a trusted source (half cow lasts one couple 2 years, longer if rationed). Cost of half cow is around 1.5K + small meat processing fee from the local processing plant. You'll need a box freezer to store most of it and your regular freezer to store the rest. Or you could go with two box freezers and have more freezer space to spare, either way.


If you are buying a quarter or half cow it's not at store cost (which would be a rip-off as stores charge extra per pound!) You won't be paying a price gouge fee, so it will save you a lot of money and that much beef will last you for some time! Just make sure to have a backup source of energy if the power grid goes down so you can keep all that meat from spoiling (12V deep cycle batteries, 2000W inverters & solar trickle chargers, or an off-grid solar panel system, or whole house propane or diesel generator.)


TIP OF THE DAY: If the power & internet ever goes out, or mass alternative websites including chat forums, alt news, image boards go down for extended period of time, prepare yourselves for war and prepare to defend yourselves!!! That is a major indication that could save your life.

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:51 a.m. No.365119   🗄️.is 🔗kun

AS WARNED: Do Prepare For ISP Bans And Blackouts To Cover Up Genocide/Civil War During USSA Demise


6 Totally Insane Things That WILL Happen If Our Power Grid Goes Down


  1. All commerce will cease.

  2. Communications will shut down.

  3. Without electricity, all forms of fuel that our society relies on will stop flowing.

  4. And of course, many of those farms will lack water, as will your plumbing.

  5. When the grocery stores are stripped bare, the pharmacies won’t be far behind.

  6. And finally, one of the most shocking things that people will have to deal with, is the lack of GPS.


In summary, law and order will break down at every level, and death will be around every corner.

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:53 a.m. No.365121   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Create Living Soil, Good Compost, & Intensive Garden Growth






MY COMMENT: This is a must see prepping video! Learn how to massively increase your crop yields FAST without having to worry about weeds! Jerry, if you still lurk here, this video is especially for you bro!!!

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 7:54 a.m. No.365122   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Here's What Happens When PEOPLE Get DESPERATE




RELATED: >>>/pnd/361616

Anonymous ID: 47e9dc Feb. 25, 2023, 8:16 a.m. No.365142   🗄️.is 🔗kun

If they implement a digital health/ social credit score ID to go online I will quickly be canceling service, permanently!


My recommendation - as I've already done years ago - is to get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want and need online backed up to MULTIPLE offline storage mediums, and to faraday cage some of them to protect that media and info from an EMP event (which is likely in their plans to carry out if they don't get their way!)


By the way, here is a list of info you should have backed up offline, and some of this info you should have PRINTED COPIES of:


DIY tips for hunting/trapping/power gardening/storage canning/fishing/natural health cures & treatments/mechanical repair/electrical repair/survival guides/gunsmithing/dead body disposal/construction projects/biblical history/topographic maps

Army war and survival manuals

SHTF prepping tips & articles

Natural health tips and articles

Psychic warfare and warding off demons



Anonymous ID: d15066 Feb. 25, 2023, 12:29 p.m. No.365160   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Me and my family can stay inside our homes and survive without needing to go to a grocery store for around 2 years. The only reason being so was the fact I had an early start prepping before prepping became more common and popular, the days where you could buy a year supply of long-term dehydrated food storage for UNDER $900. Today it costs over $4,000 for a year supply. And the government still denies inflation exists, HA!

Anonymous ID: d15066 Feb. 25, 2023, 12:31 p.m. No.365161   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>5175


That's pretty much what the government tells the average taxpayer. They tell us to shut up and accept their lies. Except no, I don't, I'm smart enough not to believe blatant liars.

Anonymous ID: 08e857 Feb. 28, 2023, 7:10 a.m. No.365533   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Create Living Soil, Good Compost, & Intensive Garden Growth





Anonymous ID: c25f6f Feb. 28, 2023, 1:05 p.m. No.365654   🗄️.is 🔗kun

You all have been warned what is inevitable and you all choose to ignore reality. You have openly accepted evil and will perish in damnation. You will see your nation destroyed before your very eyes, no one is coming to save you.

Anonymous ID: e68e61 March 1, 2023, 2:55 p.m. No.365906   🗄️.is 🔗kun


„žBѧ‡¹lm¼†N²«kQX°‰²¢­Šj¤‘‘¢| Q×MSÉ]SÁNVÔTˆ—ÍÏm."`"$@ãFŒEø¸Ùüˆ¹¹Ÿ¹¿•0¯¢Dœ¦d«‰Ö´~ۍ°Ä–;a(³@“X¥Im1¤¿r"ܶÔ:Ç’Û¢Év‹ ³Ú"«déQ%î~9îaÙ"n¤JMº¯~$6ìí½{>T¦ Ÿ@€˜x–Œì>•r!þ%¹yÙ)‰<IálÑ|Y¹$qIQ >~' @q¤Ÿ*s͇ù•?ýQ”áß1Ì¿¢ðo2


=­XmíÚÀ°é¦)D„áE¸y^! u^DDŠWž‘à‚Ø#)À+!ÊÅ'ƒ D.c! = 5¿´¸‰ —•‚úàËcõ¥Ÿÿúýðš#Í>}øôs®ÞñqíáEa.ŒèÓ'cû›T9¢‘²!ð!èÎïè?w²©ÜH‚$+JÙrf4™"xyôÇëèW͸±iNÆÒâŒ>¿‹>½½×מÁ Ï~ý¼óýôìÞ½+»k«±y°MnwÞc_ãݧÏïþݸ›³y7¶ÖOAJEEy¨ !ed% »T”S€§å”UACêàðD}@1XlP&¦fÖÖ¶¶¶öœ™Ö¶–Ž¶6 œl­¬LÙ&Xz8,í¦±“•y€›K ‡s„¿WrLX~jrY^vCeYëþºæ†Z@bYQaANvVZjB|lDx(Ü>®öŽÖ ?àÌVÖ–&¶æ掖fÎ6f–fLè^ 5}#'Ÿä²FŠå=“EÝÓ9'sÍËz—J»çj,µOžê[ºÜ·|qd³ŸØPÅÚMàdÿêåÁgç7.ßýî¯W~zôôÊ—?N®Üdºé"Ö—8¾±dµel£ïÄyx#uùR×ÜÙÆñõ½‹{ûŒKPŽu΁s]½²Ë.#6‘fõÆÑõ[c'ïo}!qí&вwî4¶´ðî×/w>¼üðééΧ÷¾oY¨œo-zúÐÜ…Áåë@ïé[ã+WÆW°/­y“¯][½2±uH:öÀøÉÞ¹óS§¾˜Þºl»:½yuù̍…seÕ

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¸šØüp†•j@"³©4:Ë„ehij? gG'W'7'{gkW‡ÿ©·€Šâ}ßÿ

Anonymous ID: e68e61 March 1, 2023, 2:59 p.m. No.365922   🗄️.is 🔗kun


MM+[Û±Ô9²[Úñ#¹l*¿v66s<³ü]PGrö@nñp~Éà³WK~Q¹8¤Œ÷Ñ1ˆý&#x27;8%”}‚ã{xJ~8;傏ŒOl‡úP†Ìyן%ˆ‚Ìé¿Ù™Ÿ#ƒ[Z Ò-×Pâõ_™O÷׿Ae ÁŸ7gPåÓëÄù0ˆÿþ€PñòööÏõ]Ù¬=ÒP­¿vŽÖööpG{=h¾ª¾¡¢¶®º¡±’Ž®š‘ŠŽ‡ÒŠŠ2²‚¢"Ü\<Ü,lÌÀtçìX ðñ ðpqø]œ”å


ôÌMÍ$%%999鈁D<ÄÁ}T"èèèXXX¸¸¸„„„”””P·5Íc6v^pø'œìòr2‘aáq1±^^>à㹺yøûû‡…ÆÆDDEEø…„Ø:™yy¥{d $–Ú'—$ZD„f»d6¸ç4»f4¸¤6øåwEV?‹ªª¢1ª¸3<£.9¿u|êÇ·¥õŸ[Û§g?7Ö~üøöóçê·oß>Î~úüeþÓÜüÜ÷+«?W×Ö777ONNOONÏNŽ/OŽ/öN/ίwŽ.öŽ.6v6÷Žn¬lý±ºq°¾}¼±s²µåØ?üut¾±{°¶ûk÷ìäâüô÷éÑùùéÒÚƳ陚žñ¤òŽÔꁜ¦ç€ÙM#9õ¹

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#! %¿¤‹§jNQPDœ®‰'÷cfq^n-yY{G;c}

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îîî³³³ïÞ½ÉÌL“•S–W¶ÅÐÔÂÔÒà!À µµµ›‹«Ÿ¯Ÿ_€–¶.Ÿ0#;ûõæ—¿ÛóˆƒÅÿv¿!öþÛþŠØùŽØúŠ8Zþo}±ó


ÄÁ*”,ú×WÄö,bûâëÔZkEwˆk®¹†Ÿ—>‘ ú=FŒ_ò1§“’(7-

Anonymous ID: 1dfa83 March 7, 2023, 4:48 a.m. No.366679   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Basic Survival 101:


56 Long-Term Survival Foods and Supplies at the Grocery Store:


55 Preparedness Items:


When SHTF These 100 Items Will Disappear First (STOCK UP NOW!):


40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World:




TONS of Survival Guides Archived:!78sUlSaT!p4RtcI2OGHnbiHaC3tohag


TONS of SHTF Prepping & Survival Video Guides Archived:!Qd0VgAhK!c10EVC5mheSoUuSDTedl_A