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Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 1:49 p.m. No.140524   🗄️.is 🔗kun

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Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 1:50 p.m. No.140525   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Reposting last few breads...




It's cold outside

But I'm not worried for tonight

I shut my eyes and I'm alright

And If I fall, you'll catch me

They are waiting now

For me to stand and make them proud

I know I'll make it through somehow

When I have you to guide me

I am alone, surrounded


And now I see

I am alone, surrounded

I am the silence in the roar

Just a flicker in the dark

Is this the calm before the storm?

If I fall, you'll catch me

Push me back up on my feet

Be the strength inside of me

A burning fire that you feed


And I didn't know

It wasn't clear to me before

The gravity of what you are, you are

You see the good inside of me

Even when I cannot believe

I see it all through you, your eyes


No uncertainty

This is exactly what I need

I may be losing sleep

But at least now I see


I am alone, surrounded

I am the silence in the roar

Just a flicker in the dark

Is this the calm before the storm?

If I fall, you'll catch me

Push me back up on my feet

Be the strength inside of me

A burning fire that you feed


No question, no doubt

You've got me figured out

I'm standing tall because I've got you right here by my side

Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 1:58 p.m. No.140526   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16490578 Q Research General #20863: Blessings to One. Blessings to All Edition

Created 222221ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16490621, >>>/qresearch/16490635 tomorrow's Jan 6 hearing rescheduled to 3pm

>>>/qresearch/16490634, >>>/qresearch/16491127 @DOE_CESER misspelled LIGHTNING not once, but TWICE in the same post..?

>>>/qresearch/16490639, >>>/qresearch/16490658, >>>/qresearch/16490765, >>>/qresearch/16490810 Orange and Red Line train comms?

>>>/qresearch/16490641 CALLING ALL ANONS! Wolf Blitzer just had Adam Kinzinger on

>>>/qresearch/16490648 #20862 (posted in #20963)

>>>/qresearch/16490649 Pelosi Declines To Endorse Biden's Proposed Gas Tax Holiday

>>>/qresearch/16490666 @US_FDA is investigating a report that another child died after consuming Abbott's (@AbbottNews) baby formula

>>>/qresearch/16490670, >>>/qresearch/16490677 RE: Video of Oath Keepers Rescuing 16 Police Officers Deflates Jan. 6 Sedition Narrative

>>>/qresearch/16490675, >>>/qresearch/16490735, >>>/qresearch/16490806, >>>/qresearch/16490866 Do these literal Gay Nazis want infants addicted to processed sugars?

>>>/qresearch/16490685, >>>/qresearch/16490693 True the Vote teaming up with our Sheriff's Nationwide!!! The fix is local! PATRIOTS ACTIVATE!!!

VIDEO - ProtectAmerica.Vote [Channel: ProtectAmerica Vote]

>>>/qresearch/16490727, >>>/qresearch/16491154 Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) claims he was joking about striking a deal on amnesty after negotiating a deal on gun control

>>>/qresearch/16490793 Airlines TRIPLE number of daily cancellations: 900 flights across the US axed today

>>>/qresearch/16490809 Dr Oz is going dark for a good reason. The habbenings are beginning. Jim W. didn't do an AMA just for shits and giggles. Anons are needed now more than ever. Anons are convincing the world that they can save themselves

>>>/qresearch/16490814 Oppose any introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies. US Economy in full collapse. Did you empty your bank?

>>>/qresearch/16490827, >>>/qresearch/16491043, >>>/qresearch/16491173 Uvalde Police Chief Placed on Administrative Leave, School to be destroyed, where are the parents?

>>>/qresearch/16490840 Kash Patel announces that he is officially a representative for Donald Trump at the National Archives

>>>/qresearch/16490861 Full Blown Censorship at Twitter and Truth Social… Fix it! And no excuses for it! Al is not a legitimate excuse, ever!

>>>/qresearch/16490962, >>>/qresearch/16490969, >>>/qresearch/16490980, >>>/qresearch/16490996, >>>/qresearch/16491216 Dasting @SpaceForceDoD Tweets

>>>/qresearch/16491038, >>>/qresearch/16491051 Still trusting 'The Science'?

>>>/qresearch/16491046 Reminder: Jim W keeps this site up at a loss in profit because anons are changing the world

>>>/qresearch/16491087 Nearly 100,000 mail-in ballots in Canadian election not counted due to arriving late

>>>/qresearch/16491092 A @DARPA program aims to protect against blast- or impact-induced behavioral and cognitive injuries...

>>>/qresearch/16491097 Court upholds Arkansas law allowing state to reject business that boycotts Israel

>>>/qresearch/16491252 TRUMP live on Newsmax (phone call) NEEDS SAUCE

>>>/qresearch/16491261 Check out USS Benfold (DDG 65) as they launch a standard missile this #WarshipWednesday

>>>/qresearch/16491278, >>>/qresearch/16491319 Vega Lyra Dart Draco, Something happening up there?

>>>/qresearch/16491347 #20963

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Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 1:58 p.m. No.140527   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16491341 Q Research General #20864: IMMEDIATE RECALL of ALL TRAITORS! Beginning with RINOS. Removal from offi

Created 230036ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16491388, >>>/qresearch/16491525, >>>/qresearch/16491668, >>>/qresearch/16491742, >>>/qresearch/16491762, >>>/qresearch/16491962, >>>/qresearch/16492074 forces twats

>>>/qresearch/16491390, >>>/qresearch/16491415, >>>/qresearch/16491963 biden on gas tax holiday - biden twats news and admin bonehead moves bun

>>>/qresearch/16491455, >>>/qresearch/16491460 Russia looks to set up special gold and gem reserves to mobilize during times of war - (money market moves and news)

>>>/qresearch/16491476, >>>/qresearch/16491852 Plainclothes Police Embedded at the Capitol on January 6th - J6 topic Robert Gouviea utube vid and moar

VIDEO - Plainclothes Police Embedded at the Capitol on January 6th [Channel: Robert Gouveia Esq.]

>>>/qresearch/16491509, >>>/qresearch/16491557, >>>/qresearch/16491602, >>>/qresearch/16491646, >>>/qresearch/16491706, >>>/qresearch/16491717, >>>/qresearch/16491723, >>>/qresearch/16491753, >>>/qresearch/16491775, >>>/qresearch/16491795, >>>/qresearch/16491815 anons opines on the last 5 years, plus notable statements

>>>/qresearch/16491565 Cern to begin collisions on 5th july at largest energy levels ever - Twat

>>>/qresearch/16491582 Do these literal Gay Nazis want infants addicted to processed sugars?- pb bun

>>>/qresearch/16491605 Collaborative agreement propels Army analysis of artificial intelligence -

>>>/qresearch/16491710 6 people killed in West Virginia helicopter crash - nyp twat

>>>/qresearch/16491734 Take all public money from public schools now! - libs of tictok (school choice trump idea)

>>>/qresearch/16491773 Shit Cheney jr wants military to be bots now - greg price twat, anon summary

>>>/qresearch/16491796 She's a 10 but always threatening to destroy everything I've ever loved - washington state dept of natural resources twat

>>>/qresearch/16491802 Sign the petition against gun control - and twat

>>>/qresearch/16491820 d.o.j attack on rep citizens - tom fitton twat

>>>/qresearch/16491873 New Dr Frank Interview - rumble vid review of rigged voter rolls

VIDEO - SCOTUS Religious Freedom & More; Dr. Douglas Frank Joins me to Talk Elections; Conflating TDS with Election Truth: Noonan & Coulter; Should Trump Run in ’24? 6.21.22 [1:09:07] [Channel: AmericaCanWeTalk]

>>>/qresearch/16491899 ron desantis snubs trump -

>>>/qresearch/16491912, >>>/qresearch/16491943, >>>/qresearch/16491994 Uvalde parent, father of #AmerieJoGarza expresses his frustration with Texas DPS - youtube (use discernment) uvalde topic

VIDEO - #Uvalde parent, father of #AmerieJoGarza expresses his frustration with Texas DPS [Channel: CGTN America]

>>>/qresearch/16491921 End Vaccine Mandates for Summer Travel -

>>>/qresearch/16491926 Chinese Military Analyst Floats Idea to Hack Musk's Starlink - bloomberg (misdirection, they are owned by clowns)

>>>/qresearch/16491946 ICE conducts national operation to apprehend noncitizens who unlawfully re-entered US -

>>>/qresearch/16491953 Biden has created a new internet policy task force with goals including “developing programs and policies” to protect “political figures” and journalists from “disinformation,” “abuse” and “harassment. - twat jenybethm

>>>/qresearch/16491971 Devin calls out Ray Epps and the feds’ involvement in January 6th: - telegram

>>>/qresearch/16491983 Diesel engine oil OUTAGE ALERT - entire supply WIPED OUT until 2023 - brigheon vid link

>>>/qresearch/16491984 NSW man charged over 10 terabytes worth of suspected child abuse material -

>>>/qresearch/16492008 Protesters Storm Government Headquarters in Ambato, Ecuador -

>>>/qresearch/16492019 Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board (MCRC) UNANIMOUSLY passes resolution to reject 2020 Presidential Election.- code monkey telegram

>>>/qresearch/16492036 Attorney General Intervenes After Bill Gates Buys a Noticeable Amount of Farmland in North Dakota -

>>>/qresearch/16492045 texas-woman-pleads-guilty-26-counts-voter-fraud-vote-harvesting-operation - zerohedge

>>>/qresearch/16492053 Swamp tomorrow morning - house and senate hearings bun

>>>/qresearch/16492087 #20864

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Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 1:59 p.m. No.140528   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16492132 Q Research General #20865: White Squall movie lessons are live with anons taking the high ground

Created 230225ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16492155 fish survival and protected species - Smithsonian mag twat

>>>/qresearch/16492159 PEDO BUN 22 June 22

>>>/qresearch/16492172 Leaked Docs Reportedly Show Ecuador's Effort to Take Edward Snowden in From Russian Airport Impasse - sputnik (use discernment)

>>>/qresearch/16492180, >>>/qresearch/16492200 Man Who Allegedly Planned Brett Kavanaugh Assassination Pleads Not Guilty - breitbart and moar on sc justice topic

>>>/qresearch/16492183, >>>/qresearch/16492207, >>>/qresearch/16492376 forces twats

>>>/qresearch/16492188 The Dems, WH and Obamas are turning on Joe - watter world youtube opening

VIDEO - Watters: The person who’s really running the country right now [Channel: Fox News]

>>>/qresearch/16492222 Afghan aid auditor accuses State, USAID of withholding info - twat apu news (anon does not buy the earthquake 4am talking point 6.1 scale is not that high) fuckery afoot.

>>>/qresearch/16492235, >>>/qresearch/16492243, >>>/qresearch/16492298 gun law and 2nd amendment anon bun and opines.

>>>/qresearch/16492260, >>>/qresearch/16492301 Kuwait announces the withdrawal of licenses and legal action against dozens of media outlets amid political tensions that saw the country’s parliament dissolved. - twat and taiwan navy grounds fleet (same twat source)

>>>/qresearch/16492262 he does not back trump - swalwell hurt feelz twat

>>>/qresearch/16492293 school choice anon opine and extract lb notable

>>>/qresearch/16492316 FBI agents have served a search warrant on Nevada’s top GOP official as part of the investigation into the fake elector scheme, sources tell the @8NewsNow I-Team’s @gknapp - twat

>>>/qresearch/16492323, >>>/qresearch/16492385 mary trump twat

>>>/qresearch/16492375, >>>/qresearch/16492442, >>>/qresearch/16492457, >>>/qresearch/16492465, >>>/qresearch/16492488, >>>/qresearch/16492648 A bloodhound named Trumpet has won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

>>>/qresearch/16492390 Hospital ship #USNSMercy arrives in Vung Ro Bay in the Phu Yen province - twat

>>>/qresearch/16492403 Biden Ambassador Pick Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Tirade – Elizabeth Frawley Bagley decried ‘the influence of the Jewish lobby,' its ‘major money,' and 'the Jewish factor' in politics - twat

>>>/qresearch/16492428, >>>/qresearch/16492459, >>>/qresearch/16492478, >>>/qresearch/16492549, >>>/qresearch/16492582, >>>/qresearch/16492670 China Just Achieved A "Brain Scale" AI Computer

VIDEO - Frontier: The World's First Exascale Supercomputer Has Arrived [Channel: Oak Ridge National Laboratory]

>>>/qresearch/16492430, >>>/qresearch/16492454 Saudi Puppet Masters Pt 8

>>>/qresearch/16492437, >>>/qresearch/16492497 Supreme Court adds extra decision day on Friday

>>>/qresearch/16492528 Sri Lanka’s Economy Has 'Completely Collapsed': PM

>>>/qresearch/16492536 (You) Seems like Mongolia has a wall?

>>>/qresearch/16492560 Tom Fitton: Pelosi-January 6 Corruption, What is Biden Hiding? SHOCKING CRT West Point Documents

>>>/qresearch/16492658 Dan Scavino: Online Free Collage Constitution Courses

>>>/qresearch/16492660 Donald J. Trump: @TheZogbyPoll

>>>/qresearch/16492668 Trump is 12-0 in Senate primary endorsements

>>>/qresearch/16492685, >>>/qresearch/16492686, >>>/qresearch/16492732, >>>/qresearch/16492775, >>>/qresearch/16492794, >>>/qresearch/16492838, >>>/qresearch/16492839, >>>/qresearch/16492847 Erik Prince / Blackwater graduated from Hilldale Collage - pb bun and anon dig / Erik Prince / Blackwater graduated from Hilldale Collage

VIDEO - The Doobie Brothers - Black Water HQ [Channel: RockingNiles]

>>>/qresearch/16492694 Pornhub-owner MindGeek CEO, COO resign

>>>/qresearch/16492743 How liberal policies have killed black communities: Clarence Thomas

>>>/qresearch/16492805 Schumann

>>>/qresearch/16492866, >>>/qresearch/16492900 #20865

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Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 1:59 p.m. No.140529   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16492872 Q Research General #20866: Dan Scavino: EDUCATE YOURSELF Free Online Constitution Courses Edition

Created 230547ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16492906 dough

>>>/qresearch/16492924, >>>/qresearch/16492967 The Russians have a vodka named "Zelenskyy's Tears" on their store shelves

>>>/qresearch/16492930 OK to stuff a gun in a clerks face and demand money, - twat, news report and mp4 vid

>>>/qresearch/16492945 Q drop and the murder of 3 scientist's - anon dig

>>>/qresearch/16492948 the first Native American to serve as a Cabinet secretary, deb haaland - ccn twat

>>>/qresearch/16492987 Officials in Uvalde, Texas, are trying to secure federal funds to demolish the elementary school building where 19 children and two teachers were killed last month. - twat and uvalde topic

>>>/qresearch/16492992, >>>/qresearch/16493218 nikki haley considering for white house run - fox news mp4 vid

>>>/qresearch/16493004 We Be on a Ship - pirate anon single post

>>>/qresearch/16493015 Hunter Pornstar Biden, George Soros and the CIA (via In-Q-Tel) developed the bioweapon -

>>>/qresearch/16493050, >>>/qresearch/16493361 imam of peace twat on crown prince mohammad bin salman, image speaks volumes

>>>/qresearch/16493058, >>>/qresearch/16493106 Almost everything that’s wrong with the world contained in a single image. - twat of child getting a covid vax and meme

>>>/qresearch/16493082 devin nunes retruthed - need source

>>>/qresearch/16493107 TRUMPet Westminster Dog Show winner - anon image cap

>>>/qresearch/16493133 This Barrett Brown interview is interesting. Elon fanboys especially should watch - youtube p1 p2 p3 links - youtube

VIDEO - Ex-Anonymous Insider Sentenced to 105 Years in Prison | Barrett Brown [Channel: KONCRETE]

>>>/qresearch/16493205 Klobuchar: Senate Gun Bill ‘Paves the Way’ for Other Gun Control Measures - breitbart

>>>/qresearch/16493208 Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Is STILL Insisting He Was Attacked By White Trump Supporters: ‘I am Not that MtherF**er!’ - gwp

>>>/qresearch/16493210, >>>/qresearch/16493380, >>>/qresearch/16493397 Covid Vaccines More Likely to Put You in Hospital Than Keep You Out, BMJ Editor’s Analysis - twat covid topic

>>>/qresearch/16493335 Google engineer warns new AI robot has feelings - tucker segment youtube

VIDEO - Google engineer warns new AI robot has feelings [Channel: Fox News]

>>>/qresearch/16493356 EU extends the "Digital COVID Certificate" for another 12 months. - twat

>>>/qresearch/16493378 Six people are killed after vintage 1962 helicopter that appeared in Die Hard - daily mail

>>>/qresearch/16493391 Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of election results.Bill Binney on Election Fraud, DEWs & Implants - youtube

VIDEO - Bill Binney on Election Fraud, DEWs & Implants [Channel: Dr. Katherine Horton - Stop 007]

>>>/qresearch/16493404 Prosecutors asked judge to sentence Ghislaine Maxwell to 30-55 years in prison for helping Jeffrey Epstein abuse girls - telegram insiderpaper

>>>/qresearch/16493408 good source for live coverage of SCOTUS -

>>>/qresearch/16493463, >>>/qresearch/16493474, >>>/qresearch/16493540, >>>/qresearch/16493552, >>>/qresearch/16493555, >>>/qresearch/16493633 Erik Prince / Blackwater graduated from Hilldale Collage - pb bun and anon dig

VIDEO - Breitbart Interviews Erik Prince November 4, 2016 [Channel: DocumentaryChannel]

>>>/qresearch/16493470 Attorney General Intervenes After Bill Gates Buys A MASSIVE Amount Of Farmland In North Dakota - twat and screencaps

>>>/qresearch/16493477, >>>/qresearch/16493500, >>>/qresearch/16493653 biden doj trying to cut off financial support for j6 defendants defense - j6 topic twats and mp4 vids

>>>/qresearch/16493483, >>>/qresearch/16493486, >>>/qresearch/16493492, >>>/qresearch/16493496 The Swamp Today, congress and senate hearings.

>>>/qresearch/16493493, >>>/qresearch/16493501, >>>/qresearch/16493576 How much money has the U.S. sent to Ukraine? - twat, mp4 vids

>>>/qresearch/16493529, >>>/qresearch/16493558, >>>/qresearch/16493565, >>>/qresearch/16493583, >>>/qresearch/16493593, >>>/qresearch/16493606 MIKE ROTHSCHILD MOANING ABOUT QANON - youtube and mp 4 vids anon working together.

VIDEO - Mike ROTHSCHILD Testifies in Congress About "QAnon" 😆 [1:55] [Channel: Uncensored Storm]

VIDEO - A Growing Threat: How Disinformation Damages American Democracy (EventID=114910) [Channel: Committee on House Administration, Majority]

>>>/qresearch/16493580 gun grab from vets -

>>>/qresearch/16493664 CNN’s ratings tank as viewers turn away from ‘fake news’ -

>>>/qresearch/16493665 greg philips 2000 mules cyber expert, next evidence exposive- mp4 vid

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Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 1:59 p.m. No.140530   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16493509 Q Research General #20867: The Hunt Is On Edition

Created 231206ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16493536 Stephen Miller chimes in on Potato's green inflation agenda

>>>/qresearch/16493559 anon opines on DS war with Russia and equipment sent to Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/16493725, >>>/qresearch/16493729 Epic alignment of 5 planets, moon to peak after summer solstice

>>>/qresearch/16493748 Woke C_A lauds diversity chief (anons cringe)

>>>/qresearch/16493763, >>>/qresearch/16493828, >>>/qresearch/16493867, >>>/qresearch/16493886 Clockfaggin' 1776 / Erik Prince / Anthony Weiner

>>>/qresearch/16493785, >>>/qresearch/16493823, >>>/qresearch/16493824 Mike ROTHSCHILD Testifies in Congress About "QAnon"

VIDEO - A Growing Threat: How Disinformation Damages American Democracy (EventID=114910) [Channel: Committee on House Administration, Majority]

>>>/qresearch/16493835 RT by Devin Nunes - Elf on a Shelf

>>>/qresearch/16493850 "The Future Monetary System" early release:

>>>/qresearch/16493908 Smoking Gun On Planned Famine: Rockefeller Foundation July 2020 “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System”

>>>/qresearch/16493932 Posobiec on the DNC fascist march to 1 political party.

>>>/qresearch/16493974 Putin: New Reserve Currency Proposed Within BRICS

>>>/qresearch/16494004 Lightning strike in California kills woman, her two dogs

>>>/qresearch/16494005 Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections

>>>/qresearch/16494012 SCOTUS decision on Miranda Rights and self incrimination

>>>/qresearch/16494048 WTF? Media provided text of gun control bill before Senators

>>>/qresearch/16494051, >>>/qresearch/16494054, >>>/qresearch/16494072, >>>/qresearch/16494087, >>>/qresearch/16494287, >>>/qresearch/16494429 SUPREME COURT VOIDS N.Y. GUN LIMITS, ESTABLISHES RIGHT TO CARRY

>>>/qresearch/16494110 DJT on the J6 Hoax

>>>/qresearch/16494114 FDA Denies Authorization to Market JUUL Products

>>>/qresearch/16494134 Restocking weapons UK has given to Ukraine will take 'several years', warns head of the armed forces

>>>/qresearch/16494218 Piers Morgan tows the Queen's line and criticizes SCOTUS ruling on NY Carry.

>>>/qresearch/16494236 grooming: Zoos across North America announce LGBT ‘pride month’ events

>>>/qresearch/16494245 EU to grant Ukraine candidate status in 'message of solidarity'

VIDEO - EU to grant Ukraine candidate status in 'message of solidarity' • FRANCE 24 English [Channel: FRANCE 24 English]

>>>/qresearch/16494257 Giant Sunspot: Radio blackout possibility

>>>/qresearch/16494272 #20866 (posted in #20867)

>>>/qresearch/16494302 Amazon’s Alexa will mimic the voice of your dead relatives

>>>/qresearch/16494328 DJT on the gun control RINOs

>>>/qresearch/16494338 Virtual children now join the ranks of the Great Reset’s depopulation agenda

>>>/qresearch/16494344, >>>/qresearch/16494433 OTD 1943 Andrew May from KY bragged to reporters and gave Japanese military critical info.

>>>/qresearch/16494353 Potato twee on inflation timestamp 11:06 (17)

>>>/qresearch/16494388 In San Marcos, Gen. Flynn Gets Surfboard, Eric Trump Accepts ‘Q’ Painting of Father

VIDEO - Eric Trump in San Marcos [Channel: Times of San Diego]

>>>/qresearch/16494393 Il Donaldo: SCOTUS looking good today

>>>/qresearch/16494441 Defense Production Act To Address High Gas Prices

>>>/qresearch/16494458 #20867

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Anonymous ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 2 p.m. No.140531   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16494459 Q Research General #20868: NYers Will Carry Edition

Created 231551ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16494510 THE RINO PACK Please Share Far, Wide and Often

>>>/qresearch/16494514, >>>/qresearch/16494706 You go high, I go low! Marine Commandos practice room clearing drills

>>>/qresearch/16494535 GLOBALISTS AT WORK Destabilize Countries, Offer Loans = Debt Slaves

>>>/qresearch/16494540 LIVE: Senate expected to debate new gun bill in wake of mass shootings #Filibuster

VIDEO - WATCH LIVE: Senate expected to debate new gun bill in wake of mass shootings [Channel: PBS NewsHour]

>>>/qresearch/16494554 Abolish the FDA, CDC, NIH and Big Pharma…Drug & Vaccine Pushers and Dealers.

>>>/qresearch/16494557 GUNSLINGER 22 #Marines w/ MACG-48

>>>/qresearch/16494560, >>>/qresearch/16494594, >>>/qresearch/16494606 USArmy Keeping the 📞 lines on!

>>>/qresearch/16494562, >>>/qresearch/16494596, >>>/qresearch/16494670, >>>/qresearch/16494725, >>>/qresearch/16494754, >>>/qresearch/16494797, >>>/qresearch/16494802, >>>/qresearch/16494814, >>>/qresearch/16494894, >>>/qresearch/16494936, >>>/qresearch/16495030, >>>/qresearch/16495049, >>>/qresearch/16495213 Memes of the Thread

>>>/qresearch/16494571 USGO the United States Supreme Court has chosen to strike down New York’s long-established authority to protect its citizens.

>>>/qresearch/16494589 I love that Justice Thomas went there. LOL.

>>>/qresearch/16494591 LIVE: Mayor Adams Press Conference on Bruen Supreme Court Ruling

VIDEO - Mayor Eric Adams Delivers Remarks on Bruen Supreme Court Ruling [Channel: NYC Mayor's Office]

>>>/qresearch/16494616 Smithtown Public Library located in Long Island NY, has removed all LBGTQ material

>>>/qresearch/16494619, >>>/qresearch/16494620 Man who carried Vladimir Putin's nuclear controls briefcase found shot at his home

>>>/qresearch/16494621, >>>/qresearch/16494622 Canada’s Apotex Donates Two Million Dosages of Hydroxychloroquine to the Public Health Agency of Canada

>>>/qresearch/16494625 Florida Guard re-established by DeSantis draws 1,200 applicants, including one from New York

>>>/qresearch/16494627, >>>/qresearch/16494961 Prosecutors asked judge to sentence Ghislaine Maxwell to 30-55 years

>>>/qresearch/16494633, >>>/qresearch/16494659 Five planets align perfectly, visible until end of June

>>>/qresearch/16494635 Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are under the influence / control of foreign states and entities

>>>/qresearch/16494657 #OnThisDay in history, the 308th Strategic Missile Wing removed the last Titan II QMapped

>>>/qresearch/16494738 NY Gov: "I would like to point out to the Supreme Court justices, that the only weapons at that time were muskets. I'm prepared to go back to muskets." MP4

>>>/qresearch/16494765 Rand Paul To Introduce Amendments To Senate Gun Bill

>>>/qresearch/16494825, >>>/qresearch/16495040 Schumann is Yuge past 2 days

>>>/qresearch/16494908 How shall I interpret thee.

>>>/qresearch/16494909 POLL WATCH Anthony Weiner Advice for returning to Twitter

>>>/qresearch/16494915 FBI agents were at Jeffrey Clark's house yesterday?

>>>/qresearch/16494932 Supreme Court Issues Ruling, Gutting Miranda Rights And Threatening The Fifth Amendment

>>>/qresearch/16494953 Putin suggests way out of global economic crisis

>>>/qresearch/16494970 EU Parliament votes on candidate status for Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/16495033 Call to Dig Who owns The New Yorker?

>>>/qresearch/16495051 Pope Francis's visit to Canada will go ahead

VIDEO - Pope Francis's visit to Canada will go ahead [Channel: CBC News]

>>>/qresearch/16495055 Bear Comms in case you missed it, Dying Bear Seeks Revenge By Killing Hunter Who Shot Him

>>>/qresearch/16495062, >>>/qresearch/16495067, >>>/qresearch/16495068, >>>/qresearch/16495130, >>>/qresearch/16495152, >>>/qresearch/16495157, >>>/qresearch/16495179, >>>/qresearch/16495186, >>>/qresearch/16495208, >>>/qresearch/16495209, >>>/qresearch/16495224 Anon Thought - If nothing exists unless its observed, then who/what is observing us


>>>/qresearch/16495071 Meme Op - Save Your Rights and #GoVote Early

>>>/qresearch/16495093 Supreme Court allows GOP leaders in North Carolina to defend state voter ID law 8-1

>>>/qresearch/16495098 MEGADETH Announces 'The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!' Album (Just in time for Covid)

>>>/qresearch/16495100, >>>/qresearch/16495115, >>>/qresearch/16495116, >>>/qresearch/16495121 Libs of Kun MP4

>>>/qresearch/16495145 Ukrainian GOAT injures group of Russian soldiers with GRENADES (NotTheB)

>>>/qresearch/16495156 Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials

VIDEO - Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials [Channel: The White House]

>>>/qresearch/16495165 NY Firearm Licensing Mandate

>>>/qresearch/16495175 VoterGA Challenges Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger’s GOP Primary Results

>>>/qresearch/16495181 NYC to Offer Monkeypox Vaccines

>>>/qresearch/16495210 Interactive Map Details Destruction of Numerous US Food Manufacturing Plants — Compares US Incidents to Global Trends

>>>/qresearch/16495225 Any planefags aloft? Gitmo?

>>>/qresearch/16495258 #20868

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16495260 Q Research General #20869: Beware the Goat of Keev Edition

Created 231837ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16495290, >>>/qresearch/16495292, >>>/qresearch/16495408, >>>/qresearch/16495496, >>>/qresearch/16495510, >>>/qresearch/16495555, >>>/qresearch/16495678, >>>/qresearch/16495696, >>>/qresearch/16495847, >>>/qresearch/16495856, >>>/qresearch/16495938 Memes of the Thread

>>>/qresearch/16495296 “Nothing Changes Today” – Lawless NYC Mayor Eric Adams Promises to Ignore Supreme Court Ruling on Concealed Gun Laws

>>>/qresearch/16495333 Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections?

>>>/qresearch/16495375 Ukrainian MoD: HIMARS arrive in Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/16495376 Human traffickers luring Ukrainian refugees on the web targeted in EU-wide hackathon

>>>/qresearch/16495386 Former Attica EMT Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison for Sexually Exploiting a 16-Year-Old Child

>>>/qresearch/16495389 Press Briefing by Press Secretary

VIDEO - Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre [Channel: The White House]

>>>/qresearch/16495394 62,000 watching 1/6 committee

VIDEO - WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 5 [Channel: PBS NewsHour]

>>>/qresearch/16495399 3 am in Cleveland and fire Is sweeping the streets?

>>>/qresearch/16495418, >>>/qresearch/16495674 Whistleblower Says With 120,000 Troops Still Unvaccinated, Army May Move June 30 Deadline Far Into Future

>>>/qresearch/16495419 European Council grants candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova.

>>>/qresearch/16495445 #RINOPACK Adam Kinzinger (Joker)

>>>/qresearch/16495457 Louisiana’s Democratic gov. signs pro-life law criminalizing mail-order abortion pills

>>>/qresearch/16495462 @mikepompeo Put America first. Secure the borders. Unleash the private sector. Protect the American family.

>>>/qresearch/16495470 Sean Penn in attendance at Jan. 6 hearing

>>>/qresearch/16495486 US Supreme Court ruled that Americans have a fundamental right to carry firearms

>>>/qresearch/16495508 Politicians - Made in China (Graphics)

>>>/qresearch/16495516, >>>/qresearch/16495522 Trump Primary Picks (Graphics)

>>>/qresearch/16495519 Liz calling on Dems to Switch Party and Voter for her.

>>>/qresearch/16495521 Survivors say Catholic Church failed to inform them about paedophile priest Vincent Gerard Ryan's death

>>>/qresearch/16495531, >>>/qresearch/16495540 #VoteRinosOut #RemoveRinos (Graphics)

>>>/qresearch/16495614 Excellent news, the beginning of school choice in AZ

>>>/qresearch/16495617 Fr. James Martin says homosexuality is ‘the way God created a part of the human race’

>>>/qresearch/16495651 Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board To Reject 2020 Presidential Election After Election Audit

>>>/qresearch/16495652 Biden says it’s all your fault you’re paying higher gas prices. MP4

>>>/qresearch/16495675 Joe Biden, Justice Department Release Statements on Supreme Court Overturning New York’s Century-Old Law on Concealed Weapons

>>>/qresearch/16495687 Mayra Flores DRILLED by John Roberts & Sandra Smith about #qanon hashtag in tweet 2 years ago

>>>/qresearch/16495690 Department of Homeland Security is telling Catholic Churches and pregnancy centers to be on alert and prepared for extreme violence

>>>/qresearch/16495705 Reminder Patriot Senators

>>>/qresearch/16495750 E6B Mercury call signs. Blond36 and HYGRO34.

>>>/qresearch/16495787 Sky Event BIG SUNSPOT ALERT

>>>/qresearch/16495829 PDJT - The only thing not discussed by the Unselects, in any way, shape, or form, is the irrefutable evidence of massive and totally pervasive ELECTION FRAUD & IRREGULARITIES #Unselects

>>>/qresearch/16495832 PDJT - Has there ever been a time in Congress where a Member is allowed, without any cross examination of any kind, to read lengthy and often untruthful statements,

>>>/qresearch/16495835 John McAfee's corpse still in Spanish morgue a year after his death - Release John McAfee's Remains to His Wife!

>>>/qresearch/16495849 Moar Bear Comms - Poaching Bears

>>>/qresearch/16495858 Reminder, 57 Patriot Congressional Reps didn't vote for Ukraine Aid

>>>/qresearch/16495863 Vatican to release Jewish files amid renewed debate on the legacy of World War II-era pope

>>>/qresearch/16495875 The IRGC intelligence chief, Hossein Taeb, was dismissed from his position due to failing the mission of assassinating Israelis in Turkey


>>>/qresearch/16495933 Jesus did not come to judge.

>>>/qresearch/16495941 Russian forces captured Zolote and Hirske Izvestia

VIDEO - [ Zolote-Hirske Front ] Russian forces captured Zolote and Hirske; Izvestia (media) report in Zolote [Channel: Defense Politics Asia]

>>>/qresearch/16495942 BIDEN: "I am disappointed in the Supreme Court gun decision. […] I think it's a bad decision. I think it's not reasoned accurately."

>>>/qresearch/16495956 @ishapiro Imagine winning a really important Supreme Court case and then being told your services are no longer valued at your firm because of that?

>>>/qresearch/16495961 PDJT - What about the massive ballot stuffing shown, on Government Tape, by the highly respected and credible Patriots of Truth to Vote (2000 Mules)?

>>>/qresearch/16495968 NRA issues statement on SCOTUS win

>>>/qresearch/16495982 Nord Stream-1 situation: A 10-day shutdown could trigger a collapse in energy markets - Bloomberg

>>>/qresearch/16495991 Why is Russia associated with a bear

>>>/qresearch/16495999 #20869

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16496005 Q Research General #20870: Dems want the Guns, Court Stops the Run Edition

Created 232104ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16496087, >>>/qresearch/16496101, >>>/qresearch/16496103, >>>/qresearch/16496117, >>>/qresearch/16496121, >>>/qresearch/16496130, >>>/qresearch/16496181, >>>/qresearch/16496182, >>>/qresearch/16496215, >>>/qresearch/16496229, >>>/qresearch/16496259, >>>/qresearch/16496351, >>>/qresearch/16496356, >>>/qresearch/16496436 J6 D.O.J stooges memes

>>>/qresearch/16496133 At The Military Olympics, October 2019, Wuhan, China, Athletes Caught COVID - zerohedge

>>>/qresearch/16496188 dissolve the supreme court - oberman twat (need source)

>>>/qresearch/16496192 Former U.S. Military Pilot Admits Acting as Paid Agent of China and Lying on National Security Background Forms - bun

>>>/qresearch/16496196 Wright Patterson AFB has long been at the cutting edge of studying & reverse engineering captured ET spacecraft - twat

>>>/qresearch/16496232 THE ONLY WAY IS THE MILITARY, FULLY CONTROLLED - no source, anon post

>>>/qresearch/16496245 Catholic Church Apologizes for Role in Rwandan Genocide - newsweek 2016 item

>>>/qresearch/16496263, >>>/qresearch/16496382, >>>/qresearch/16496399, >>>/qresearch/16496437, >>>/qresearch/16496449, >>>/qresearch/16496464 Ukraine Interior Ministry adviser lauds soldier bearing ‘swastika’ - russiav v ukraine topic

>>>/qresearch/16496303 great day for 2nd amend - lyndsey graham - twat gun grab topic

>>>/qresearch/16496315, >>>/qresearch/16496400, >>>/qresearch/16496447 White House instructions to Biden: "YOU take YOUR seat. - twat

>>>/qresearch/16496335 China appeasing WHO Chief and Lancet Commission Chairman support the lab leak theory - youtube epoch times trailer

VIDEO - China appeasing WHO Chief and Lancet Commission Chairman support the lab leak theory | Trailer [Channel: The Epoch Times]

>>>/qresearch/16496480 Courts Seal Records Of Former Clinton Aide And Epstein Associate Who Committed Suicide - gwp

>>>/qresearch/16496506 Such tremendous lies and innuendo took place yesterday at the Unselect Committee on January 6th - djt truthsocial post

>>>/qresearch/16496509 Mitch McConnell’s push for Republican Senators to vote for Gun Control will be the final straw - djt truthsocial post

>>>/qresearch/16496513 Are there really 14 Republican Senators that are willing to start the “TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY” movement - djt truthsocial post

>>>/qresearch/16496518 The deal on “Gun Control” currently being structured and pushed in the Senate by the Radical Left Democrats - djt t.s post

>>>/qresearch/16496521 Has there ever been a time in Congress where a Member is allowed, without any cross examination of any kind, to read lengthy and often untruthful statements - djt t.s post

>>>/qresearch/16496530 The only thing not discussed by the Unselects, in any way, shape, or form, is the irrefutable evidence of massive and totally pervasive ELECTION FRAUD & IRREGULARITIES which took place during the 2020 Presidential Election - djt t.s post

>>>/qresearch/16496533 What about the massive ballot stuffing shown, on Government Tape - djt t.s post

>>>/qresearch/16496553 dan and djt on hillsdale college - truthsocial posts

>>>/qresearch/16496567 forces twats

>>>/qresearch/16496574 ‼️'Putin is weaponising hunger’ - Truss on Ukraine's grain crisis‼️ - twat ukraine v russia opposite narrative

>>>/qresearch/16496614, >>>/qresearch/16496650, >>>/qresearch/16496655, >>>/qresearch/16496656, >>>/qresearch/16496687 What's The Connection Between ERIC And George Soros' Investment In Catalist - greg philips t.s posts (cyber expert from 2000 mules) will be on x22 with dave

>>>/qresearch/16496658 Son of alleged predator rabbi accused of raping one of father’s complainants - timesofisrael twat

>>>/qresearch/16496669 #January6thHearings On record statement from Russ Vought, President of Center for Renewing America, confirms Jess Clark “electronic devices” seized - cat herridge (follow the pen)

>>>/qresearch/16496709, >>>/qresearch/16496714 BLM Supporter Sentenced To 10 Years Prison For Violence During Portland Riots - zerohedge

>>>/qresearch/16496718 The Biden Administration Plans To Allow Boys In Girls Bathrooms And Locker Rooms Under Title IX Revision - gwp

>>>/qresearch/16496726 #20870

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16496753 Q Research General #20871: D.O.J three stooges testimony back fires and memes deployed

Created 232317ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16496825 Trumpet, a bloodhound, wins Best in Show at the Westminster - mxmnews

>>>/qresearch/16496835 China Faces Power Shortage As Heatwave Pushes Demand To Record -

>>>/qresearch/16496843, >>>/qresearch/16497149 mgt bill on abortion, attacks on pregency 21 cases and timeline - raheem kassam

>>>/qresearch/16496850, >>>/qresearch/16496900, >>>/qresearch/16496907 (You), anons opines on j6, to cover up crimes against humanity and best meme ever for crimes against humanity cover ups by deep state obama admin

>>>/qresearch/16496866, >>>/qresearch/16496891 biden lies - michael shellenberger substack

>>>/qresearch/16496873, >>>/qresearch/16497042 mollie on benny johnson election result - twat and screen caps and hollyweird in the house

>>>/qresearch/16496883, >>>/qresearch/16496909, >>>/qresearch/16496928, >>>/qresearch/16496949, >>>/qresearch/16497002, >>>/qresearch/16497060, >>>/qresearch/16497092 scotus topic, twats and moar gun grab

>>>/qresearch/16496887 There’s no courage in corporations’ Pride Month celebrations- russia newsfeeds narrative

>>>/qresearch/16496892 Netflix Massacre: 300 Employees Axed - breitbart

>>>/qresearch/16496896 the twat war on biden, clowns and admin -various twat new topic

>>>/qresearch/16496902 White House instructions to Biden: "YOU take YOUR seat. - twat pb and trump notes for press conference

>>>/qresearch/16496913, >>>/qresearch/16496927, >>>/qresearch/16496935, >>>/qresearch/16496943, >>>/qresearch/16496946, >>>/qresearch/16496950 The Dark Side of the CIA: Assassinations, Drug Trafficking, Influencing Culture and the Press - YT VIDEO clowns topic

VIDEO - The Dark Side of the CIA: Assassinations, Drug Trafficking, Influencing Culture and the Press [Channel: The Film Archives]

VIDEO - Is the CIA Involved in Drug Trafficking? "I think George Bush is deep into it" - Ron Paul [Channel: The Film Archives]


VIDEO - Gary Webb: In His Own Words (2002) | CIA Cocaine Dark Alliance [Channel: reelblack]

VIDEO - CIA Drug Trafficking Allegations Hearing (1998) | w/ Maxine Waters Gary Webb [Channel: reelblack]

VIDEO - The CIA "Actively Supported Heroin Cultivation in the Golden Triangle to Fund Covert Operations" [Channel: The Film Archives]

>>>/qresearch/16496923 Russia threatens Lithuania with 'serious' consequences for goods blockade -

>>>/qresearch/16496926, >>>/qresearch/16496994 Paul Pelosi officially charged with DUI - twat

>>>/qresearch/16496954 A Pennsylvania drag queen was just arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. - twat, groomer, pedo and commie bun

>>>/qresearch/16496970, >>>/qresearch/16497031 The Ukraine war response is fast becoming Biden’s second blunder - the hill

>>>/qresearch/16496975 kamala twat (fuck knows what she is talking about, no one cares)

>>>/qresearch/16496991 planefag

>>>/qresearch/16497006, >>>/qresearch/16497021 Did Kirkland and Ellis try to lose this gun case - twat

>>>/qresearch/16497009, >>>/qresearch/16497023, >>>/qresearch/16497063, >>>/qresearch/16497064 Former U.S. Military Pilot Admits Acting as Paid Agent of China and Lying on National Security Background Forms - bun

>>>/qresearch/16497018 uvalde timeline - telegram

>>>/qresearch/16497028, >>>/qresearch/16497032 Prosecutors seek 30 to 55-year sentence for Ghislaine Maxwell - telegram brian cates substack 55 pages

>>>/qresearch/16497054, >>>/qresearch/16497154 twitter Suspends Doctor for Sharing Study That Shows Pfizer Vaccine Impacts Semen - covid topic

>>>/qresearch/16497059 macron in trouble - (french connection e.u and klaus),

>>>/qresearch/16497078 Did Elon take over the @Twitter account already - twat elon topic

>>>/qresearch/16497089 No One Gives a Bleep" January 6th Select Committee Hearing Ep. 5 - robert gouveia youtube with mindmaps and transcripts plus moar.

VIDEO - "No One Gives a Bleep" January 6th Select Committee Hearing Ep. 5 [Channel: Robert Gouveia Esq.]

>>>/qresearch/16497090 We Outnumber Them: "If We Don't Submit, They Have No Chance - lara logan

>>>/qresearch/16497143, >>>/qresearch/16497150 Kash Patel expands on what his role will be to make the documents in the National Archives available to the public -

>>>/qresearch/16497175 Buenos Aires fire leaves 5 dead, 30 hospitalized - youtube

VIDEO - Buenos Aires fire leaves 5 dead, 30 hospitalized [Channel: Associated Press]

>>>/qresearch/16497204 Victorian ministers Martin Pakula, Martin Foley and James Merlino announce they’re quitting politics -

>>>/qresearch/16497269 #20871

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16497591 Q Research General #20872: EBake Ride The Wave Edition

Created 240150ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16497612, >>>/qresearch/16498175 Department of Homeland Security is Warning Catholic Churches and Pregnancy Centers to be Prepared for “Night of Rage” by Pro-Abortion Terrorist Groups

>>>/qresearch/16497617 VoterGA today announced a challenge for the Republican Secretary of State’s (SOS) race in Georgia’s May 24, 2022 primary election.

>>>/qresearch/16497619 TRUMP RALLY THIS SATURDAY!!!!!! Mendon, ILLINOIS Sat, June 25, 2022 7:00 pm CDT, 8:00 PM EST

>>>/qresearch/16497630 Food Facilities Attacked in just the last Eighteen Months Around the World

>>>/qresearch/16497639, >>>/qresearch/16497741 Biden administration canceling $6 billion in student loan debt for 200,000 borrowers

>>>/qresearch/16497654, >>>/qresearch/16497813 Planefag: E6B Mercurys call signs SILLY40 and SHADO03. E4B Nightwatch call sign GORDO15

>>>/qresearch/16497663, >>>/qresearch/16497691, >>>/qresearch/16497726, >>>/qresearch/16497745, >>>/qresearch/16497837 Cernovich: DOJ does not issue statements like these disagreeing with Supreme Court rulings. It doesn’t happen. It has no lawful basis

>>>/qresearch/16497668 "Will It Air on CNN+?" - Kari Lake HUMILIATES CNN Reporter (video)

VIDEO - "Will It Air on CNN+?" - Kari Lake HUMILIATES CNN Reporter [33] [Channel: BonginoReport]

>>>/qresearch/16497703, >>>/qresearch/16497735 Austria abolishes its law on compulsory COVID shots. "Mandatory vaccination won't get anyone vaccinated," the health minister proclaims

>>>/qresearch/16497707, >>>/qresearch/16497718, >>>/qresearch/16497727 Planefags: What’s up with all the choppas up north? 10 Mountain Division? (Reminder: Q #4414 RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st)

>>>/qresearch/16497708 Third-degree murder charges dismissed against driver accused of killing two state troopers, third man on I-95 in Philly

>>>/qresearch/16497738 Airlines have second highest monthly employee total in last 21 years, So, whats up with "Unexplained Absences" and "Staffing Shortages" causing all these delays and cancelled flights?

>>>/qresearch/16497793, >>>/qresearch/16497800, >>>/qresearch/16497802 The Supreme Court ruled in its first major gun case in more than a decade

>>>/qresearch/16497842 4 Million Americans Priced Out as Home Rents Rise Significantly, Home Loan Qualifications ‘Skyrocket’

>>>/qresearch/16497850 Only 11% of Americans blame Putin for gas prices – poll

>>>/qresearch/16497869 Police Report Proves Plainclothes Electronic Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded Among Jan. 6 Protesters (video)

VIDEO - 'I Can't Answer That': Asst. FBI Director Refuses To Answer Ted Cruz Questions About January 6 [Channel: Forbes Breaking News]

>>>/qresearch/16497928 Anguish of young man who had sex organs removed on NHS then regretted it the same day… as he SUES NHS over gender reassignment surgery

>>>/qresearch/16497974 Florida meningococcal outbreak among gay and bisexual men is one of worst in US history: CDC

>>>/qresearch/16497991 Epic Charter Schools founders, former CFO arrested by OSBI

>>>/qresearch/16498080 The strange birth of NY’s gun laws

>>>/qresearch/16498106 Clockfag: Are you ready to take back control of this Country?

>>>/qresearch/16498151 Despite knee pain, Pope Francis’ trip to Canada to meet residential school survivors is on

>>>/qresearch/16498185 DJT Jr: Happy Birthday to The GOAT

>>>/qresearch/16498195, >>>/qresearch/16498226, >>>/qresearch/16498247, >>>/qresearch/16498279 A strange case at the Vatican and its implications for International Rule of Law

>>>/qresearch/16498215 PEDO BUN 23 June 22

>>>/qresearch/16498220 Two people charged with conspiracy offences linked to allegations of organ harvesting

>>>/qresearch/16498240 Senate easily passes bipartisan gun control bill, sending it to the House

>>>/qresearch/16498303 FireEye Inc

>>>/qresearch/16498345 #20872

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16498351 Q Research General #20873: Commence Graveyard Shift Night Edition

Created 240439ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16498430 (Sputnik) #FBI Raids House of Prayer Churches in #Georgia, Texas on Suspicion of Cult Activities

>>>/qresearch/16498451, >>>/qresearch/16498521, >>>/qresearch/16498522, >>>/qresearch/16498539, >>>/qresearch/16498572 Anon opines on Credit Suisse CEO's firing in Jan. and connection to Vatican

>>>/qresearch/16498466 Raid on Home of Former Trump DOJ Official Jeffrey Clark Was Part of Nationwide FBI Raids on Republicans

VIDEO - Tucker Carlson with Jeff Clark, Trump's assistant AG recently raided by Biden's DOJ - 6/23/22 [Channel: jburma]

>>>/qresearch/16498512 British PM Johnson and Conservatives suffer two crushing election defeats to liberal Democrats

>>>/qresearch/16498516 Philly judge drops third-degree murder charges: a woman involved in a DUI crash killed 2 state troopers and a civilian

>>>/qresearch/16498530 Military transport plane crashes in Russia

>>>/qresearch/16498631 The Russian Ministry of Defense accused CNN of conspiring with neo-Nazi Azov fighters to film a staged attack on civilians

>>>/qresearch/16498632 Myanmar military authorities have transferred deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi to a prison

>>>/qresearch/16498635, >>>/qresearch/16498636 ICYMI - Ron Watkins[CodeMonkeyZ] on Maricopa fraud

>>>/qresearch/16498713 Flashback to 2019 - Pelosi has a Baltimore Secret

>>>/qresearch/16498795 Barclays to shut 15 more bank branches taking total closures to 132

>>>/qresearch/16498827 PDJT - Teleprompters and Kangaroo courts

>>>/qresearch/16498870 UK could send Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda

>>>/qresearch/16498972, >>>/qresearch/16498979 Germany warns entire industries could stop due to gas shortage

>>>/qresearch/16499018, >>>/qresearch/16499023 Who is the WH's Kimberly Lang - why is she meeting with BlackRock and Foreign Officials?

>>>/qresearch/16499084 Pelosi Readies New Articles of Impeachment Against Trump, Says ‘Third Time’s The Charm’

>>>/qresearch/16499090 ‘High demand’ for monkeypox vaccines in New York City, health department says

>>>/qresearch/16499092 JUST IN - German parliament votes to abolish paragraph 219a, thus advertising for abortions is now permitted.

>>>/qresearch/16499107 #20873

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16499123 Q Research General #20874: Friday Morning SCOTUS Watch Edition

Created 241105ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16499152, >>>/qresearch/16499189, >>>/qresearch/16499347 Google whistleblower, Kevin Lloyd, 34, claims tech giant's Developer Studio division has been infiltrated by 'pedophilic religious doomsday cult' Fellowship of Friends.

>>>/qresearch/16499164 Ezra Miller Hiding Out at Gun-Filled Vermont Farm, Housing 3 Small Children & Their Mom, 25. Miller is currently evading 2 protective orders related to minors

>>>/qresearch/16499171 A Pennsylvania drag queen was just arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.

>>>/qresearch/16499176 President Trump’s attorney announced on Truth Social that they’ve filed an “Amended Complaint” to 45’s civil lawsuit against the deep state

>>>/qresearch/16499177 The EU have now agreed to extend the Covid Passport / Green Pass for another 12 months.

>>>/qresearch/16499184 Trolls getting banned from Truth Social. Liberals getting a taste of their own medicine.

>>>/qresearch/16499186 MTG gettr w/CAP: As we prayerfully await the decisions of the SC tomorrow, I introduced legislation to declare pro-abortion organizations, who have fire bombed women’s pregnancy centers, as terrorist organizations.

>>>/qresearch/16499197 Liz Cheney is a disgusting rodent. Liz Cheney Asks Wyoming Democrats to Register as Republicans to Save Her From Primary Defeat

>>>/qresearch/16499200 UNBELIEVABLE! Look At This Piece Of Paper Biden Is Holding With Instructions Reminding Him To Do The Most Basic Things

>>>/qresearch/16499218 KanekoaTheGreat - Pfizer and Moderna, as enabled by the FDA, have come up with a scheme. The scheme is called "The Future Framework,"...

>>>/qresearch/16499254 LIVE From D.C.: Decision Day At The Supreme Court 6/24 @ 9:30am ET Right Side Broadcasting Network

VIDEO - Decision Day At The Supreme Court: LIVE From D.C. 6/24/22 @ 9:30am ET [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/16499292, >>>/qresearch/16499293 Friday Swamp schedule

>>>/qresearch/16499305 Jim Jordan w/CAP: A school system in Virginia just made it a punishable offense to “misgender” a student.

>>>/qresearch/16499334, >>>/qresearch/16499365 14 year old boy from County Durham died suddenly after collapsing in class. Another perfectly healthy child dies; cause of death is unknown.

>>>/qresearch/16499451 anon opines on QR current and future state.

>>>/qresearch/16499497, >>>/qresearch/16499523 Inspired by Ukraine, Taiwanese People Prepare for a China Invasion

>>>/qresearch/16499545 Assange’s wife sounds alarm over his treatment

>>>/qresearch/16499584 Kari Lake patriot posterity post. CNN beatdown

>>>/qresearch/16499613, >>>/qresearch/16499618 Pelosi - This morning, the Rules Committee is meeting to advance this life-saving legislation to the Floor...

>>>/qresearch/16499680 North Carolina’s Biggest Hospital Systems Made Record Profits While Taking Billions in COVID Relief Funds

>>>/qresearch/16499730 James Dobson offers plan for parents under fire from 'perverted' schools. Start with getting children 'out of a godless educational setting'

>>>/qresearch/16499741 Jack Posobiec w/CAP: Antifa pedophile Luke Kuhn and his bike spotted outside Supreme Court today

>>>/qresearch/16499771, >>>/qresearch/16499807 Lara Logan - 'Elites' are a cult. "You have people whose one single most important defining objective is to eliminate and eradicate God."

>>>/qresearch/16499861 Marines with @2nd_MAW provided assault support for @MARSOCofficial during RavenEx 22-5 by conducting night operations with an Osprey to enhance combat readiness...

>>>/qresearch/16499867 Blackrock embedded in State Dept

>>>/qresearch/16499889, >>>/qresearch/16499895 LIVE Outside of SCOTUS and SCOTUS blog active

>>>/qresearch/16499919 #20874

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>>>/qresearch/16499935 Q Research General #20875: Traitors Ready To Light the Fire Edition

Created 241405ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16499981, >>>/qresearch/16499986, >>>/qresearch/16499991, >>>/qresearch/16499993, >>>/qresearch/16499998, >>>/qresearch/16500000, >>>/qresearch/16500012, >>>/qresearch/16500030, >>>/qresearch/16500037, >>>/qresearch/16500047, >>>/qresearch/16500091, >>>/qresearch/16500092, >>>/qresearch/16500130, >>>/qresearch/16500155, >>>/qresearch/16500167, >>>/qresearch/16500181, >>>/qresearch/16500273, >>>/qresearch/16500279, >>>/qresearch/16500383, >>>/qresearch/16500416, >>>/qresearch/16500446, >>>/qresearch/16500518, >>>/qresearch/16500525 Roe v Wade Overturned

>>>/qresearch/16500046, >>>/qresearch/16500227 LIVE outside SCOTUS

VIDEO - WATCH: People await rulings outside Supreme Court [Channel: Washington Post]

VIDEO - WATCH: People await rulings outside Supreme Court [Channel: Washington Post]

>>>/qresearch/16500075 Texas trigger-law won't take effect for 30 days

>>>/qresearch/16500151 U.S. Navy officer, @VictorVescovo, has found the wreck of USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE 413), a destroyer escort sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

>>>/qresearch/16500157 Pelosi Holds Press Event on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

VIDEO - Speaker Pelosi Holds Press Event on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act [Channel: Nancy Pelosi]

>>>/qresearch/16500200 Clarence Thomas, concurring: "in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents

>>>/qresearch/16500255 Obergefell vs Hodges - Same Sex marriage

>>>/qresearch/16500290 JUSTICE ALITO: "We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision"

>>>/qresearch/16500376 Lightning comms still dropping. #Boom

>>>/qresearch/16500498 Fire and smoke spotted at new State Street building in Boston

>>>/qresearch/16500584 Riot Police starting to appear in DC.

>>>/qresearch/16500616 Nadler talking about abortion during voting on gun rights,

>>>/qresearch/16500649 AF2 98-0001 heading into Aurora nr Chicago.

>>>/qresearch/16500668 @HillaryClinton Today’s Supreme Court opinion will live in infamy as a step backward for women's rights and human rights.

>>>/qresearch/16500694 #20875

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16500702 Q Research General #20876: ROE V WADE OVERTURNED!!!

Created 241538ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16500752 Red Pilling The Masses multi-stream - YT

VIDEO - 🔴LIVE Outside Supreme Court - Roe v Wade has been OVERTURNED! [Channel: Red Pilling The Masses]

>>>/qresearch/16500775 Whoa, these people are losing it

>>>/qresearch/16500782 12:30 PM ET Biden Delivers Remarks on the Supreme Court Decision

>>>/qresearch/16500860 LIVE: Pro-abortion nutjob protesting on top of Frederick Douglas Bridge; Various streams reacting to Supreme Court decision

VIDEO - #scotus #roe #wade #supremecourt #decision #live [Channel: Portland Andy🌭]

>>>/qresearch/16500869 Planets Align Today 6/24/2022

>>>/qresearch/16500896, >>>/qresearch/16500933 Memes of the Thread

>>>/qresearch/16500925 @USArmy paratroopers led exercise #SwiftResponse22

>>>/qresearch/16500954 @DevinNunes Abortion was NEVER a Constitutional right!

>>>/qresearch/16500974 @BillGates This is a sad day. Reversing Roe v. Wade is an unjust and unacceptable setback.

>>>/qresearch/16500975 Sotomayor LEAKING R vs. W seemed to prepare the country for the decision AND diffused much of the shock that would have come without warning.

>>>/qresearch/16500980 BREAKING: Texas attorney general Ken Paxton says abortion is now illegal in state

>>>/qresearch/16501117 Got your six. In this combat scenario, #BSC squads provide security as one team member engages targets with a .50 cal weapon

>>>/qresearch/16501125 Project Veritas Action

>>>/qresearch/16501177 DC police orders full mobilization after abortion ruling.

>>>/qresearch/16501179 Trump praised the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade Friday, telling Fox News that the ruling "will work out for everybody."

>>>/qresearch/16501197 WATCH LIVE: Biden on Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, NewsHour

>>>/qresearch/16501210 Biden Considering NATIONAL EMERGENCY after DOBBs?

VIDEO - ROE IS DEAD: Biden Considering NATIONAL EMERGENCY after DOBBs? [Channel: Robert Gouveia Esq.]

>>>/qresearch/16501212 Biden delivers remarks on the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization to overturn Roe v. Wade.

VIDEO - President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Supreme Court Decision [Channel: The White House]

>>>/qresearch/16501255 LIVE: Protests erupt as Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade

VIDEO - LIVE: Protests erupt as Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade [Channel: Daily Mail]

>>>/qresearch/16501369 Biden: I call on everyone, no matter how deeply they care about this decision, to keep all protests peaceful.

>>>/qresearch/16501413 Trump says ‘God made decision’ to end right to abortion

>>>/qresearch/16501416 Pope Francis is visiting Canada today

>>>/qresearch/16501442 When is hurricane season?

>>>/qresearch/16501455 Rep. Maxine Waters: “to hell with the Supreme Court, we will defy them!”

>>>/qresearch/16501472 #20876

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16501481 Q Research General #20877: There is a Storm upon 'Them' Edition

Created 241701ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16501509 Pelosi Holds Press Event on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

VIDEO - Speaker Pelosi Holds Press Event on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act [Channel: Nancy Pelosi]

>>>/qresearch/16501528 Texas Man Dies Weeks After Being Attacked by 3 Dogs While Walking from Home to Store

>>>/qresearch/16501531 DOW is up 666 points

>>>/qresearch/16501537 @JustinTrudeau The news coming out of the United States is horrific.

>>>/qresearch/16501545 @JMichaelWaller Police intelligence apparently detects insurrection against the Supreme Court.

>>>/qresearch/16501628 Kelley Calls for Churches to be on alert

>>>/qresearch/16501638 MO bans Abortion

>>>/qresearch/16501659 Six Oklahomans have filed two federal lawsuits that challenge a state law intended to crack down on protestors a

>>>/qresearch/16501669 Kamala Harris Delivers Remarks Plainfield, IL

VIDEO - Vice President Harris Delivers Remarks [Channel: The White House]

>>>/qresearch/16501679 Biden claims the US Supreme Court "took away a constitutional right" today.

>>>/qresearch/16501741 PDJT - Statement - Win for Life

>>>/qresearch/16501746 Galand Has DOJ on Abortion Standby

>>>/qresearch/16501777 Leftist Group Announce Mass Protest Outside Justice Clarence Thomas’s Home Tonight

>>>/qresearch/16501781 AOC just launched an insurrection?

>>>/qresearch/16501786 @DanScavino “Momentous Supreme Court rulings on guns, abortion cement Trump’s impact on U.S. policy and culture”

>>>/qresearch/16501787 EXEC1F C-32A 98-0002 departed Miami Fl heading N. EXEC1F is callsign used by the first family.

>>>/qresearch/16501789 House Sends First Major Gun Safety Bill in Decades to Biden, Who Intends to Sign it

>>>/qresearch/16501803 The Pro-Abortion Left Comes Unglued As Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

>>>/qresearch/16501814 “To Hell with the Supreme Court. We Will Defy Them.” – Insurrectionist Maxine Waters on the Roe v. Wade Decision

>>>/qresearch/16501841 US Long-Range Rocket Systems Used For First Time In Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/16501864 Congress floating Limited Nuke war?

>>>/qresearch/16501915 Jim Jordan — ‘God Bless President Trump’ - YT

VIDEO - JUST IN: Jim Jordan Responds To SCOTUS Roe Decision: 'God Bless The United States Supreme Court! [Channel: Forbes Breaking News]

>>>/qresearch/16501927 Clarence Thomas: Court ‘should reconsider’ gay marriage, birth control

>>>/qresearch/16501930 Meme of the Thread

>>>/qresearch/16501937 Pennsylvania principal faces 30 felony sex charges for relationship with student

>>>/qresearch/16501941 ‘Time To Fire Pelosi’: Jordan Demands An Investigation Into Nancy Pelosi

>>>/qresearch/16501951 We Got Trends = THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP

>>>/qresearch/16501956 Father Of Brutally Murdered Child Beats The Hell Out Of Accused Murderer In Court Room

VIDEO - Father punches son's accused killer in Ohio court [Channel: WBNS 10TV]

>>>/qresearch/16501966 WATCH: Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that the portion of Collins Avenue in Surfside where Champlain Towers South stood will now be known at 98 Points of Light Road.

>>>/qresearch/16501971 MTG was attacked outside SCOTUS by abortionists


>>>/qresearch/16501994 Clarence Thomas now says rulings on contraception, gay rights should be reconsidered

>>>/qresearch/16502100 FBI raids Georgia churches near military bases; sources say church was targeting soldiers

>>>/qresearch/16502143 U.S. Jewish leaders decry Supreme Court's nixing of abortion rights as 'moral failure'

>>>/qresearch/16502153 Wisconsin election investigator says he deleted records

>>>/qresearch/16502157 6 people dead after Vietnam War-era helicopter crashes in West Virginia

>>>/qresearch/16502161 Schumman reaction to Roe…EVIL RULE HAS ENDED

>>>/qresearch/16502178 Congress in retaliation passes Compromised Gun Bill

>>>/qresearch/16502192 Roe vs Wade overturned June 24 2022 Sky event , 5 planets align June 24

>>>/qresearch/16502239 #20877

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16502240 Q Research General #20878: (You) are Watching the World Change Edition

Created 241846ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16502266, >>>/qresearch/16502562 memes of the day and anon opines

>>>/qresearch/16502279, >>>/qresearch/16502300, >>>/qresearch/16502313, >>>/qresearch/16502332, >>>/qresearch/16502345, >>>/qresearch/16502364, >>>/qresearch/16502460, >>>/qresearch/16502652, >>>/qresearch/16502833, >>>/qresearch/16502840, >>>/qresearch/16502857, >>>/qresearch/16502879, >>>/qresearch/16502889, >>>/qresearch/16502892, >>>/qresearch/16502945 Biden calls on Congress to restore Roe v. Wade protections as federal law: 'This is not over' - fox (roe v wade ) fallout, articles, twats, vids and moar

>>>/qresearch/16502291, >>>/qresearch/16502306, >>>/qresearch/16502356, >>>/qresearch/16502429, >>>/qresearch/16502447, >>>/qresearch/16502788, >>>/qresearch/16502802, >>>/qresearch/16502914 Iran slams 'ridiculous Zionist accusation' of terror cell in Turkey - (middle east news israel and iran) newsfeeds

>>>/qresearch/16502299 Tijuana Opens Muslim Migrant Shelter to Help U.S. Asylum Seekers as Illegal Immigration Soars -

>>>/qresearch/16502336, >>>/qresearch/16502371, >>>/qresearch/16502396, >>>/qresearch/16502404, >>>/qresearch/16502405 More vaccinated Nova Scotians died of COVID than unvaccinated - covid topic with sources and big pharma

>>>/qresearch/16502355 Greece Files 214 Million euro Lawsuit Against Novartis over Bribery -

>>>/qresearch/16502397 10 U.S. Code § 12406 - National Guard in Federal service: call, who controls the national guard

>>>/qresearch/16502398, >>>/qresearch/16502406, >>>/qresearch/16502551 Businesses in Dallas are boarding up - twats and the coming weekend violence from around the states

>>>/qresearch/16502417 Fort Bragg lost over 80 soldiers from "sudden" and "unexplained" causes, and stopped reporting on the deaths after June 2021" - gospelnewsnetwork.cog

>>>/qresearch/16502431 Canada MPs given panic buttons as threats increase -

>>>/qresearch/16502443 atari dog comms

>>>/qresearch/16502454 Vice President Harris on the Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade - youtube live (need translater, no blowjobs will work for her this time, she weaponized those who tried to expose pp)

VIDEO - Vice President Harris Delivers Remarks [Channel: The White House]

>>>/qresearch/16502469, >>>/qresearch/16502619, >>>/qresearch/16502623, >>>/qresearch/16502640, >>>/qresearch/16502792 Abortion Activists Handing Out the HOME ADDRESS of Justice Clarence Thomas to Protesters Outside Supreme Court - gwp plus youtube live feeds

VIDEO - 🔴LIVE Outside Supreme Court - Roe v Wade has been OVERTURNED! [Channel: Red Pilling The Masses]

VIDEO - #scotus #roe #wade #supremecourt #decision #live [Channel: Portland Andy🌭]

>>>/qresearch/16502503 WHO calls emergency meeting as more than 3,200 cases of monkeypox are confirmed -

>>>/qresearch/16502509, >>>/qresearch/16502896, >>>/qresearch/16502915 Nike to leave Russia months after suspending operations, joining western brand exodus - - russia v ukraine topic

>>>/qresearch/16502567 The gun bill was hidden behind a different bill to name a courthouse and building. -

>>>/qresearch/16502573 Oh how the plot is thickening on Paul Pelosi’s DUI - twat (was mr playing, while nancy was away)

>>>/qresearch/16502592, >>>/qresearch/16502617 TikTok Quietly Reverses Ban On Pro-Abortion Group Using App To Protest Outside SCOTUS Justice Homes - thenationalpulse (china)

>>>/qresearch/16502618 Ex-staffer to Gladys Berejiklian pleads guilty to child sex offences - (groomer, pedo and commie news)

>>>/qresearch/16502643 A ‘Great Purge’ is pushing small truckers out of business at an unprecedented rate -

>>>/qresearch/16502677, >>>/qresearch/16502803 Day of Infamy speech, hillary declares war- hillary twats (special mention for the demon woman)

>>>/qresearch/16502762 Pope urged to apologise for Vatican castrations - 2001 article the guardian

>>>/qresearch/16502781 California, Oregon And Washington Create A West Coast Coalition To Protect Access To Abortions - youtube (baby killing service newsom)

VIDEO - California, Washington, Oregon Commitment to Reproductive Freedom: West Coast Offense [Channel: California Governor Gavin Newsom]

>>>/qresearch/16502854 Russia: Ex-Colonel Who Carried Putin’s Nuclear Codes Found Shot -

>>>/qresearch/16502938 Dan the man on Roe v Wade - need source

>>>/qresearch/16502958 #20878

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16503016 Q Research General #20879: Hillareeee salt mining edition

Created 242044ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16503061, >>>/qresearch/16503134, >>>/qresearch/16503267, >>>/qresearch/16503344, >>>/qresearch/16503360, >>>/qresearch/16503382, >>>/qresearch/16503384, >>>/qresearch/16503450, >>>/qresearch/16503680 roe v wade twats and attacks on the sc justices especially Thomas - reeeee collections mp4 vids and biden twat

>>>/qresearch/16503064, >>>/qresearch/16503146, >>>/qresearch/16503162, >>>/qresearch/16503176, >>>/qresearch/16503179, >>>/qresearch/16503283, >>>/qresearch/16503330 Findings suggest Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh killed by Israeli forces, says UN human rights office - (middle east and israel newsfeeds) plus twats

>>>/qresearch/16503067, >>>/qresearch/16503147, >>>/qresearch/16503213, >>>/qresearch/16503445 anon opines roe v wade and moar

>>>/qresearch/16503100 Schumer blames 'MAGA Republicans' for Roe ruling - youtube (watch chucky closely, at some point baker will do a compilation vid of all his moves, including, now we take over georgia and then the world, 6 ways to sunday, federalizing the elections)

VIDEO - Schumer blames 'MAGA Republicans' for Roe ruling [Channel: Los Angeles Times]

>>>/qresearch/16503108, >>>/qresearch/16503116, >>>/qresearch/16503135, >>>/qresearch/16503212, >>>/qresearch/16503222, >>>/qresearch/16503228, >>>/qresearch/16503235, >>>/qresearch/16503253, >>>/qresearch/16503254, >>>/qresearch/16503278, >>>/qresearch/16503280, >>>/qresearch/16503417, >>>/qresearch/16503439, >>>/qresearch/16503486, >>>/qresearch/16503552, >>>/qresearch/16503554, >>>/qresearch/16503583, >>>/qresearch/16503611 Woke generals: we do a horrible job killing America's enemies, but we excel at killing American babies. = mollie and pro roe v wade

VIDEO - Florida governor promises expansions to Florida abortion laws [Channel: WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando]

>>>/qresearch/16503117, >>>/qresearch/16503125 Vice President Joe Biden Eulogizes Former KKK Member Robert Byrd July 2, 2010 - and hillary, mp4 vids of dems

>>>/qresearch/16503133 hillary twat - zerohedge (journo are watching the board), same image before it was posted by baker. need source

>>>/qresearch/16503139, >>>/qresearch/16503614 DICK’S Sporting Goods Offers to Reimburse Employees for Abortion-Related Travel Expenses - breitbart (r v wade articles, all sides)

>>>/qresearch/16503145 The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn #RoeVWade ends federal protections for abortion, diminishes human rights - georg soros (big fish)

>>>/qresearch/16503148 Mohamed Noor, 36, is scheduled to be released from custody Monday -

>>>/qresearch/16503181, >>>/qresearch/16503268 CANCELLED: Lawyers Who Won Major Gun Rights Case Forced Out of Firm - gun grab topic

>>>/qresearch/16503194 Outfitter Patagonia says will provide bail for employees arrested while “peacefully” protesting for abortions. - twat (blm reborn)

>>>/qresearch/16503197, >>>/qresearch/16503401, >>>/qresearch/16503409, >>>/qresearch/16503463 roe v wade protests live feeds

VIDEO - LIVE: Protesters Gather Outside Supreme Court After Abortion Ruling | NBC News [Channel: NBC News]

VIDEO - LIVE: Protesters Gather Outside Supreme Court After Abortion Ruling | NBC News [Channel: NBC News]

VIDEO - #scotus #roe #wade #supremecourt #decision #live [Channel: Portland Andy🌭]

>>>/qresearch/16503200, >>>/qresearch/16503472 fed court blocks fda's ban on juul e-cigs - twat (big pharma)

VIDEO - FREEDOM RALLY, ERIC of Liberty Party; on Medical Tyranny - Tiger Network [Channel: Pearl]

>>>/qresearch/16503221 If you live in a state that restricts abortion, today's decision does NOT prevent you from traveling to a state that allows - biden twat and biden admin moves


>>>/qresearch/16503288, >>>/qresearch/16503623, >>>/qresearch/16503664 forces twats

>>>/qresearch/16503294, >>>/qresearch/16503310 dr malone -covid topic and moar

>>>/qresearch/16503304 3.3 billion fines for crypto industry - twat

>>>/qresearch/16503324 The Q 2020 Encyclopedia is now complete!!! - archive sites

>>>/qresearch/16503509 Gregg Phillips says that now that they've been able to get their arms around the election cheating "footprint" - rumble vid (2000 mules cyber expert)

>>>/qresearch/16503629 Because No Voting System Testing Labs Were Legitimately Accredited at the Time of the 2020 Election, Less Than 5% of All Voting Systems Were Likely Properly Certified - gwp

>>>/qresearch/16503640 trump fires back, bannon has nothing to do with my

>>>/qresearch/16503641 nasa trip to moon and beyond - twat

>>>/qresearch/16503750 #20879

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16503778 Q Research General #20880: 'The Forgotten War and people of Ukraine and Russia by the media, what ab

Created 242230ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16503833 dan facebook, (dan is lurking baker notabled this meme)

>>>/qresearch/16503844 AIPAC Lobbies Against Probe Of US-Palestinian Journalist Likely Murdered By Israeli Sniper - zerohedge

>>>/qresearch/16503852, >>>/qresearch/16503853, >>>/qresearch/16503856, >>>/qresearch/16503879 roe v wade reee from social media sites (enough, move on) why are they questioning the decision, not as if it was stolen like the election, kek?

>>>/qresearch/16503858 DNC Chair Claims That the Supreme Court is Now ‘Illegitimate’

>>>/qresearch/16503883 The Swamp Tomorrow, house and senate hearings bun

>>>/qresearch/16504043, >>>/qresearch/16504087, >>>/qresearch/16504101, >>>/qresearch/16504109 Alabama closes all abortion clinics, DHS Warns Of Potential Domestic Terror Attacks "For Weeks", bun

>>>/qresearch/16504108 Mont. Co. MD Marc Elrich speaks proposal that would stop payments from the county for “travel to states with policies that roll back a woman’s right to choose.”

>>>/qresearch/16504135 FTC faces staff exodus, anger over Biden-appointed Big Tech foe’s leadership - NYT

>>>/qresearch/16504136 Boston Hospital LOSES Baby’s Remains, Claims She Was Thrown Away With Soiled Linens and Medical Waste

>>>/qresearch/16504202, >>>/qresearch/16504247, >>>/qresearch/16504426 from the Gutter place that does the stat's for Planned Parenthood

>>>/qresearch/16504208 So now 44K Lbs of Peanut Butter Won't Make it to Shelves

>>>/qresearch/16504393 Officials explain how kids were served floor sealant instead of milk at summer child-care program

>>>/qresearch/16504501 Leftist Group Announce Mass Protest Outside Justice Clarence Thomas’s Home Tonight

>>>/qresearch/16504545 #20880

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>>>/qresearch/16504556 Q Research General #20881: it's freedom to worship, not freedom to sacrifice. Edition

Created 250028ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16504612, >>>/qresearch/16504664, >>>/qresearch/16504692, >>>/qresearch/16504696, >>>/qresearch/16504719 Is this a turning point in the silent war? Let's check

>>>/qresearch/16504613 The Soros bricks return, Why else are there 20 pallets of bricks one block from the House Office Buildings?

>>>/qresearch/16504623, >>>/qresearch/16504709 LIVE: Pro-abortion extremists marching towards Supreme Court/Capitol area in DC; antifa terrorists are leading the way

VIDEO - “Bite Back” protesters march for abortion access through DC [Channel: News2Share]

>>>/qresearch/16504819 Takeaways From The Supreme Court Protection Of Self-Defense Yesterday, in a 6-3 decision, the U.S

>>>/qresearch/16504850 Patriots on the Ground, Track Antifa!

>>>/qresearch/16504886 US Poseidon Reconnaissance Plane Transits #Taiwan Strait Amid Dispute Over Waterway’s Status

>>>/qresearch/16504928 Chinese leader Xi Jinping to visit Hong Kong: Xinhua

>>>/qresearch/16504957 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game once more?

>>>/qresearch/16504963 Protesters carrying Antifa flag chant “If we don’t get it, burn it down.”

>>>/qresearch/16505284 #20881

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Q- >>>/qresearch/16504957

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 2:13 p.m. No.140546   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16505323 Q Research General #20882: Q shall we play a game again?

Created 250149ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16505361, >>>/qresearch/16505677 rt ———–––——–— It had to be done this way.

>>>/qresearch/16505404 At Least Two Supreme Court Justices Have Been Moved to “Safe Locations” Due to Threats of Violence From the Left: Report

>>>/qresearch/16505405, >>>/qresearch/16505420, >>>/qresearch/16505606, >>>/qresearch/16505663 :ZERO-DELTA on the TIME-STAMP. Spread the word, Q is back!

>>>/qresearch/16505562, >>>/qresearch/16505648, >>>/qresearch/16505653 SKY Event, Roe vs Wade overturned,Q returns, same day!

>>>/qresearch/16505582, >>>/qresearch/16505590 THE B POST HAS BEEN DELETED FROM /projectdcomms/

>>>/qresearch/16505672 PEDO BUN 24 June 22 (added to notes in #20883)

>>>/qresearch/16505695, >>>/qresearch/16505704, >>>/qresearch/16505842, >>>/qresearch/16506053

>>>/qresearch/16505751 Timestamp chekt, 22:09:39

>>>/qresearch/16505890 The latest statement from POTUS45: Biggest WIN for LIFE in a generation...

>>>/qresearch/16506068 #20882

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Q- >>>/qresearch/16505677

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 2:14 p.m. No.140547   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16506105 Q Research General #20883: It had to be done this way. Q

Created 250224ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16506129 Excellent decode on Q's newest post!

>>>/qresearch/16506180, >>>/qresearch/16506249, >>>/qresearch/16506314 Sky Event today is called the "Cosmic Queue"

>>>/qresearch/16506268 Incoming blackout?

>>>/qresearch/16506320 Thousands of Leftists, Pro-Abortion Protesters Swarming Outside U.S. Supreme Court

>>>/qresearch/16506349 Traffic being stopped by antifa and others running across the 110 freeway in Los Angeles


>>>/qresearch/16506360, >>>/qresearch/16506385 JA Shall we play a game? reposting Snowden Clock from lb

>>>/qresearch/16506375 new drop timestamp matches drop 2897 which talks about abortion

>>>/qresearch/16506437 Planned Parenthood Texas Ceases Abortions

>>>/qresearch/16506496 Be Ye Encouraged! We Be Winning & The Scurvy Dogs They Be Afeared!

>>>/qresearch/16506539 Schumann

>>>/qresearch/16506543 Attention Anons Be prepared. Be vigilante. Especially my Catholic brothers and sisters. The lefties are being kited to violence

>>>/qresearch/16506548 as requested last bread Q drop

>>>/qresearch/16506577 The decision to strike down Roe v. Wade (legalized murder) was delivered at 10:10 AM

>>>/qresearch/16506649, >>>/qresearch/16506672 Time to remember Q mentioned ukraine

>>>/qresearch/16506706 Aftershock in Afghanistan kills five people

>>>/qresearch/16506762 #20883

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>>>/qresearch/16506814 Q Research General #20884: ALL HAND ON DECK! Edition

Created 250257ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16506884, >>>/qresearch/16506912, >>>/qresearch/16506918, >>>/qresearch/16506933, >>>/qresearch/16507006, >>>/qresearch/16507036 Relevent Q drops revisted

>>>/qresearch/16506930 ————————————–——– Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.

>>>/qresearch/16506945 Queen Elizabeth is ‘fading away before our very eyes’: royal expert

>>>/qresearch/16506973 New Dan Scavino on TS

>>>/qresearch/16506990 "This man waited 30 whole years to get Joe Biden back" Done…in…30. Kek.

>>>/qresearch/16507035 Scavino insta story right around the time Q dropped. Check out the clock time. 911

>>>/qresearch/16507172 Q just returned 1700 days after the first post

>>>/qresearch/16507233, >>>/qresearch/16507496 BOOM! 2 year Q post delta - serve your country 6/24/2020 The Oath

>>>/qresearch/16507262, >>>/qresearch/16507343, >>>/qresearch/16507466, >>>/qresearch/16507517 BV/BO, PLS UPDATE WHY TOR IS ONLY WORKING FOR Q AND ONE OF THE REPLIES?

>>>/qresearch/16507511 Stock market closes week on a high, DOW jumps over 800 points

>>>/qresearch/16507595 #20884

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Q- >>>/qresearch/16506930

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 2:16 p.m. No.140549   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16507612 Q Research General #20885: Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.

Created 250326ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16507634, >>>/qresearch/16507686, >>>/qresearch/16507780, >>>/qresearch/16508006, >>>/qresearch/16508034, >>>/qresearch/16508097 RE: TOR re-enabled

>>>/qresearch/16507670 Mike Rothschild still obsessed with CMZ, I see.. PANIC?

>>>/qresearch/16507676 Jim's comment on new Q posts

>>>/qresearch/16507695 Q-Clock Jun 24, 2022 - Failed Coup = PANIC IN DC

>>>/qresearch/16507712, >>>/qresearch/16508235 July 4 is in 10 days

>>>/qresearch/16507777 Q1595 Panic is good. Panic is right.

>>>/qresearch/16507785 Two dead, 10 wounded in Norway nightclub shooting, police say

>>>/qresearch/16507799, >>>/qresearch/16507949 Roe V. Wade = 11.3?

>>>/qresearch/16507807 @intheMatrixxx As if this day couldn’t get any worse for [them], we now have a possible return of Q.

>>>/qresearch/16507878 Live in LA


>>>/qresearch/16507914 Bo Snerdley message to Rush on ending Roe V Wade

>>>/qresearch/16507954 It's been 563 days for Q to reemerge. Q post 563

>>>/qresearch/16508015 Tyrant Justin Trudeau Weeps Over US Women ‘Losing’ the Right Over Their Bodies — After Forcing Every Person in Canada to Receive Experimental Vaccine

>>>/qresearch/16508027 last bread notable and pastebin on q drop

>>>/qresearch/16508105 Intended to get lost in today's supreme court announcements, the House Financial services committee released their report on the 2021 January sneeze in the stock market

>>>/qresearch/16508152 BBC reporter on Q... kek

>>>/qresearch/16508252 #20885

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16508377 Q Research General #20886: FULL SPEED AHEAD! Edition

Created 250401ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16508409 Late last bread. Nunes RT. Devin Nunes appears to hint at devolution through reTruth on TS

>>>/qresearch/16508417, >>>/qresearch/16508436, >>>/qresearch/16508451, >>>/qresearch/16508505 RE: Tor posting, tor posts seem to gain a regular id when linked from a previous bread

>>>/qresearch/16508434, >>>/qresearch/16508465 "We never left. We never lost hope. Where we go one, we go all. It's time to return publicly"

>>>/qresearch/16508449, >>>/qresearch/16508481, >>>/qresearch/16508487, >>>/qresearch/16508507, >>>/qresearch/16508561, >>>/qresearch/16508626, >>>/qresearch/16508736 Police are clashing with protesters outside the state capitol building in Phoenix AZ

>>>/qresearch/16508482 Start of Season II? Sequel?

>>>/qresearch/16508499 There are more major Conservative positions being enacted now with Joe in office than when DJT was in the White House. Things that make ya go, hmmmm…Who’s in charge here?


VIDEO - 🔴 PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SAVE AMERICA RALLY LIVE IN MENDON, IL - 6/25/22 [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/16508533 Guard your churches tonight. Put out cameras. Use the buddy system. Multiple guards all night.

>>>/qresearch/16508572 Antifa returns to Seattle

>>>/qresearch/16508615 Tensions are rising at 8th and Olive Streets in DTLA as the group is met with LAPD officers in tactical gear.

>>>/qresearch/16508652, >>>/qresearch/16508701, >>>/qresearch/16508789 Q post 1700, RE: 1,700 days before now

>>>/qresearch/16508656 ICYMI: Q was asked by three anons to take down the B post on dcomms and it happened between breads of Q's 1st and 2nd post

>>>/qresearch/16508657, >>>/qresearch/16508700, >>>/qresearch/16508801 LIVE coverage of the Roe vs Wade protests on Los Angeles, California

VIDEO - Roe v Wade Protest Downtown LA 6/24/22 [Channel: 1st Responders Media]

VIDEO - Roe v Wade Protest Downtown LA 6/24/22 [Channel: 1st Responders Media]

>>>/qresearch/16508685 Before it was “It had to be this way”. now: “It had to be done this way”. Past tense, and adding “done”….

>>>/qresearch/16508699 MEDIA FRENZY ACTIVATED

>>>/qresearch/16508799 When you think of this in the context of devolution, these are some interesting remarks from Mike Pence

>>>/qresearch/16508813 We crossed the DS's "red line" - Molochs' food supply PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD

>>>/qresearch/16508871 A democrat funded and incited insurrection is currently happening in Arizona

>>>/qresearch/16508951 Judicial Watch uncovered dozen of records of illegal molecular research reported to NIH

>>>/qresearch/16508979 Biden's Q card yesterday... Q posts today

>>>/qresearch/16508992 Dallas: huge police presence as pro-abortion protestors cross the street to confront the federal building head on

>>>/qresearch/16509043 Q is using TOR to post. What does that mean? Is TOR secure again?

>>>/qresearch/16509083 #20886

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16509123 Q Research General #20887: A democrat funded and incited insurrection? Nice Timing! Edition

Created 250442ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16509212, >>>/qresearch/16509238, >>>/qresearch/16509574 Hello, Q. Wanted to say thank you, We never left either

>>>/qresearch/16509220, >>>/qresearch/16509380 Baby parts & organ harvesting $$$$$$$ - discussion

>>>/qresearch/16509227 Arizona Senate passed bill to fund students instead of systems

>>>/qresearch/16509229, >>>/qresearch/16509292, >>>/qresearch/16509348, >>>/qresearch/16509410 Scavino New Twatter

>>>/qresearch/16509239 Suspect arrested by police at pro-abortion riot in Los Angeles

>>>/qresearch/16509351 This continues the Ghosts in the Machine decode series from this week

>>>/qresearch/16509383 #CORNWATCH

>>>/qresearch/16509420, >>>/qresearch/16509689, >>>/qresearch/16509754, >>>/qresearch/16509760 AOC just launched an insurrection, Any violence and rioting is a direct result of Democrat marching orders

>>>/qresearch/16509449, >>>/qresearch/16509513, >>>/qresearch/16509564, >>>/qresearch/16509622, >>>/qresearch/16509681, >>>/qresearch/16509716 Waiting patiently for a Q proof with a Delta from PDJT.... reminder, the Q post should come first, then the PDJT post, not vice versa

>>>/qresearch/16509535 Nom'd RE: 1700 days, Truth to unfold?

>>>/qresearch/16509589 Q3724 "It must be DONE right.", "It must be DONE according to the rule of law."


VIDEO - PBS NewsHour West live episode, June 24, 2022 [Channel: PBS NewsHour]

>>>/qresearch/16509611 On a 16 to 10 vote, the Arizona Senate just passed House Bill 2853: "Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts" a bill to fund students instead of systems.

>>>/qresearch/16509670 DJT told us just this morning: “…your Rights are being protected, the Country is being defended, and there is still hope and time to Save America!”

>>>/qresearch/16509684, >>>/qresearch/16509772, >>>/qresearch/16509788 Its a year since McAfee left…

>>>/qresearch/16509800 QClock June 24, 2022 Mutiny

>>>/qresearch/16509815 U.S. Space Command Retweeted

>>>/qresearch/16509818 ICYMI: Lawmakers report hostage situation in Phoenix, AZ

>>>/qresearch/16509860 Q post between nunes & kash, kash post a repost of his

>>>/qresearch/16509913 #20887

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16509933 Q Research General #20888: Making It Great, Not A Moment Too Late Edition

Created 250537ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16509951, >>>/qresearch/16510154, >>>/qresearch/16510172, >>>/qresearch/16510243, >>>/qresearch/16510350 Dan Scavino Truths on SCOTUS ruling (Googled Baby Fist?)

>>>/qresearch/16509998, >>>/qresearch/16510098 Anon Opine, Q140 - The Op has been in plain sight the entire time. Those who know, know

>>>/qresearch/16510240 Q4950 - It had to be this way.

VIDEO - Disturbed - The Light [Official Lyric Video] [Channel: Disturbed]

>>>/qresearch/16510296 FBI Tweet: FBI hosted training for major WMD threats last week.

>>>/qresearch/16510319 At least 25 arrested in NYC as protesters take to streets after Roe v Wade ruling REEEEEEEEEING

>>>/qresearch/16510542, >>>/qresearch/16510581 Dan Scavino Truth Delta to Today's Q Post Link to Q3522. Both Reagan Videos.

>>>/qresearch/16510553, >>>/qresearch/16510578 Q4951 hits Q's new drops

>>>/qresearch/16510626 All that prep work done to incite riots over Roe v Wade, the gun grab, everything planned for this weekend. One shimmering tripcode appears, all hell breaks loose - opine

>>>/qresearch/16510663 #20888

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 2:17 p.m. No.140554   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16510681 Q Research General #20889: Confirmation Requested

Created 250658ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16510731, >>>/qresearch/16510748, >>>/qresearch/16510837 Counting the days (561) since Q's last post

>>>/qresearch/16510736, >>>/qresearch/16511103 Trump Rally Day in Mendon, IL. Event Details

>>>/qresearch/16510746, >>>/qresearch/16510986 This Planetary Alignment won't happen again until 2040

>>>/qresearch/16510793 18 seconds of pure lunatic. AOC comments on Roe v Wade Overturned

>>>/qresearch/16510826 Abortion Riots in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Manhattan (vid embeds)

>>>/qresearch/16510920 Tweet sees biblical connection for the timing of the Roe v. Wade decision and the Gospel of John

>>>/qresearch/16510965 Anon Connects Q's timestamps from today to previous Q posts

>>>/qresearch/16511125, >>>/qresearch/16511156, >>>/qresearch/16511181, >>>/qresearch/16511217 BV Triple-A claims the tripcode salt must have been changed - Q trip fuckery? (1/2)

>>>/qresearch/16511249 Gregg Phillips #PatriotGames on TS, Q posted 'game', connected?

>>>/qresearch/16511255, >>>/qresearch/16511322, >>>/qresearch/16511344, >>>/qresearch/16511360, >>>/qresearch/16511375 BV Triple-A claims the tripcode salt must have been changed - Q trip fuckery (2/2)

>>>/qresearch/16511314, >>>/qresearch/16511330 Chaos in Los Angeles as Violent Leftists Riot

>>>/qresearch/16511354 BO - Can verify that no tripcode setting was changed on the board level.

>>>/qresearch/16511372 Anon - Can confirm my tripcode changed even though I use the same password

>>>/qresearch/16511380 BV - admin does not agree with TripA BV on this issue

>>>/qresearch/16511431 #20889

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16511469 Q Research General #20890: Efforts Claiming New Q is Fake Q Intensify Edition

Created 250908ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16511501 #storm is on the way - melania trump twat, (need source)

>>>/qresearch/16511590, >>>/qresearch/16511678, >>>/qresearch/16511750, >>>/qresearch/16511803, >>>/qresearch/16512048 anons opines

>>>/qresearch/16511619, >>>/qresearch/16511758, >>>/qresearch/16512090, >>>/qresearch/16512107 media on the return of Q posts - articles, twats and moar

>>>/qresearch/16511626, >>>/qresearch/16511643, >>>/qresearch/16511806, >>>/qresearch/16512043 the memes must fly - various

>>>/qresearch/16511660, >>>/qresearch/16511667, >>>/qresearch/16511723, >>>/qresearch/16511833, >>>/qresearch/16511835, >>>/qresearch/16511842 Q proofs and decodes and qposts of note

>>>/qresearch/16511829 18 states that immediately outlawed abortion after roe v wade - resist the

>>>/qresearch/16511862 Premature baby who died weeks after being born is thrown in the TRASH by Boston hospital staff - daily mail

>>>/qresearch/16511867, >>>/qresearch/16511882, >>>/qresearch/16512056, >>>/qresearch/16512151, >>>/qresearch/16512160, >>>/qresearch/16512167, >>>/qresearch/16512177 Hollywood Liberals Lose Their Minds Over SCOTUS Decision On Roe - gwp roe v wade article's

>>>/qresearch/16511898, >>>/qresearch/16512034, >>>/qresearch/16512036 planefags posts lil zulu call sign up for a week

>>>/qresearch/16511910 SDO not updated since June 21st, Stanford power outage due to fires -

>>>/qresearch/16511989 okalahoma james lankford -

>>>/qresearch/16512019 Nigerian politician one of two people charged with conspiring to harvest the organs of a child in the UK -

>>>/qresearch/16512033, >>>/qresearch/16512055 4chan spamming board with anime cp -sourced.

>>>/qresearch/16512039 orleans grill first business allowed by court to recover damages for covid lockdown losses - epoch times

>>>/qresearch/16512074, >>>/qresearch/16512096 President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will travel to Schloss Elmau in southern Germany on June 25 to attend the G7 Leaders' Summit. - need source

>>>/qresearch/16512088, >>>/qresearch/16512101, >>>/qresearch/16512126, >>>/qresearch/16512133 mike rothschild twat handle and latest video in front of congress about qanon

>>>/qresearch/16512188 #20890

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16512208 Q Research General #20891: THE DAY AFTER Q POSTS, BREATHE AND ENJOY THE FAITH IN HUMANITY

Created 251157ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16512280, >>>/qresearch/16512783, >>>/qresearch/16512954 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/16512297 Bs post on Qs Board /projectdcomms/ Removed

>>>/qresearch/16512339 ZH: EU Renews Digital COVID Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback

>>>/qresearch/16512371 One Consistent Anon

>>>/qresearch/16512431 TRUMP Rally Info

>>>/qresearch/16512549 MSN: QAnon's 'Q' returns after long absence: 'It had to be done this way'

>>>/qresearch/16512698 USA2Day: Biden just signed gun control bill

>>>/qresearch/16512741 Counting the days (561) since Q's last post

>>>/qresearch/16512763 POTATUS wheels up in 82-8000 to G7 Germany

>>>/qresearch/16512826 Roe v Wade Analysis

>>>/qresearch/16512869, >>>/qresearch/16512920 8bit crying on Truth Social / Disc.

>>>/qresearch/16512998 #20891

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16512994 Q Research General #20892: Are You Ready To Serve Again Edition

Created 251403ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16513064 AG Garland: States can't ban FDA-approved abortion pills on safety grounds

>>>/qresearch/16513068 Biden sneaking amnesty through for a million illegal border crossers

>>>/qresearch/16513069 Echoes of love from half-chan

>>>/qresearch/16513161, >>>/qresearch/16513183, >>>/qresearch/16513230, >>>/qresearch/16513347, >>>/qresearch/16513411 New Q Post Bun

>>>/qresearch/16513192 Senate Republicans pushed though the voucher program

>>>/qresearch/16513224 Austin working to "ensure" the DoD allows access to abortion

>>>/qresearch/16513473 THERE IS AN ATTACK ON OUR REPUBLIC

>>>/qresearch/16513507 So. Bill S2938. The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

>>>/qresearch/16513517, >>>/qresearch/16513668, >>>/qresearch/16513709, >>>/qresearch/16513734, >>>/qresearch/16513762 Roe v Wade Red Bun

>>>/qresearch/16513571 @KyleWOrton: Severodonetsk has fallen to the Russians

>>>/qresearch/16513595 USMC: 2nd Marine Regiment carry out a live fire

>>>/qresearch/16513657 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/16513784 #20892

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16513779 Q Research General #20893: Remember Your Oath Edition

Created 251542ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16513865, >>>/qresearch/16513890, >>>/qresearch/16514112 Q post Bun

>>>/qresearch/16513867, >>>/qresearch/16514116 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/16513874 China Threatens Military Action Over Tiawan

>>>/qresearch/16513905 Hunter Biden met with Russian oligarch now wanted for murder

>>>/qresearch/16513909 Melania Storm Tweet Sauce

>>>/qresearch/16513988 In California: Man uses gun to protect himself from man

>>>/qresearch/16513991 Anon posting on Dough Versions

>>>/qresearch/16514070 Global: BO of /project comms/ deleted B post / Trip Copdes

>>>/qresearch/16514077 ADMIN: BO of /project comms/ deleted the B post / Trip Copdes

>>>/qresearch/16514162 USMC: @31stMeu interact with simulated protestors

>>>/qresearch/16514549 #20893

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 2:20 p.m. No.140559   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16514550 Q Research General #20894: BO of project comms deleted the B post Edition

Created 251658ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16514624 boatfag on anchored boats in the lower Chesapeake

>>>/qresearch/16514683 Pro-Abortion Protesters Blocked Another Road – hit by truck

>>>/qresearch/16514694 The Pentagon announces it will refuse to follow state abortion laws.

>>>/qresearch/16514698, >>>/qresearch/16514709 POTATOUS timestamps hit the 17's

>>>/qresearch/16514827 Anon opines: We don't need trump. We need to believe in ourselves at this point

>>>/qresearch/16514864 Islamist Terror Attack on Gay Nightclub in Oslo, Norway Kills Two, Wounds 21; Iranian Gunman Arrested

>>>/qresearch/16514892 Biden Signs Gun Control Bill Into Law

>>>/qresearch/16514935 New alliance formed in the Pacific orchestrated by the US

>>>/qresearch/16514943 18 Dead, 76 Injured As 1000s Of African Migrants Storm Spanish Exclave of Melilla

>>>/qresearch/16514976 EU Renews Digital Covid Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback

>>>/qresearch/16515075 'Night of rage' protests erupt across the country: Fox News HQ targeted, fireworks shot at police, woman attacked

>>>/qresearch/16515123 Rep. Boebert Asks Why Multiple Pallets of Bricks Were Left Out in Downtown D.C.

>>>/qresearch/16515155 TikTok Reverses Ban On Pro-Abortion Group Using App To Protest Outside SCOTUS Justice Homes.

>>>/qresearch/16515173 Grassley corn watch

>>>/qresearch/16515231 EU leaders: Boris, Macron, and Others Rush to Condemn Roe v. Wade Ruling on Abortion

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16515348 Q Research General #20895: Making Liberal Tears Great Again Edition

Created 251808ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16515375, >>>/qresearch/16515415, >>>/qresearch/16515431, >>>/qresearch/16515440, >>>/qresearch/16515494, >>>/qresearch/16515650 PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SAVE AMERICA RALLY IN MENDON, IL - 6/25/22

VIDEO - 🔴 PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SAVE AMERICA RALLY LIVE IN MENDON, IL - 6/25/22 [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/16515411 Trudeau internet control: Bill C11 or the “online streaming act” will allow the Canadian government intervention to block websites, censor content, and go full authoritarian (video)

VIDEO - Peter Menzies speaks on Bill C18 and Media freedom... [Channel: Western Standard]

>>>/qresearch/16515413, >>>/qresearch/16515795 KanekoaTheGreat: Why is the DOJ issuing statements disagreeing with the Supreme Court? Sounds awfully insurrectiony

>>>/qresearch/16515437 Obama-Biden advisor called for ‘planetary regime’ to control energy use

>>>/qresearch/16515452 This morning, I signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law—the most significant gun safety law in the last 30 years

>>>/qresearch/16515457 Planefag: GRIM99 E-4B airborne command post heading into Ramstein Germany

>>>/qresearch/16515462 Retired Navy commander sentenced to 6 years federal prison for child pornography offense

>>>/qresearch/16515475 High School Principal Who Was 'Like an Older Brother' Charged with 30 Counts of Sex with a Student

>>>/qresearch/16515520 ElectionWizard: Campaign worker arrested, allegedly traded gift bags for ballot favors, say investigators

>>>/qresearch/16515526 DHS warns of ‘weeks’ of violent attacks over abortion SCOTUS decision

>>>/qresearch/16515528 Fauxcahontas the Eugenicist outs herself

>>>/qresearch/16515529 Impossible foods is next to a planned parenthood.. soylent green?

>>>/qresearch/16515531 Russian war planes conducted air strikes against US-backed rebel forces located in Al-Tanf area of Homs province, first Russian air strike since June 2016, against a rebel force which is under direct American command

>>>/qresearch/16515541 UNRWA chief: 'We might not be able to pay salaries after September'

>>>/qresearch/16515564 US, Other G-7 Nations to Pledge Ban on New Russian Gold Imports

>>>/qresearch/16515582 Blinken: State Department ‘fully committed’ to reproductive health in wake of Roe

>>>/qresearch/16515629 Tass: Severodonetsk industrial area, airport completely liberated — head of Chechnya

>>>/qresearch/16515655 Nevada Certifies Primary Despite Major Election Validity Issues Raised by Poll Watchers and Voters

>>>/qresearch/16515665, >>>/qresearch/16515950 Planefag: empty callsign POTATUS finally showed up over UK, Wales

>>>/qresearch/16515716 BRICS developing new global reserve currency – Putin

>>>/qresearch/16515791 What Could Go Wrong? Biden’s Handlers Allow Members of a Foreign Terrorist Organization to Enter the U.S.

>>>/qresearch/16515824 Sen. Josh Hawley Predicts Dobbs Ruling Ends Corporatist-Social Conservative ‘Alliance’ in Washington

>>>/qresearch/16515906 Mainstream media quiet on COVID jab mandates as real reason for spike in flight disruptions

>>>/qresearch/16516014 Defiant Pentagon Chief Says He Will “Evaluate” Defense Department Policies in Response to Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v Wade

>>>/qresearch/16516035 Rhode Island Gov. Signs Bill Giving Residents 6 Months to Surrender ‘High-Capacity’ Mags

>>>/qresearch/16516093 #20894 (posted in #20895)

>>>/qresearch/16516116 Planned Parenthood Received $1.6 Billion of Our Tax Dollars to Promote Its Abortion Agenda

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Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 4:18 p.m. No.140570   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16516141 Q Research General #20896: Crossing the Rubicon Edition

Created 251926ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16516181 Jacinda Ardern condemns 'incredibly upsetting' decision by US Supreme Court

>>>/qresearch/16516187 Q timestamp / drop review

>>>/qresearch/16516200, >>>/qresearch/16516765 TRUE THE VOTE AND PROTECT AMERICA NOW LAUNCH PROTECTAMERICA.VOTE

>>>/qresearch/16516220, >>>/qresearch/16516247 Olberman drops the F bomb @ Sen Cornyn / Randi Weingarten chimes in as well

>>>/qresearch/16516235 LGBTQ protesting for Nazi Azov

>>>/qresearch/16516243 Nominate your Sheriff to be a part of

>>>/qresearch/16516290 Remember Sussman. Has worked with twitter for 20 years

>>>/qresearch/16516297, >>>/qresearch/16516488, >>>/qresearch/16516561, >>>/qresearch/16516582 Q returns to post: multiple hit pieces from Q anti-fans

>>>/qresearch/16516299 Donald Trump’s private admission about overturning of Roe v Wade

>>>/qresearch/16516398 Trudeau Says Unvaccinated People Have to Deal with the “Consequences” of their Choice

VIDEO - Trudeau defends vaccine mandates, Emergencies Act in CBC Radio interview [Channel: CBC News]

>>>/qresearch/16516451 Ukraine war: 80% of troops killed or injured in elite military unit, says Ukrainian commander

VIDEO - Ukraine war: 80% of troops killed or injured in elite military unit, says commander [Channel: Sky News]

>>>/qresearch/16516523 Pelosi recited "I have no other country," re overturning of Roe v Wade

>>>/qresearch/16516558 Trump: ‘God made the decision’ overturning Roe

>>>/qresearch/16516570 Vatican Praises Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

>>>/qresearch/16516590, >>>/qresearch/16516606 PF reports

>>>/qresearch/16516591 US censorship of Russian media has failed – Microsoft

>>>/qresearch/16516592 News agy telling 'journalists' to promote LGBT ideology

>>>/qresearch/16516597 The week in review - Narrative control

>>>/qresearch/16516635 Former US Military Pilot Admits He Spied For China, Sold US Secrets

>>>/qresearch/16516672 #20895 posted in #20896

>>>/qresearch/16516714 US 5th Fleet: This marks the completion of a 10,000-mile journey…..

>>>/qresearch/16516748 "We are proud antifa scum" - Kanekoa says highly dangerous

>>>/qresearch/16516757, >>>/qresearch/16516815 The Pentagon Announces It Will Refuse to Follow Any State Laws Restricting Abortion Access

>>>/qresearch/16516768 Ezra Cohen Watnick is the chair of the Public Interest Declassification Board at The National Archives.

>>>/qresearch/16516812 Scavino: An article that I encourage everybody to take a moment and read.

>>>/qresearch/16516830, >>>/qresearch/16516852 82-97% Of Vaccinated Pregnant Women Lost Their Babies (Pfizer data)

>>>/qresearch/16516845 Quick question from my brother about this Gregg Phillips truth from yesterday?

>>>/qresearch/16516869 Captured Nazi larper all dressed up and nowhere to go

>>>/qresearch/16516888 4-Year-Old Boy Collapses and Dies Suddenly in School Classroom – Cause of Death Unknown

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16516947 Q Research General #20897: Pre-Rally Preparation Edition

Created 252057ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16516985 DJT 16:49 ENJOY! Q 1649 Enjoy the show

>>>/qresearch/16517055, >>>/qresearch/16517077, >>>/qresearch/16517208, >>>/qresearch/16517722 PF: HO0K51 + 45 in FFL548 departed Morristown, NJ to Quincy, IL and AC itinerary is visible-change from past

>>>/qresearch/16517093 Putin, Lukashenko discuss regional security, world fertilizer supply

>>>/qresearch/16517106 Russia to supply Iskander-M rocket systems to Belarus in coming months

>>>/qresearch/16517108 Aus State Media - these Government are evil, Abortion propaganda

>>>/qresearch/16517121, >>>/qresearch/16517140 White House Doesn’t Rule Out Building Abortion Clinics on Federal Land in Conservative States

VIDEO - KJP: Biden Will "Continue To Look" At Options, Including Abortion Clinics On Federal Property [Channel: GOP War Room]

>>>/qresearch/16517124 Ezra A. Cohen Retweeted @USNatArchives·Come celebrate #IndependenceDay at @USNatArchives

>>>/qresearch/16517164 @US5thFleet completion of a 10,000-mile journey while becoming the first [littoral] combat ship to operate in the Middle East.

>>>/qresearch/16517170 25,000 people evacuated from Ukraine, Donbass to Russia in past day

>>>/qresearch/16517173 How Will Brainwashed Pro-Jab Mothers Respond When 38% of Their Babies Are Injured by the Moderna Jab?

>>>/qresearch/16517178 Lansing, Michigan man with an #antifa flag gets violently triggered at the streamer

>>>/qresearch/16517193, >>>/qresearch/16517291 Putin back at the Kremlin?

>>>/qresearch/16517261 It’s Time to Base Fifth-Gen Fighter Jets on Guam, INDOPACOM Chief Says

>>>/qresearch/16517298 Note: Looking for clear comms dropped to the anons and maybe delta's between Q and Trump as confirmation, maybe one of those 3 drops lines dropped by Q.

VIDEO - RSBN LIVE: Trump Rally in Sarasota, FL 7/3/21 [29] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/16517311 Lara Logan "It's not an ELITE, it's a cult"

>>>/qresearch/16517321 Remember to FILTER (or ignore) and move on…

>>>/qresearch/16517346 A coyote attacked a 2-year-old girl in a park in Orange County, California, police said Friday. possible comms

>>>/qresearch/16517365, >>>/qresearch/16517367 Lindell getting plenty of stage time, o7 Pillow Man!

>>>/qresearch/16517385 Impossible foods hq is next to planned parenthood and close to a fedex hub. Why is fedex relevant? Because PPwas caught selling fetal body parts to Stem Express, who shipped them to buyers via Federal Express.

VIDEO - Infinite Chan, Impossible Food - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 9.5.19 [Channel: IPOT1776]

>>>/qresearch/16517394 Ending the attack on the 2nd amendment starts with banning the prescription of anti depressants as a treatment for mental distress. Big Pharma pulls the trigger. The evidence is there.

>>>/qresearch/16517434 Reminder: Twitter, Fb, TikTok, more are run by the FBI, CIA, and NATO [DARPA]

>>>/qresearch/16517485 RE: 'The Gabby Petito Story'

>>>/qresearch/16517497 Fauci gave Aids patients Ganciclovir, a human carcinogen, teratogen, and mutagen. Also a cause inhibition of spermatogenesis.

>>>/qresearch/16517522 Boatfag noticed very heavily dawn chemtrail pattern over the lower Chesapeake Bay this morning

>>>/qresearch/16517595 #20896 posted in #20897

>>>/qresearch/16517631 US is now international ‘outlier’ – Biden

>>>/qresearch/16517632 @PACAF B-1B Lancers fly in formation over the #PacificOcean during a Bomber Task Force mission. #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific

>>>/qresearch/16517663, >>>/qresearch/16517678 US launches new alliance in Pacific, The informal group includes America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the UK

>>>/qresearch/16517697 Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov battalion has built a 'state within a state,' and it despises both Russia and the liberal West - RT

>>>/qresearch/16517724 #20897

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>>>/qresearch/16517719 Q Research General #20898: POTUS Rally PANIC Edition

Created 252214ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16517756, >>>/qresearch/16517879, >>>/qresearch/16517919, >>>/qresearch/16517921, >>>/qresearch/16517957, >>>/qresearch/16517987, >>>/qresearch/16518126, >>>/qresearch/16518162 We're hitting levels of PANIC that should'nt even be possible

>>>/qresearch/16517821 @mattgaetz If corps are paying $4,000+ to their female employees to kill their baby, they should pay them the same to celebrate life when their employees become mothers.

>>>/qresearch/16517844 CIA personnel have continued to operate in Ukraine secretly, mostly in Kyiv, directing much of the intelligence the U.S. is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to current and former officials - nyt

>>>/qresearch/16517847 If you still want an abortion, try the Pfizer vaccine

>>>/qresearch/16517876 84 Lawless Prosecutors from 29 States Including Several Soros-Funded DAs Vow to Disregard Law and NOT Prosecute Women who Seek Abortions or Medics Who Provide Them

>>>/qresearch/16517909 This Website Teaches Kids How To Get Puberty Blockers Without Informing Parents, Including Illegal Methods

>>>/qresearch/16518020, >>>/qresearch/16518173 POTUS45 arrives at Quincy Regional Airport

>>>/qresearch/16518049, >>>/qresearch/16518231 Potus’ rally tonight is in Mendon, Illinois. Part of Quincy, AKA Q TOWN!

>>>/qresearch/16518062 They literally want you dead - more threats

>>>/qresearch/16518088 @AZmilitary1 Festive fireworks thundered on Red Square, citywide graduation celebrated in the center of Moscow

>>>/qresearch/16518093, >>>/qresearch/16518125 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was previously known as Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control?

>>>/qresearch/16518095 Here's a picture of the chemtrails from this morning. Easily visible from orbit.


>>>/qresearch/16518159, >>>/qresearch/16518180, >>>/qresearch/16518210, >>>/qresearch/16518250 Exhibit Victim Impact Statements

>>>/qresearch/16518204 Most of the people who are mad right now couldn't even define a woman a month ago

>>>/qresearch/16518257, >>>/qresearch/16518281 THIS

>>>/qresearch/16518266 WHO declares #monkeypox does "currently" not constitute a global health emergency.

>>>/qresearch/16518341 Navarro says Rodney Davis from IL is a RINO - newsmax

>>>/qresearch/16518344 Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine: Sex Reassignment Surgery For KIDS is “Lifesaving, Medically Necessary”

>>>/qresearch/16518415 TRUMP RALLY Mendon, ILLINOIS LINKS

>>>/qresearch/16518441, >>>/qresearch/16518452 LB

>>>/qresearch/16518483 #20898

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>>>/qresearch/16519251 Q Research General #20900: A Victory For Life - Donald Trump Edition

Created 260013ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16519307 TRUMP RALLY Mendon, ILLINOIS

>>>/qresearch/16519332, >>>/qresearch/16519357, >>>/qresearch/16519481 Victory For Life bun


>>>/qresearch/16519333 If I gave up, if I stayed home, and said the election was right,the persecution would stop. But i cannot do that because I love our country far too much

>>>/qresearch/16519350 Regarding J6 "It's all just a continuation of the Russia Russia Russia hoax Impeachment 1 Impeachment 2" +++ Durham "Joint Venture Conspiracy"

>>>/qresearch/16519370 President Trump: [Pritzker] did a horrible job, he locked everybody in and locked them up. He was a disaster. His numbers are terrible; everybody's fleeing your state.

>>>/qresearch/16519386 110,000 watching on RSBN youtube.

>>>/qresearch/16519413 Hair orHare?

>>>/qresearch/16519432 Holy shit Darren ripped out of a hair from Trumps head, Trump said we’ll be looking for that hair for a long time.

>>>/qresearch/16519438 President Trump: [Pritzker's] got money, and that's about it. Got other things too. They're not good.

>>>/qresearch/16519482 Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of our country.

>>>/qresearch/16519483 Space Force "IS GOING TO BE very important"

>>>/qresearch/16519486 Schumann is lit

>>>/qresearch/16519519 This is not a game Learn to play the game

>>>/qresearch/16519527 Potus: elections, as you know, have consequences.

>>>/qresearch/16519528 President Trump: For each of the past three months, more illegal aliens have trespassed across our border, than any month in the history of our country prior to the Biden administration.

>>>/qresearch/16519554 It was Donald J. Trump who did it by putting three Constitutionalists on the Court

>>>/qresearch/16519563 Dont forget your towel

>>>/qresearch/16519579 Alittle dabb here, a little dabb there…look at these crowds!

>>>/qresearch/16519582, >>>/qresearch/16519646 It is HOT ~DJT

>>>/qresearch/16519585 It is hot, everyone have water, anyone need water

>>>/qresearch/16519619 Mendon Illinois in Scrabble Calculator=17

>>>/qresearch/16519638 for keks reminder FBI criminal complaint for MAGA rioter has VERY lewd viral image photoshopped in the background where a painting of 19th century GOP leader Henry Clay should be

>>>/qresearch/16519654, >>>/qresearch/16519686, >>>/qresearch/16519724 Searching for 40% returns nothing, searching for 20% yeild no such conversation with Q.Have you got a post number?

>>>/qresearch/16519682 President Trump: The Biden administration should try going in and dismantling the Crips, the Bloods, MS-13n This is not our country what's happening. All democrat-run cities.

>>>/qresearch/16519684 Children being shot on Chicago, a 12 year and 15 year old, shot in the head.Your Governor has done a horrible, horrible job

>>>/qresearch/16519702, >>>/qresearch/16519704, >>>/qresearch/16519707, >>>/qresearch/16519710, >>>/qresearch/16519711, >>>/qresearch/16519795 WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!!!!

>>>/qresearch/16519723 lb Watching rally; "Mendon, IL" =mending the ill?

>>>/qresearch/16519765 They are teaching our children sexual and marxist lessons in school (not verbatim), but we have the greatest military…

>>>/qresearch/16519777 A guy comes along…named Jill

>>>/qresearch/16519819 President Trump: They also need to crack down on BigPharma for giving puberty blockers, and other dangerous drugs, to mutilate minor youth.

>>>/qresearch/16519845 no more fake drop boxes

>>>/qresearch/16519851 2000 MULES

>>>/qresearch/16519874 Teachers will not be able to teach transgender without parents permission.Who would have believed we are talking about puberty blockers, WHO would have believed

>>>/qresearch/16519891 The Houston Fire Department is actually driving a fire engine and other city vehicle in some pride parade.

>>>/qresearch/16519916, >>>/qresearch/16519933, >>>/qresearch/16519966, >>>/qresearch/16519975, >>>/qresearch/16520002 Gotta have a 3 in front of it.

>>>/qresearch/16519929 Truth Social works fine. go to the web site. im on linux using brave browser.

>>>/qresearch/16519951 President Trump: They [Mexico] took 32% of our car business over the last 25 years.

>>>/qresearch/16520025 #20900

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>>>/qresearch/16520030 Q Research General #20901: This nation belongs to (.You.) - DJT Edition

Created 260059ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16520069, >>>/qresearch/16520276 Trump talking about Lincoln. Q drop 4949

>>>/qresearch/16520085, >>>/qresearch/16520088, >>>/qresearch/16520097, >>>/qresearch/16520099, >>>/qresearch/16520100, >>>/qresearch/16520103, >>>/qresearch/16520105, >>>/qresearch/16520113, >>>/qresearch/16520128, >>>/qresearch/16520133, >>>/qresearch/16520134, >>>/qresearch/16520135, >>>/qresearch/16520164, >>>/qresearch/16520165, >>>/qresearch/16520167, >>>/qresearch/16520207, >>>/qresearch/16520461, >>>/qresearch/16520645, >>>/qresearch/16520668 I am gonna get you out of this lightning

VIDEO - Sam and Dave - Hold on I'm coming [Channel: Inconspicuos1]

>>>/qresearch/16520090 WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

>>>/qresearch/16520091, >>>/qresearch/16520598 Thank you very much for accepting my request to confirm the Q posts are valid

>>>/qresearch/16520149 The storm started as Trump was leaving the stage. Raining hard now, rushing to remove RSBN's equipment

>>>/qresearch/16520161, >>>/qresearch/16520218 Lightning huh

>>>/qresearch/16520178 Q 828 Make it Rain

>>>/qresearch/16520184, >>>/qresearch/16520255 Trump also said "it has to start with a 3" in references to the contract talk there were 3 maybeQ posts..

>>>/qresearch/16520188 I just want to say, I’m going to get you out of this lightning! I love you

>>>/qresearch/16520246, >>>/qresearch/16520264, >>>/qresearch/16520305, >>>/qresearch/16520320, >>>/qresearch/16520351, >>>/qresearch/16520356, >>>/qresearch/16520431 Marker 9 For the nein, nein, nein, nein There's the Lincoln Park - Calgary Military Base post coming up again in the comms


>>>/qresearch/16520388, >>>/qresearch/16520521 Beautiful Rally!!! We Are The Friggin Storm!!!

>>>/qresearch/16520574 When posting Q comms, please post the date and #, so others may find it later, should they need it, tanks kids.

>>>/qresearch/16520709, >>>/qresearch/16520711 FAKE NEWS: QAnon Creator ‘Q’ Returns After Nearly Two-Year Hiatus

>>>/qresearch/16520725 Donald J. Trump: "Thank you, Trump!" chants break out as President Trump celebrates the Supreme Court's ruling on Roe v. Wade.

>>>/qresearch/16520731 Donald J. Trump: “I will protect the 2nd Amendment, and nobody has protected it like me."

>>>/qresearch/16520752 #20901

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>>>/qresearch/16520761 Q Research General #20902: PROTECTAMERICA.VOTE | CITIZENS AND SHERIFFS Edition

Created 260147ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16520849 CIA presence on the ground in Ukraine assisting the warmongering

>>>/qresearch/16520866, >>>/qresearch/16521137, >>>/qresearch/16521604 rt ———–––——–— Established. (Who was "Jane Roe"? 50 years of conditioning.)

>>>/qresearch/16520890 In plain site, subliminal not so subliminal advertising DEMON

>>>/qresearch/16520927 Trump speaks about confirmation and fake drop (boxes) (Cap 0:26)

>>>/qresearch/16520966, >>>/qresearch/16521308 President Trumps Full Speech at The Save America Rally in Mendon, IL RSBN

>>>/qresearch/16521000 Lightning comms?

>>>/qresearch/16521056 Dan Scavino: 6/25/2022 | ILLINOIS

>>>/qresearch/16521058 US should not be providing "commando" support without a declaration of war.

>>>/qresearch/16521066, >>>/qresearch/16521188 Dr. Zabin was the founding director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health

>>>/qresearch/16521098, >>>/qresearch/16521163 To put it in context DJT says "They did it in droves" and "they should be fired immediately" follows with DJT saying "Sir I'd like you to to confirm…" and DJT follows with "no more fake drop … boxes"

>>>/qresearch/16521168, >>>/qresearch/16521180 Incredible evening in the GREAT STATE OF ILLINOIS, thank you!

>>>/qresearch/16521210 PF Report 45 in FFL548 departed Quincy Regional Airport to the north avoiding some weather and heading back to Morristown Muni Airport,NJ'''

>>>/qresearch/16521248 Ghislaine Maxwell Placed on Suicide Watch

>>>/qresearch/16521289 Reminder 2019 Fact: President Trump is merely a lightning rod, Americans are the lightning

>>>/qresearch/16521410 POTUS CONFIRMED Q

>>>/qresearch/16521414 Christian Pregnancy Center in Colorado Set on Fire After Obama Activates Shock Troops Following Supreme Court Decision on Roe v Wade

>>>/qresearch/16521440 FAKE NEWS CDC Investigating "Large, Ongoing" Outbreak Of Rare Disease In Florida

>>>/qresearch/16521468 You guys here DJT say “little dab here little dab there”?

>>>/qresearch/16521539 #20902

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Q- >>>/qresearch/16521604

Notables !!QVF6T.FX0A ID: 34d994 June 25, 2022, 9:18 p.m. No.140606   🗄️.is 🔗kun

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/16521553 Q Research General #20903: DJT say “little dab here little dab there”? Edition

Created 260250ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16521730 Q 4957: Who was "Jane Roe"? How do you control generations of a populace? 50 years of conditioning.50 years of propaganda.

>>>/qresearch/16521776 Norma McCorvey AKA Jane Roe | Deathbed Confession Highlight

VIDEO - AKA Jane Roe | Deathbed Confession Highlight | FX [Channel: FX Networks]

>>>/qresearch/16521799 Peter Navarro LIVE now

VIDEO - The Intelligence Briefing / Red Terror - John B Wells LIVE [Channel: John B. Wells - Caravan to Midnight]

>>>/qresearch/16521829 Who is the Roe v. Wade plaintiff ‘Jane Roe’?

>>>/qresearch/16521856 Plaintiff in Roe v. Wade U.S. abortion case says she was paid to switch sides

>>>/qresearch/16521865 The Fascinating Story Of The Woman At The Center Of Roe v. Wade

>>>/qresearch/16521931 The lie that caused a genocide. The confession of Jane Roe.

>>>/qresearch/16521936, >>>/qresearch/16522058 Air Q Vid From Dan (Cap 0:11)

>>>/qresearch/16521957 Yes and people are surprised that Norma McCorvey AKA Jane Roe never had an abortion.

>>>/qresearch/16521991 Jane Roe, her name was Norma McCorvey

>>>/qresearch/16521995 Jane Roe is Norma McCorvey

>>>/qresearch/16522043 ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v. Wade was so horrified by what she saw in abortion clinics, she became pro-life.

>>>/qresearch/16522070 Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade admits she lied about rape

>>>/qresearch/16522089 Jane Roe a.k.a. Norma Leah Nelson McCorvey

>>>/qresearch/16522111 1. Who was "Jane Roe"? [350], [45]0, [55]0

>>>/qresearch/16522115 'Jane Roe' in Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case says she was paid to support pro-life movement

>>>/qresearch/16522148 Norma Leah Nelson McCorvey (September 22, 1947 – February 18, 2017), also known by the pseudonym "Jane Roe

>>>/qresearch/16522179 In the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision being overturned, here's what we know about Jane Roe, her children and how her life played out in the public.

>>>/qresearch/16522341 #20903

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>>>/qresearch/16522368 Q Research General #20904: ESTABLISHED 50 years of Conditioning Propaganda & Lies Edition

Created 260345ZJUN22


>>>/qresearch/16522417 The name “Jane Roe” was created over beer and pizza.

>>>/qresearch/16522437 Studio 54 club owner Mark Fleischman: 'I'm ending my life by suicide'

>>>/qresearch/16522550, >>>/qresearch/16522568, >>>/qresearch/16522605, >>>/qresearch/16522617, >>>/qresearch/16522646 ROE V WADE Q: is yesterday’s overturning of Roe a marker? 11.3?

>>>/qresearch/16522562 2020 ballots destroyed Sept 4, not Nov 4, 2022

>>>/qresearch/16522612 Who is the Roe v. Wade plaintiff ‘Jane Roe’?

>>>/qresearch/16522654 Jim Watkins "We’ll see, it is highly probable that it is Q."

>>>/qresearch/16522673 Most of us know of the landmark case which legalized abortion in the United States. But what happened to Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade?

>>>/qresearch/16522700, >>>/qresearch/16522704 Biden signs bipartisan gun control measure supported by 29 Republicans

>>>/qresearch/16522718 50 ACORN employees were convicted of voter fraud

>>>/qresearch/16522732 Macron criticizes Supreme Court ruling despite France's strict abortion limits

>>>/qresearch/16522762, >>>/qresearch/16523013, >>>/qresearch/16523051 :10 potus does Q hand gesture :11 sec long Big Pharma- puberty blockers? + what else is in that stuff?

>>>/qresearch/16522770 Donald J. Trump: Thank you to John Nolte for truly understanding the way life works

>>>/qresearch/16522778 Gregg Phillips - How Do You Catch A Criminal? Build The Pattern Of Life, Map The Cheaters

VIDEO - Gregg Phillips - How Do You Catch A Criminal? Build The Pattern Of Life, Map The Cheaters [44:31] [Channel: X22 Report]

>>>/qresearch/16522840, >>>/qresearch/16522854, >>>/qresearch/16522878 The Pentagon has stated that any abortion laws enacted as a result of the Supreme Court's decision will not be recognized

>>>/qresearch/16522858, >>>/qresearch/16522917 Rubenstein is very mad at Justice Thomas

>>>/qresearch/16523056 #20904

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