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Veterans of the great meme war are hereby recalled back into service. Here are your orders:


Now is the time to seed some memes across socials.

Emphasis on highlighting how Trump is using executive orders for helping stop evictions and making payroll cuts etc because of stimulus breakdown because of Democrats.

Emphasis on highlighting how Democrats are to blame for no stimulus deal and how they stalled relief because they wanted to pay illegals.

Emphasis on highlighting how Democrats letting cities burn and trying to defund police.

Emphasis on highlighting the fact that rioters are targeting elderly people on the streets and abusing them.

Extreme emphasis should be made on how many human trafficking operations were shut down while POTUS was in office.


POTUS is a hero.

If anon has any further things for emphasis to highlight please add here, as WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!

remember anons, YOU are the magic wand.

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* Trump Successes v2

Hundreds of topics usable NOW (3Q 2020) to promote successful Trump policies & actions. Veterans. Farmers. Economic prosperity for all. Opportunity zones. Drinking water. Infrastructure. Healthcare. Freedom of Religion. Tax reform/reduction. Trade schools. Funding for Historically Black Colleges. Paid family leave. US-Canada-Mex trade agreement (USMCA). Energy. Medical price disclosure. Environment. Native Americans, and so many moar.

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I would add: Emphasis on what BLM actually wants/stands for. Most normies have no idea they're supporting Marxist trannies who want to destroy "the nuclear family' and "reclaim" property via reparations.

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The Catastrophic Fire On Board USS Forrestal (CVA-59)


On 29 July 1967, USS Forrestal (CVA/CV-59) suffered a catastrophic fire during flight operations while on Yankee Station off the coast of Vietnam. Wracked by eight high-order explosions of thin-shelled Korean War–vintage bombs and a number of smaller weapons explosions, the world’s first supercarrier was mere minutes away from the bottom of the Gulf of Tonkin. In its wake, the fire claimed 134 Sailors and Airmen, and seriously injured or burned another 161. Of those who died, 50 died where they slept. Many more were wounded but did not report their injuries because of the severity of those of their shipmates.

Forrestal was the first Atlantic Fleet carrier on Yankee Station, and she had been there only five days. As the ship prepared for its second strike of the day, at 1050, everything changed. The Navy in its definitive report on the event—Manual of the Judge Advocate General Basic Final Investigative Report Concerning the Fire on Board the USS FORRESTAL (CVA-59)—concluded that a stray electrical signal ignited the motor of a Zuni rocket carried by an F-4B Phantom II on the starboard quarter and shot across the deck, striking the external fuel tank of a fully armed A-4E Skyhawk on the port. At least one of the Skyhawk’s M-65 1,000-lb. bombs fell to the deck, cracked open, and was burning with a white-hot ferocity.

It is time for the truth to come out. They never mentioned the names of the pilots in the two planes involved in this catastrophe. This was never investigated to the full extent as to the REAL cause. The truth is that John McCain was the pilot in the F4 Phantom. The rocket motor did not ignite all by itself. These systems are full proof. Because if they were not full proof any rocket could go off when it is in storage on board the carrier, which would destroy the carrier. The only way a rocket could go off is if it was first ARMED then fired by turning a switch on, which only the pilot could do. John McCain had an argument with the pilot in the A-4E Skyhawk and decided to kill him. What he did not realize is how devastating his decision would be. His father was the admiral of the fleet so he was protected.

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McCain was transferred to another carrier the same day and on his next mission he was shot down by our own men. Word gets aground. Hope he is BURNING IN HELL