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CNN's Erin Burnett's Out Front (why do I think of Erin's not that good, pretty bad in fact, bewbs every time I type the name of her show?) is interviewing the mother of one of the two U.S. mercenaries captured by Luhansk Republic's forces.

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>Now I'm hungry.


Live alone oldanon just went maybe overboard. Normally take a couple days and cook a bunch of something good, like jambalaya, white bean chili, chicken tetrazzini. I eat a big meal and then put the rest into 1.5 pint containers and freeze it.


Just made the biggest mass of meat/mushroom/tomato sauce with all kinds of spices spaghetti ever. Haven't ate my meal but had a taste, it turned out great. But anon made too much.

Especially considering I'm making jambalaya tomorrow.

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She stole that line from the lying judge who testified before the unselect Jan 6 committee the other day. Wonder if that judge was appointed by Bill?

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Watergate. It was the enemy TV and newspaper media's greatest success. They, with the help of enemies withing Nixon's inner circle, think John Dean, took Nixon OUT. Heck, Nixon had no motive to call for a 2-bit break-in of a DNC office in DC less than 5 months before his reelection which he won in the biggest LANDSLIDE in American history. Nixon didn't even know there was a break-in. Then enemy media pounced and his enemies within went to work. They trapped him.


Enemy print and TV media had a success with Bill Clinton too. Clinton got caught committing serious crimes against women. What happened. The political enemies withing protect Bill, the media too. Clinton was impeached but found not-guilty in the Senate. And his ratings went through the roof.


Enemy print & TV media (and the corrupt politicians of both parties) ain't never met anyone like Trump. They've been attacking him 24/7 everyday since he came down that escalator. They haven't stopped. They still attacking him to this day. Today it's he almost succeeded in having his supporters kill Mike Pence. The propaganda machine is failing. It's the first time for them, they ain't taking failure so good,d.