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>define gender

Do you know how to impersonate a Polish Peeping Tom?

Look in YOUR OWN underwear!


Contrary to what an indoctrinated, PHD carrying libtard would have you believe, it really IS that simple.

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>What is your gender, synthetic or natural?


It is male.

As unanimously determined and agreed upon over time, by:

The Doctor who delivered me.

My Parents who could see what was obvious to a casual observer.

My Family and their close friends who may have changed my diaper before I had a birthday.

Various girls along the way, right up to and including my current wife.


As odd as it may seem to you in your currently confused state, NO one has EVER questioned my gender before you just did.

Were you able to see me, I'm quite sure both of your braincells would agree on what is obvious before having asked the question.