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Anons & BAKER missed a notable post last bread. Have the URL so will repost. It's the 47 year old chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (whose democrat members talked Anita Hill into making a false accusation against the nominee Clarence Thomas and leaked it to the Press who carried the baton from there). The not that old Joe Biden showed his colors. Showed he's a psychopath and has no clue that there can be normal men interacting with woman, even with sexual overtones involved.


The mere fact that a black guy who was a witness said NO to Anita Hill's advances drove the perverse Joe Biden up the wall. Remember, by this time, Joe was taking showers (and more?) with his daughter.


Don't know why the lb anon didn't get any traction.

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Maybe you have a problem. Forget about sauce, it is the full video of Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Day 3 confirmation hearing (after the dems. talked Anita Hill into falsely accusing Clarence Thomas and leaked it all to the press who were in on it. The embed is still up last bread.

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Yeah. 11 and a half in fact. It would have been a couple hours longer had the handlers of Anita Hill not thrown in the towel and cancelled the two additional panels who were scheduled to appear in support of her.


The reason anon is posting this is because it shows Joe Biden's sexual problems at the age of 47. It was less than 10 minutes but Joe had to be calmed down because a man, a black man, had ladies hitting on him who he turned down.


Books could be written about those 10 minutes.