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Subdural hematomas can take weeks to form after a fall. If you are an old potato, you don't even need to hit your head…


In older adults, the veins are often already stretched because of brain shrinkage (atrophy) and are more easily injured. Some subdural hematomas occur without cause (spontaneously). The following increase the risk for a subdural hematoma: Medicines that thin the blood (such as warfarin or aspirin)Jun 23, 2020 › article

Subdural hematoma : MedlinePlus Medical


Now lets think back to when Bidan had brain surgery in the past… aneurysm…them vessels be stretchin like Gretchen…

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If evil is contained, why are there gates at the entrance of Heaven?

If Satan can "become" evil in Heaven, why can't all the rest of the souls turn evil? Then you are stuck in Heaven with a bunch if evil…

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I'll add sex to the list of things I won't be doing in Heaven…

So for an eternity (neverending) all I do is worship GOD…sounds way better than here…is the going to be pot?

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Today is the day we crack open the preps. Starting today we will spend not one red cent that isn't necessary. The meat we grill will come from the deep freeze and not the store, there are handmade gifts just like when the kids were little. I am done participating in Bidans economy…

Anonymous ID: fd0d13 June 19, 2022, 3:45 a.m. No.16471548   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1558


True, but is has already been accounted for…and much, much cheaper. My point is I will not be injecting any new money into this economy… No cordless drill, no pressure washer, no toolbox, no ties, no Lowes gift card, no anything…no Holiday boost…

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I have a free flowing well…and I have food and I have weed. If the power goes out, I have a generator and fuel, I'll can what I am able, dehydrate what wont be canned and eat the rest.

What exactly is your problem anon?

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For instance…

If you live in Taiwan…China is your doom

If you live within the EU, Russia is your doom.

If you live in Africa…you are already doomed…

If you live in South America…you are already doomed.

If you live in Canada…doomed

If you live in Australia…doomed.