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Just Leave!

Please Leave?

You know you won’t because you’re only purpose is to bleed. Except your case it isn’t 3-7 days of it… it’s fucking nonstop faggot crying from you, day/night.

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When you look back at what they did to Potus45 and how fast they acted, if we all got together somehow, would could have Potato 🥔 French-fried in 2 months and Trumpy sitting back in the oral office fixing this shit already!

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Why did they change the wording in the Our Father?

From “forgive us our debts as we forgive those indebted to us”


“forgive us our trespasses…”


Because we are all indebted to the church thru all of our financial institution’s which THEY control!

THEY can’t have our debts forgiven just by a prayer! Can they?

When saying that prayer I modify to include “debts” and “trespasses” … just in case!