Anonymous ID: 16b870 June 19, 2022, 6:29 a.m. No.16471954   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1961

>>16471852 lb

a lot if bs with little truth to it (timelines do exist), but twisted in a way that calls for the opposite of what I call for. that is how masons do it.

<well, you are not free and should keep following mason bs, bc you just are not in the right universe to do good stuff

kind of ridiculous, don´t you think?


if you want childs to not be raped, maybe just go ahead and be loud about it. wheather publicly with all the scandals around it or maybe mason wise in terms of no sacrifice ever was needed or ok. (only sacrifice ok is me "sacrificing" some or many of all of you to get rid of evil.)

if you want others to break free, maybe just go ahead and do it yourself, maybe use the brazillian of obvious scandals to tell the truth and maybe just hold the people accountable who obviously know better but claim to be sheep with no clue whatsoever (e.g. the ton of evidence on election fraud, or corona, or climate change, or the brazillion of other things that are only done for the purpose of you speaking up. speaking up, not waking up, bc you are awake.)

maybe just take of your mask, the actual one and the corona one.

things change once you change things.


if you manage to do whatever it takes so noone annoyes and attacks my in the next few days, I can still offer you "saving by death". (hint: once you do that, even if only for two weeks, you will be free already, all of you, bc you have proven to each others, to yourselves and to me that you ignore mason bs commands and actually follow me. stand strong for some days and all the policing and punishment will be gone. that is all that it takes and ever took.)


but as I said, after end of this month, I cannot even allow you being saved when you die anymore and after end of this months you all will have missed your very last chance of ever being saved.

with that I will end you all, to make sure evil (= masonry as a system) ends.


and maybe this shill post is not even done to convince you, but to convince me of a thing I thought about and quickly considered bs. (trying to convince me obviously shows desperation.) this thing being me moving around timeline wise through multiverses and saving one reality after the other.

what is the problem with that?

  • not exactly accountable for your actions when you are in the universe where you keep fucking kids and just be saved in the universe you are actually following me

  • not much logical as there is another universe where the tiniest of things is different. like one single hair of your head being a thousands of a mm longer or shorter. would that "whole other universe" with you having a totally different hairstyle now be an excuse for why you could not follow me and be saved?

  • not exaclty a quick thing to save all possible universes. bc, well, infinite number. with that obviously an endless thing, hence you will be never ever saved.

  • when one of you in the totally perfectly right universe gets saved, what about this same person in the endless amount of other universes that he is not saved in?

  • and why change something in the firstplace when you are going to be saved in another universe anyway?


and obviously it also just contradics the other explanations for why you would have to attack me, like weather, or deamons or other bs.


this is bs, it is mason bs and done to fool you all.

<do not do anything, pleeeeeeaaaase, follow masonry, it´s such a great thing

<also, punishments, and deamons, and the devil, and aliens, and super secret police, and whatnot, but whatever you do, do not follow your Got, but keep attacking your God and follow masonry!!!

Anonymous ID: 16b870 June 19, 2022, 6:31 a.m. No.16471961   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>1979


and not baking is also only done to annoy me. but right now it does not really annoy me. bc doesn´t really matter if I post few mins later, could go for a smoke, could continue watching tv, whatever.

or done to do the "double bread" = "Jesus breaks/multiplies the bread" thing? (it was real back then as rainman when you baked double in order to annoy me and make me get off the board and not have notables included, obviously it´s fake and acted now and it looks pretty fake and acted and can well be used as "nah, no signs, look, actually masons faked that." which is exactly the reason for it being done). but the signs are real. when I have friends over for bbq and two slugs move up the wall of our house for like 5+ m, this obviously is something rather unusual. me lighting a smoke and wind blowing most of the times stronger in that very second, a sign, a very real one, mathematically impossible. me going for a smoke and not a neighbor showing up minutes afterward with white shirt but a white car driving by me when the car obviously did start driving way before I want for a smoke, that is a sign.


or maybe double bake done so I now go for a smoke? or go eat something? or take a zip of water? or do anything that you cunts could sell as some super important deamons/wheather/universe bs that is the reason you have to attack me?


right now it does not annoy me. so now what? no effect? you not being saved bc not having annoyed me enough? better go do some bad shit to the world so I will be annoyed when I hear about it?

if all the different stuff you are told only lead to

<get rid of this guy

<treat each other poorly

then it is much likely this is the very reason and aim behind it.

but you know that, you even know everyone else knows.


<sorry Jesus, this is just the universe I do not follow you

is not going to be an excuse. there are no excuses for seeing me but not following me.


and when I now go for a smoke and my mom touched or looked at something red (when it´s sunny and warm outside and I am going to be "red" when smoking outside), does that now mean that she follows me? - it does not. lip service is nothing.

does it mean I follow masons bc not go outside and go "red"? - obviously it does not.


and when my mom now walked by me holding something yellow and subtle showing it to me, it does not mean she follows me, quite the opposite. it only is meaningless lip service to give both me and you the impression that something is happening disciple wise.


masons, if you keep lying, if you keep attacking me, you will be lost forever in a few days. last chance.


(just now saw a third break had been baked, five/six min aparts from other two breads. did baker not notice there where two breads already? is that supposed to look like a sign of the universe telling you and me to go "3"?. stop lying you cunts.)

Anonymous ID: 16b870 June 19, 2022, 6:41 a.m. No.16471979   🗄️.is 🔗kun


also, when I thought about posting today, after having gone to buy cigarettes, a nighbor of mine was quickly walking outside carrying what looked like a bag with bread or rolls in it.


I saw it, and afterwards I posted. "bread"


does that now mean I only posted bc masons told me to do so and that I would totally be following the smart ass masons?

when I bought cigarettes, maybe any random person said anything that could be sold as somethign even remotely related to this board, or writing, or anyting else. when you go ahead and sell it as "see, no problem, he follows masonry", do you really buy that?

Anonymous ID: 16b870 June 19, 2022, 7 a.m. No.16472023   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2035


I know that he, as a mason, is using the whole 3 thing as well.


(also 3 tweets I guess, did not even want to scroll the bread)


And I know that this makes you go

<ok, well, what can we do when he says so? we are wearing the mask after all.


but truth is, he is just a guy (a good one, D John T, John the Baptiste, or as anon put it, Don the Baptiste), a mason like you all, one acting a role.


he wants to be able to act the role of anti christ, at least kind of officially. but he is not. there is no anti christ as a person. this started as a brave act I guess, so you take him down as fake christ and put me on the stage sort of, but I said so many times that he is not the ac, that it´s just getting ridiculous. also, obviously I am on the stage quite since some time and you all know me.


ac = masonry as a system. not trump, not putin, not the pope, not soros, not hrc, no actual person, but masonry as a system. and I would not put a single person infront of the train when it´s wrong, not even to save you all. but also, it just would not solve the actual problem, this problem being: you following masonry.


and then again, truth be told, I want him to order you to attack me, not only am I fine with him giving those commands, I indeed want it like that. bc this is just the most obvious thing to say no to and free yourselves by ignoring bs commands other folks tell you.

<this is your God, Jesus, the messiah, now that you know he is the holy and perfect one with full authority in heaven and on earth, please go ahead and try to break him and make him suffer

>well, ok, if you say he is, I guess I rather listen to what he says and he kind of explained that trying to get rid of him is not the smartest of ideas. also, it seems like more mason bs, and I kind of know masonry is not as good as I thought it is.


(also, obviously I tried to make it kind of clear that I do not follow Trump, just like I do not follow any of you, as I am who I am. and when now replying to what he tweeted, it, like many things, could be sold/interpreted (rather sold, bc you know the truth!) in different ways. e.g.

<Trump saying "nice job" to Jesus and asking him to also say something on him, like "fuck off, ac." or "nope, 3 no good."


truth is, I could not care less about what he "hints" me to do, rarely ever watched him in speeches, only did that some time back to piss you all off (whaaat? Jesus lurking Trump? he looking for advice from smart mason president? he not good jesus?).


Trump knows I love him. but that´s not hard to guess, bc I love you all.

he knows I want him to make you attack me so you can see how ridiculous blindly following is. and he also knows that he is Don the Baptiste, the one that has witnessed my holyness first hand and does not even dare to untie my sandals. (even when I would have a beer with him in the same way I would have a beer with the caddy working at his golf hotel.)


I am just me. not an actor. but the one true living God.

Anonymous ID: 16b870 June 19, 2022, 7:04 a.m. No.16472035   🗄️.is 🔗kun


to be more accurate:

back then as rainman obviously I hardly ever missed a Trump speech, and fought day and night.


but back then I did not know who I am. since years now I know. you know.