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The New Cryptocurrency 2.0 Will Destroy The Charity Corruption & Increase The Trusted



If think and do project for all humanity, then I would prefer to use my previous plan to replace the old way of charity/foudation.


Now, all entities who want make donate to help the “poor” people, they always need to send their money/wealth to some charity/foundation, then wait/hope/expect that complex charity/foundation to send the “aid” support to the poor. A very complex process.


Most people need food and meals to survive only, and some basic clothes or place to stay.

Clothes can be bought easy and the poor people do not need it that much.

While the place to stay over night, people can live on the street without any major problem.

The only thing that hard to solve is the foods/meal.


Now with the appear (on theory) of my new cryptocurrency 2.0 + app that connect between businesses and customer/public people, it will be much easier to help/support the poor !


Whoever entities want to donate/help/support the poor can:

– Buy certain number of “in-advance” meals from any restaurants/food store here they will send money and receive the “coin” from that stores.

– Distribute the coin to the one who really needed either via QR code paper or via app.


By using that method, no any charity/foundation can “cheat” !


And the “aid” will given to the poor straight forward and with the fastest time without any border restriction !


I don’t have real number about the charity industry of this society, but it seems it over 500 billion US Dollar per year, a huge real market for new cryptocurrency 2.0 !


Just a tiny bit of knowledge wisdom from my unlimited mind !


Where is my reward/donation for my works so far?!


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha