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Food Shortages and rising prices out of control?




POTUS is putting America on a diet



anon ponders weighing about 15 pounds less than couple months ago

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Video is from April

Article is from today


Missing North Texas teen was a sex trafficking victim in Oklahoma, police say


Texas Teenager's Parents Speak Out on Sex Trafficking Case from Mavericks Game

June 18, 2022


The parents of a 15-year-old Texas girl who went missing from a Dallas Mavericks game in April and was allegedly sex-trafficked publicly spoke about the case Saturday.


Kyle Morris, who is the girl's stepfather, detailed what happened during an April 8 game between the Mavs and Portland Trail Blazers at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.


Brooke Morris added that her daughter told her she met several other girls in the same situation during her harrowing experience in Oklahoma, "And she said, 'I wonder how long they have been in this life, but no one looked for them.'"