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>Imagine calling yourselves “patriots” and then cheering like a bunch of fucking faggots when the President of the United States falls


You mean like when you faggots couldn't stop laughing when Trump held the handrail going down the stairs?


Love it.

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> Reveals he performed at her home in front of her young daughter


This is BS - of course he didn't perform in front of her daughter. These lying demons will say anything to wiggle out of being stamped.

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anon is embarrassed…


Up until now when wife anon just corrected me me - I thought "juneteenth" was the federal holiday for the gays because it was in June.

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Joe Biden is the first quintessential, lying, cheating, iconic politician to reach the White House. He cheated and lied his way to the top - embodying every sleazy political trait of every sleazy politician in history. This is incredible when you realize that the world can identify the sleaziness in presidential elections now that the world's sleaziest man is in the White House.


-World's most corrupt man "elected" to US presidency.

-World NOW understands what corruption really is.