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Does it matter? Rather than dismissing information because it is hosted on a platform, by a host you don’t like, look at the content. Ask yourself will this documentary get the word out to MORE people. Beck has a large following.

At this point, every platform must be used. Your comment divides, says because you don’t like this person ignore him and everything he says.

This is GOOD AGAINST EVIL time. We have determined the Global agenda is EVIL. Anyone speaking out against EVIL, is on our side, we all need to come together in this war. There are ONLY two sides. You are throwing the baby out with the bath water. Not everyone on our side will be pure, everyone has their own faults, but, if we don’t unite, they will do their damage.

Anyone with a large platform to reach people, with a good message is helping. Division doesn’t help.


The sooner we unite, the less damage and destruction will occur.