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Did We Just Learn Who Let Colbert Into The Capitol Building?


Well folks, this just got REAL interesting…


When Trump Supporters were LET IN — actually waived in by police (it’s all on video) — they are deemed terrorists and thrown in prison for months with no rights of Habeas Corpus or any other basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Now, when a far-left “comedian” (and yes I put that in very serious quotes) does it, what will be the outcome?


We’re about to find out.


Well, we might have just found the answer to that question.


According to the House GOP, it was none other than Schifty Adam Schift!


House Republicans accuse Rep. Adam Schiff of allowing Colbert staff into Capitol

By Jon Levine

June 18, 2022

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God's News

Before Their News


JULIE GREEN MINISTRIES Published June 18, 2022 32:54 min


Julie prophesied about 'Stephen Colbert' months previously and was warned there would be more to the story than the public will be led to believe. The TRUTH about Colbert will destroy this person, sayeth the Lord.

The next hurricane that forms will not be a coincidence: Economic Hurricane.

Tearing down the babalonian EVIL economic system, sayeth the Lord.

JP Morgan and Chase will be exposed heavily in the coming days…

Slavery will be taken down by my hand, sayeth the Lord.

February 17 prophesied, It is time to show the world what the enemies have done against you: BRIAN STETLER, you will removed from CNN, judgement is coming for you. Your time is over, Brian. Article June 15th, Brian Stetler on the chopping block!


Pretty amazing video, worth the watch and worth following this person, Julie Green Ministries.