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I'm posting this again. Poasted this morning and will poast for NS. Due to the magnitude of this, it sounds like whistleblower and lawyers need public eyes on before they're proceeding. All Anons must watch part 2, if not both. >>16469741 pb

Part 2:


This story is currently unfolding. It confirms everything we have been called crazy for knowing and exposing. Most important link to follow story in real time is this one:


I'm just a messenger. This information is what it is; decide for yourself.


Whistleblower, Richie Albertini, told me that Damien Echols is Johnny Depp's best friend. He is known as one of the "West Memphis Three." He was on death row but his pedowood buddies came to the rescue to get him off the hook and he took an Alford plea. (Look him up.) He is known for being satanic, but really they're luciferian. Satanists don't believe in God at all and loserferians believe god IS the devil. (Their bible is called "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike.) Richie said Damien took over Michael Aquino's "church of set" and he's the one who runs it now.


This video starts off with Richard Albertini blowing the whistle on Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi Jr. for using CPS to take away Karena Feng's children after they took all of her property. Karena is currently candidating for the congressional representative of California District 9, this coming 2022 Election.


The video then goes on to a phone call between Mr. Albertini and Sacramento CPS. They have a rough start because the CPS guy thinks albertini is lying until he types in his social security number and the tone begins to change. Mr. Albertini is exposing trafficking, murder and corruption at the highest levels.


Mr. Albertini used to work with mossad agent Ami Shrafrir, who worked with Robert Maxwell. Mr. Albertini states they used to run a phone sex extortion and blackmail operation, before finding out that Ami was a pedophile and decided to rob him blind. They all went to prison except for Ami, it sounds like FBI somehow cooperated with him. Ami Shafrir owns Explore Talent Agency and Albertini says that it is used for trafficking children. Ami is/was a pornographer. Albertini told me that he himself was the main Disney pornographer. He has never liked pedos and so I'm assuming that this was adult content and he must have a lot of information on those who used minors. (I don't know. It's the only thing that makes sense to me for now. I did not pursue that topic with him though.) Explore Talent is currently still operating.


We move on from there to learn more about Richie Albertini's past and how he came to the point of Paul Pelosi Jr hiring him to intimidate Karena Feng. We learn about his ties to the Gambino Mob as well as his growing up in Hollywood aka pedowood.

He talks about being an eye witness to a murder scene where Peter Greene had just murdered (it sounds like two people but he only saw the body of one. The other guy, who was last seen with Peter Greene, is still missing.) Albertini says this was a ritual sacrifice and when he arrived on the scene, Peter Greene was eating the victim's brain and finger painting on the wall with the blood. Supposedly, it sounds like months or years later, Greene still lived there with the blood never having been cleaned up. He goes on to tell us about the night River Phoenix was sacrificed for the RHCP as well as Johnny Depp.


It sounds like the whistleblower and lawyers need a public awakening to the truth about pedowood before proceeding due to the nature of the opposition's GAS LIGHTING tactics. (Look up gas lighting if you don't know what that means.)

Whistleblower wants this message shared b/c he is being censored due to the nature of this explosive information. MSM won't go near it.