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Moscow "extraordinary" draft resolution to condemn "Israel" in UNSC


Israeli media said that the draft resolution Russia is preparing to present to the UN Security Council is a very extraordinary move.


This initiative by Russia follows an attack that took place on Damascus international airport on June 10, 2022.


Israeli Kan's political affairs expert Gili Cohen said that the major issue about the draft was that it said the actions of the Israeli Air Force are not only affecting civilian air traffic, but also international air traffic, adding that after the Israeli attack, Damascus International Airport was rendered inoperational, and flights were diverted to another airport.


Cohen further declared that Russia's criticism is scathing, and shows that the attack on Damascus Airport was not going to pass without any repercussions.


She also reported senior Israeli officials as saying that this latest Russian move comes as a form of political payback for "Israel's" support for Ukraine against Russia.


Read more: Shocking impact of Israeli violations of Lebanon's skies revealed


Russia's draft resolution says that "Israel" has violated international law with this strike, is destabilizing the region, and is violating the sovereignty of Syria, as well as other countries'.

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NATO to proclaim Russia a 'threat to peace' at Madrid Summit


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that participants at the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid in June will declare Russia to be a "threat to peace and stability" in the new alliance's Strategic Concept.


The NATO Strategic Concept is the organization's key document, in which member countries reaffirm NATO's values and purpose, provide a collective assessment of the security environment, define security challenges and measures to address them, and outline guidelines for the alliance's future political and military development.


In an interview with the German newspaper Bild, Stoltenberg stressed that "we will declare that Russia is no longer a partner, but a threat to our security, to peace and stability."


The new NATO strategic concept will also mention China, whose rise poses a threat to NATO's interests, values, and security, he added.


It is worth noting that Stoltenberg announced, on May 26, that Russia, which is designated as a strategic partner in the current strategy of the alliance adopted in 2010, would not be considered a strategic partner in NATO's new strategy.


On its account, Moscow has repeatedly stated that NATO is a confrontational alliance.


Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, stated in early April that furthering the alliance's eastward expansion is aggressive and will not make Europe more secure.


Elsewhere in his remarks, Stoltenberg claimed that Western modern weapon deliveries to Ukraine could assist Kiev in regaining control of Donbas.


Stoltenberg added that NATO will continue to assist Ukraine in self-defense, despite the fact that the military alliance is not a party to the conflict.


Increasing modern arms supplies would increase Ukraine's chances of driving Russian troops out of the southeastern regions (Donbas), Stoltenberg added.


Despite this, Stoltenberg reiterated that NATO will not send troops to Ukraine. He warned that the war in Ukraine could last for years.

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IS claims Sikh temple attack in Kabul


The Islamic State (IS) claimed Sunday responsibility for the attack against a Sikh temple in Afghanistan earlier this week. The attack left two dead and around seven injured. IS has committed a series of attacks across Afghanistan in hopes of creating further rifts amongst the ranks of citizens.


Gunmen stormed a Sikh temple in Kabul on Saturday, hurling at least one grenade, killing two and injuring seven others, according to the interior ministry and witnesses.


While the number of bombings in Afghanistan has decreased since the hasty US withdrawal in August, several deadly attacks have occurred in recent months.


Since reclaiming power in the country in August 2021, the Taliban movement has been battling a local chapter of IS, which is believed to be responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks and bomb explosions in Afghanistan.


The presence of IS in the country is minimal, and the movement has been working to eliminate the group, according to the Taliban.

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Reality slapping 'Israel' in the face: Israeli general


Israeli occupation reserve brigade Brigadier-General Zvika Vogel said Hezbollah and Hamas have exponentially grown in their military capabilities and their abilities to wage psychological warfare, Israeli media reported on Sunday.


"Iran is moving toward becoming a nuclear state, and Hezbollah and Hamas are continuing to grow, all the while, we continue to say that it is the quietest year," Vogel told Israeli Channel 13.


"It is like we forgot that we do not roam Israel however we wish, and personal security has decreased. We neglected Al-Naqab, and we cannot travel freely in the north […] reality is slapping us in the face every day," he added.


"Hamas has more than 10,000 rockets and Hezbollah has more than 160,000. Do we wait for them to get rusty?" he asked. "We have learned that these rockets will not rust, and they will eventually be fired toward us […] instead of dismissing the warnings and ensuring stability and self-sufficiency, let us take care of our future."


Hamas in Gaza winning against 'Israel'


Israeli occupation reserve brigade colonel Kobi Marom says there are problems within Israeli politics due to Hamas, Israeli media reported on Sunday.


"Hamas is winning against Israel on all levels," Marom told Israeli Channel 12.


"In the battle with Hamas, the battle for awareness is no less important than military attacks. When the residents see an observational post in front of their window bombed and then repaired, they grow a sense of insecurity," he added.


His comments come in light of Hamas rebuilding a ground control point that the Israeli occupation had bombed on Saturday, which Israeli media said caused outrage in the Gaza envelope.


Al Mayadeen correspondent reported Saturday about new explosions heard in eastern Gaza and the eastern cemetery area as sirens were triggered in the Gaza envelope settlements of Askalan.


Our correspondent reported that Israeli reconnaissance planes targeted with two missiles the vicinity of a ground control point in the Malakah area in the Zeitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza, adding that Israeli bombing targeted Resistance sites in the central governorate of the Gaza Strip.

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Melenchon hails Macron's failure in elections


Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader of a coalition grouping the French left in the legislative elections, hailed the elections as "above all, the electoral failure of Macronism".


Melenchon told his supporters in Paris "It is a moral failure of the people who are always trying to teach everyone a lesson, who have presented themselves as a dam against the far-right."


He also said his NUPES alliance achieved its main objective of defeating Macron, whom he said was "so arrogant as to twist the arm of the whole country".


"We beat Macron. He doesn’t have the majority," he added.


Five French polling firms have projected that Macron's coalition will be able to garner 200-260 seats in the parliamentary elections, short of the 289 seats needed to secure a majority.


The left-wing coalition, NUPES, headed by Jean-Luc Melenchon, may win 149-200 seats according to projections. With only 60 seats in the outgoing parliament, this means that the coalition stands to triple its representation.


The far-right's Marine Le Pen was also expected to win big in these elections, going up from eight seats in the outgoing parliament to 60-102 seats, according to projections.


If Macron's alliance performs at the lower end of the projections, then there is the possibility of a hung parliament, which may lead to political paralysis in France, and the possibility of fresh elections to resolve the deadlock.

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Israeli minister: Likud, Netanyahu trying to ‘bribe’ coalition members


Israeli Minister Gideon Sa'ar slammed the Likud party and its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Friday, accusing them of attempting to "bribe" coalition members in order to bring the government down. And, once again, he vowed not to work with Netanyahu in government.


Sa'ar said, as quoted by Israeli Channel 12, that Likud was "offering bribes to different people" in the coalition.


Elsewhere in his remarks, he denied rumors that he was considering leaving the coalition and forming a right-wing government with the Likud.


“I won’t bring Bibi back, I’ll say that as clearly as I can,” he said, referring to Netanyahu.


The Israeli minister boldly accused Netanyahu and his party of spreading false news and lying to coalition members.


“It’s a factory of fake news,” he said. “They’re always working to spread fake news. Once to weaken me and hurt the public that follows me and then to try and lure people in.”


In response to his remarks, the Likud issued the following statement: "Gideon Sa'ar must keep his word and disperse the government if the West Bank laws are not passed."


In the meantime, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett continued his last-ditch efforts to persuade Yamina MK Nir Orbach to stay in the coalition after he announced his intention to leave earlier this week.


Bennett acknowledged the gravity of the situation shortly after Orbach's public withdrawal from the coalition, estimating that the coalition will collapse within the next two weeks.


All of this certainly underscores the weaknesses and divisions in the fragile Israeli alliance, raising questions about how long they can survive.


The coalition, comprised of eight ideologically distinct parties, formed last year and pledged to avoid divisive issues that could jeopardize its survival. The fresh dispute clearly indicates that the occupation’s government's days could be numbered.

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Dozens of settlers storm Al-Aqsa


Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the occupation police.


The incursion began at the Mughrabi Gate, in the western wall of Al-Aqsa, guarded and escorted by occupation forces.


The settler groups had called for storming the mosque and performed Talmudic rituals in the mosque's courtyards.


Recently, the attacks and violations of the Israeli occupation authorities against Al-Aqsa Mosque and the occupied city of Al-Quds and its Palestinian residents, have escalated. Moreover, the calls to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque and attempts to impose hegemony and control over the Mosque have increased.

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Russian MoD: 50 Ukrainian officers killed in strike


The Russian Defense Ministry announced, on Sunday, that more than 50 Ukrainian generals and officers were killed in a strike on a command center in the Ukrainian Dnipropetrovsk region.


Russian Defense Spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov, said, in a press statement, that long-range, high-precision Kalibr missiles launched from the sea yesterday hit the headquarters of the Ukrainian forces near the village of Shiroka Dacha in the Dnipropetrovsk province, while a work meeting for the leaders of the Alexandria strategic operational group was being held.


The spokesperson explained that as a result of the strike, more than 50 generals and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed, including representatives of the General Staff, the leadership of the Kakhovka Group, the air assault forces, and the formations operating on the Nikolaev and Zaporozhye axes.


According to the ministry, high-precision missiles hit a train carrying personnel in the Dnepropetrovsk region, and more than 100 Ukrainian soldiers were eliminated. The ministry added, "The 56 Mechanised Infantry Brigade was defeated, and up to 200 fighters were killed, including foreign mercenaries."


Moreover, the ministry stated that the offensive was successfully developed in the direction of Severodonetsk, Lugansk Republic. They added that the battalion defending the Lysychansk region of Severodonetsk gave up its heavy weapons and left its positions.


Ukrainian militant in Azot ready to negotiate


The ambassador of the Lugansk Republic in Moscow, Rodion Miroshnik, said that the Ukrainian militants besieged at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk are sending signals showing readiness to negotiate.


He wrote via his Telegram channel that "Contact and negotiation with the besieged militants continue, but it is clear that the terms of their surrender will not be better than before. They are still trying to seize opportunities and disrupt the ceasefire agreements."


The ambassador stressed that the military conditions for these besieged militants continue to deteriorate for the worse.


Previously, some 300-400 Ukrainian troops were blocked on the territory of the Severodonetsk Azot Association chemical plant, Rodion Miroshnik, the ambassador of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) to Russia, said on June 11.


"About 300-400 Ukrainian soldiers are now blocked at Azot. They are positioned near the first gatehouse of the chemical plant. Up to 500 civilians who were hiding from shelling in the plant's bomb shelter may also remain there. There are more civilians on the territory [of the plant], but they are in other parts of the plant," Miroshnik said on Telegram.


The ambassador stated that the military sought a safe passage for them and the prisoners from the plant's land to the city of Lysychansk; however, Miroshnik stated that such requests are inappropriate and will not be discussed.

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Al-Quds Brigades launch large-scale drills in Gaza


Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of Palestinian resistance faction Hamas, will conduct two-day-long military exercises in the Gaza Strip entitled The Will of the Honest (Azm Al-Sadiqin), Al Mayadeen's correspondent reported on Sunday.


Various formations within Al-Quds Brigades will participate in the drills, mainly the missile and artillery formations from all over the Gaza Strip, to increase preparedness, test the readiness of the forces, and expand cooperation, our correspondent reported, citing informed sources.


The exercises will also simulate the simultaneous bombing of several targets by the various formations of the factions, Al Mayadeen's correspondent added. The formations will practice how to bomb several geographic locations with barrages of rockets.


Al-Quds Brigades had announced on Saturday that they would be launching wide, large-scale drills in the Gaza Strip in order to up the preparedness of the forces and to lay down the groundwork for any future battle.


The drills "will simulate large-scale field operations with the participation of several military formations," Quds Brigades spokesperson Abu Hamza announced.


The joint operations room of Palestinian Resistance factions had launched the Al-Rukn Al-Shadid 2 joint military exercises in late December.


The drills saw the participation of all the Palestinian resistance factions to achieve greater harmony, unite their concepts, and increase their efficiency.


The military maneuvers in late 2021 came in light of Israeli aggression launched on the Gaza Strip, which killed hundreds of Palestinians, wounded hundreds of others, and destroyed the Strip's infrastructure.

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Prison break: ISIS members escape Raqqa Central Prison


Al Mayadeen sources reported that the Raqqa Central Prison was attacked at dawn, on Sunday, and that scores, maybe hundreds, of prisoners, including ISIS members, had escaped.


The sources added that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) armed groups cordoned off the perimeter of the prison and deployed patrols throughout the city while bringing in large military reinforcements.


They also carried out a massive search for escapees in the neighborhoods surrounding the prison.


On January 21, the SDF announced the failure of ISIS's attempt to liberate approximately 3,000 members including some of its most dangerous leaders.


It is worth noting that since 2021, members of the ISIS organization who are detained in prisons controlled by the US-backed SDF have engaged in riots and civil disobedience.

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UK Army Chief says British troops will have to fight in Europe


Following UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's return from a surprise visit to Ukraine, warning "we need to steel ourselves for a long war," the new head of the UK's Army said British troops need to prepare "to fight in Europe once again," meaning that the conflict may expand to include other European countries.


UK Army General Patrick Sanders, who took over from his predecessor on Monday, wrote about the challenges the Army faces, saying “There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle."


Furthermore, he added, “We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again."


The Army General also said he is the "first Chief of the General Staff since 1941 to take command of the Army in the shadow of a land war in Europe involving a continental power."


"Russia’s invasion of Ukraine underlines our core purpose to protect the UK by being ready to fight and win wars on land."


Back in 2021, Sanders, the new head of the army, had discussed in detail how the time he spent during the UK's occupation of Iraq and the violence he saw in operations, left him with suicidal thoughts.


“I found myself obsessing about experiences on the tour, dwelling too much on photographs, on video clips, on letters, replaying in my mind what had happened."

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US oil reserves massively depleting


Attempting to curve the prices of oil in the US, Washington has been actively using its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for over a year. Bloomberg reported this news on Friday and highlighted that the government cannot continue to tap into the reserves in the long run.


Bloomberg’s report showed that the US has released about 115 million barrels throughout the past year. Since mid-May, approximately 1 million barrels have been released marking a new record-high.


Moreover, if the US continues to release oil from its reserves at the current rate, then it would have exceeded the production rate of most medium-sized OPEC countries similar to Algeria or Angola.


The SPR comprises two types of crude: medium-sour, and light-sweet crude. The prior is equivalent to the type of crude pumped by Russia, most West Asia countries, and Venezuela.


Significant reductions in the amount of crude inside the reserves result from the fact that, based on Bloomberg’s analysis of official data, 85% of the oil sold by SPR over the past 12 months has been medium-sour.


At the current pace of oil production, the reserves will shrink to a 40-year low with only 358 million barrels remaining by the end of October. Last year, the SPR location in Texas and Louisiana reportedly contained 621 million barrels. According to official information, the US is set to stop extractions from SPR in October.


The report stated that “As the oil market looks today, it’s difficult to see how Washington can halt sales in October. Removing that additional supply would mean commercial inventories quickly deplete, putting upward pressure on oil prices.”


OilX Research, a company that provides advanced oil data analytics and oil market intelligence, estimates by the end of October the SPR will hold only 179 million barrels of medium-sour crude. Meaning the US would have sold approximately 180-190 million barrels of oil from its SPR.


Lost hopes to curve oil and eventually gas price


The national average price for regular unleaded gas in the United States rose to $5.016 per gallon on June 14th, according to data from the American Automobile Association (AAA), which tracks prices at more than 60,000 gas stations across the country.


Historically, the highest prices have been recorded in California, up to $6.44 per gallon, and the lowest in Georgia, at $4.49 per gallon.


In reaction to skyrocketing energy prices and the war in Ukraine, countries around the world are pouring money into new natural gas plants, which might undermine any hope of reducing global warming.


According to a recent study, governments such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada are investing in new gas production, delivery, and consumption in order to censure Russia.


The findings of the Climate Action Tracker research initiative show a rush for gas that will lock countries into the use of fossil fuels at a critical time when scientists have warned that a decisive shift to lower-carbon alternatives within the next few years is the only way to avoid climate breakdown.

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Sri Lanka: Troops open fire to quell unrest over fuel shortages


Srilankan officials reported that the military opened fire to quell rioting at a fuel station, as unprecedented lines for petrol and diesel formed across the bankrupt country.


On his account, army spokesperson Nilantha Premaratne stated that troops fired on Saturday night in Visuvamadu, 365 kilometers (228 miles) north of Colombo, as their guard post was pelted with stones.


“A group of 20 to 30 people pelted stones and damaged an army truck,” he said.


Four civilians and three soldiers were injured when the army opened fire for the first time to quell unrest caused by the worsening economic crisis, according to local police.


Sri Lanka is experiencing its worst economic crisis, with the country unable to import basic necessities most notably food, fuel, and medicines.


The country's 22 million people have been suffering from acute shortages and long lines for scarce supplies, while President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has resisted calls to resign over mismanagement for months.


It is worth noting that armed police and troops have been stationed at fuel stations in Sri Lanka.


In April, a motorist was shot dead by police in the central town of Rambukkana during a clash over the distribution of rationed petrol and diesel.


Over the weekend, police reported three separate incidents involving motorists. In one clash, at least six constables were injured, and seven motorists were arrested.


The government announced a two-week shutdown of state institutions and schools in an effort to reduce commuting and conserve the impoverished country's depleting fuel stocks.


In addition, the country is experiencing record-high inflation and lengthy power outages, all of which have contributed to months of protests.


It has also defaulted on its $51 billion foreign debt in April and is negotiating a bailout with the International Monetary Fund.