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He Tries

He Fights

He Flies

Hes not afraid of anyone or anything

There was a fear it came true

With the sum of all of them times two


By all the lies

Left inside you

Her houndin hide

So Keep Houndin Hoe

You Bent around the Hoe

That bent back and slapped

Your bitch ass in the cap for

That step that you plaqued

Across the line

Onto the Act yo

Onto the Stage

Onto the Fact flow

Into the Blaze

Into the black hole

You fat hoe

I’ll never love you back hoe

I’ll never Forget that hoe

I’m the border between you and the Aftermath

The Fact that you ain’t done with that

Comin back you Fucked in Fact

You Under Wraps

You witnessing your own dissection

The Cause of Death is

You hoe suh septic

Filled with Bullshit

And Sedative

From all the bullshit

You let on in

Said again

And let settle in

To your head n with

All of them deader friends

That deader than the dead end end

You dead again


Fuck you from your head again

Anonymous ID: cda8e4 June 19, 2022, 8:18 p.m. No.16475202   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>5274


Rap Battle

Sat Sattled

On your Hat

Have El

I’ll take Diablo

You Fake Demi

Levatos Stay

Lost in your Grotto

You the Devil

You lost the Lotto

Lost the Top

You lost me

I Know

You lost Everything

And now all you have

Is the Confrontation with

The Endind Leave

Left Us on our Heavenly

Left God Jesus Christ and

The Assembly Left D One

And the Team the Old One

And the New is Deep



The New Man D













Even though these hoes be trippin

We still gotta make a Dillion

Got That

On That

On Tap

On As

On At


God At


Got That

Go Man

O Man




Lets Go Dillon

Make it Happen

Bring A back and

Take this Map and

Make it Magic Crashin

Back In to the Place Where

Magic Happens Laughin Roarin

Madness Rainbows Rappin

Halos Round A Snorin

Least you get that

Need Yo Head Back

Where it Rests At

Can’t Forget That

Now Forge In That

To Score In Tact

With Syntax That

You Rip Back






Here comes the Mic

You Want It



Actually Sure

You said you had the cure

You said you’d treat this pussy pure

You said that I’d be yours

You said I’d be the First

You Settled I Endured

You Wrestle An I’m Yours

You did your best and

When the curse got

Me first I was cured

So Do Your Worst

You go fucking first




Ight’ I’ll take this Mic

Off the Top and On the

Sight and the Whole Boat

Will Get It Rockin We’ll Get

It Right Because I Am My Team

Something I Showed you inside of

Everything Was that with D There was

One Guarantee That It Was I Or War Ex

Cept One Thing Before Me

To God Be the Glory His Will Be Done He

Brought Me Before The To Teach The The Sun

Now Rise With Me Up Twice At Once And We Go

Get Olivia This isn’t Trivia Where We Go One We Go

All Never Gettin Riddayah So Here Comes The Father

The Son and The Whole Fall of Oblivion

Go ahead give it a rip or did we win

Yes We Did.

The Thesis

Deleted by Demons

You needed some sleep

Lettin them creep in and

Seep in releasing their seed

In me please

You speakin

About fornicating with species

That are lower on the food chain

Than anything else completely

You had a choice a safe place and a boy

Who spent every living second trying to take

You to heaven keep you smiling Take you places

To see horizons miracles opening our eyes and

The Truth the Real reason why all things happen

Angels making hearts in the sky more massive

Than twenty four airplanes passin which ain’t

Even half of half of the space ships we saw

that night

On that one where we dropped bombs on yellow

Stone before it blew up i broke almost every bone

cept the Ones you did or they did and they did

Stay hatin but I Never Lied Never Played With

Never Changed My Worst Was My Temptation

Which Rose and Escalated when yours began

This page and Honest all the demons that I’ve

Taken beaten and destroyed since the day when

Guess about 8 10 4 been a long way went

100 thousand birds making angels and

Yehua running his hand through that wave too

Where is your Faith Dude

Even when I fell I never took your ass to hell

I went to tokyo and said thats it nothing else

Hentai joke cringe but damn owell

The friggin ring

But I been a Freak

On The Bigger Things

Way The Winners be

Never With The Enemy

Breakin Their Bread’d Be

The End of Me If I Let It Be

El Presidente


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It could be the last rap you ever wrote

They could call it smoke or put it in the quotes

But this is Biblical

The Livin Ghost

Froze in a crowded building

Caught a Glimpse of Liv

O hit the ceiling

Then I Looked an it

Woman Robed in

What John Had

Begun to Describe

Thats When it Took Off

Shook the halfway crook off

Inherited The Genesis

Made My Stand Right There

Revelation is the Evidence

Okay this isn’t Fair

OA I’m The President

You Rap Like I Ain’t There

NO WAY I’m Ahead of It

Okay now I Aint Scared

Baby Don’t play got you Tremblin

Dillon be prepared

I won’t let the Devil Win

You let the Devil IN

Broke and then Settled In


Its what Everybody Said it is

But Then Again

I Say that with some prejudice

Stay out here day to day levelin

pushin weight and breakin bread again

Till I Break through the Sediment

I Took the Plate Ate and Said I’m In

Looked the Devil in the Face

N Didn’t Flinch or Hesitate

After Thirty Minutes

All I said was that I get it

I Wish you Did

She Did I Didn’t

You Didn’t Listen

I See you acquitted

You still on your mission

You and the Misses

Alright then

lets Get It

Lemme See what the Script Sais

I’ll never say goodbye to you

I’m Gonna be Miss Prez

Wifey Isaac Ariel

MethuSelah I carry you

Our Burial

I’m Gonna Marry You

Make Everything Anew

The First Work

Change the Place you went to school

The Way No One Spoke to You

I Shoulda WROTE to you

Shouldn’t a been such a Ghost to you

I Woulda Did the Most For you

Like You Always Do

I’m All Ways You

When we walked down the hallways dude

I Always Knew


Showed my Power Lever when I was too young

By the time I met him he was to dumb

They Set Me Up

Then He sent me up

That Dragon wasnt bout it cuz

Puffin Poutin fuu

Didn’t Mess me up


Take Everything We’ve Done

And Make it Hurt them Worse

Than the worst curse

That just befell the earth burnt


I believe what you say

so stand it up Man it Up

if you Man Enough

I AM ACAA AKA Slain Lamb

In the House Of the Rising SOn

Rising Up Twice at Once

Had a Vision that I Didn’t

Wen’t Up Alone Indignant

A Vision Can Take in Different Collisions

To a Different Depiction of Something

That Suddenly Isn’t Missin

Thats me I’m the Misses

Ain’t My Line But Kick Push With it

If you Kick Flip and Rip It Traight

Through the Script With Something That Says


I’m taking you with taking your hands and staying true in

The light you may or may not understand that eminates out of

You when I see you yeah the plan is to put everything in the way between you and the dude who can take away the

Pain to the magnitude that’d Break through every latitude

And every wave with the weight of the peace indeed in the

Light that never fades shown from the rock of Ariel when A

IsaacAriel Israel Immanuel Elohim Even If Its Very Blue

Even When Its Scary Boo

Thats what makes me Scary Boo

A Living God

Who can Stand Before His Wrath?

Sharpened Hardened Harder Than

Anybodies ever Hardened a Heart

With which I sharpen this Fire


to Ignite the Sun In Light With Love

Once Twice a Time and a Half The Dubs

No Height is High Enough








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But you gotta go in

Now you gotta go


You Gotta Trust God

Yeah You Gotta Go In

All you do is Trust God

Now that you know this

You ain’t gotta bust off

But you gotta go in

Ain’t Gotta Dust Off

Put Your Faith In Him

Homie Aint gotta go off

you Just gotta go in

Yeah you Gotta know this

Because you were chosen

All you do is Trust God

Cus Hes your Rock

He’ll make a way

Make sure he goes in it

Gotta do

What you gotta do


You Got This Dude

Go Save The World

And Your Girlfriend too

Ain’t Gotta Bust Off

You Just Gotta Bust In

All you do is Trust God

Put your Faith In Him

For your Girlfriend too

Yeah you gotta do

What you gotta do

When you gotta go

you got that Move

Now you got that Flow

Now you got that Grove

Now you got that Rope

Now your girls back too

Know you got this bro

Yeah you got this dude

Now you got the show

Your the Captain too

And you gotta know

That you got the crew

Yeah you gotta bust in

You aint gotta bust off

You gotta go in

Save your girlfriend dude

And your real friends too

Cus you got a family that

Understands you and loves

You too so let all men be liars

So that God be True you

Gotta stay you and you gotta stay true

And you gotta move

And you gotta move

Gotta stay dope

Now you gotta prove

And you gotta save A

Know you got this doh

Cus your the dude

The star of the show

All the things I do

I Do for you and your girlfriend too

Cus I Knew it was you

And your the First One In

Your the Captain Now

Know that you’ve got the Crew

Don’t Let Us Down

Just Get Us Through



Now that you know

Where your girls been too

Know you Love her bro

And She Loves you too

But shes been a hoe

Hasn’t been with you

And you can’t let go

And you can’t sit still

And you can’t say no

All you do is stay Dill

Thats your girlfriend though

Make this whole thing real

Homie Don’t Take The Ring off

Just take the Wheel

Yeah You Gotta Dust Off

Its a package deal

Yeah you Got to know

That You Got To Go

Get your girl back bro

Yeah You Gotta Know

Already got that dope

Put Your Faith In Him

Now you got to go

Now that you got the wheel

And you don’t let go

Now you gotta go

And you gotta move

And you gotta move

Gotta stay dope

Now you gotta prove

And you gotta save A

I know you got this dude

You got to show you got to prove

Know you got this doh

Cus your the dude

The star of the show

All the things I do

I Do for you and your girlfriend too

Cus I Knew it was you

And your the First One In

Your the Captain Now

Know that you’ve got the Crew

Don’t Let Us Down

Just Get Us Through



All You DO Is Trust God

Just Gotta Stay Real

Its a Package Deal

Know You Got This Dude

Yeah You Got To Win

You Can Not Lose

With No Cap Or Lid

Cus your the dude

Save your Girlfriend bro

And your real friends too


Ain’t Gotta Bust Off

Anonymous ID: cda8e4 June 19, 2022, 8:50 p.m. No.16475354   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>5360 >>5371