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Serbian royals asked Hunter Biden for help to restore palaces


When the royal family of Serbia needed cash to rehab their palaces in Belgrade, they came hat in hand to — Hunter Biden.


Crown Prince Alexander Karađorđević of Yugoslavia and his wife, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, met with Biden in November 2015, and didn’t hesitate asking the then-vice president’s son for an expensive favor, emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned hard drive show.


“We were having problems with the state budget for the Royal Compound consisting of two palaces built by my grandfather King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. We were hoping that Hunter might be able to help with his father to solve the problem,” Alexander told The Post.


At the time, Vice President Biden handled a broad international portfolio for the White House that included Serbia. Two months before the call, he had met with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic when he visited the United States. And just nine months after Hunter’s chat with the royals, Joe Biden was in Serbia meeting with top leaders and held an event at the royal palace.