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At least six people were injured after a taxi driver veered onto a Manhattan sidewalk Monday afternoon.


A bystander was heard saying the taxi driver fell asleep when he veered onto the sidewalk.


‘He lost control! They said he fell asleep,’ a bystander said.


Fox 5 NY reported:


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Several people were reportedly hurt when a taxi crashed onto a Manhattan sidewalk on Monday afternoon.


It happened around 1 p.m. on Broadway near E. 29th Street in Midtown. That area is generally busy with workers and tourists.


There were reports that as many as six people were hit. Several of the victims were reportedly in critical condition. The NYPD would only confirm that “multiple people” were hit.

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Former President Donald Trump say he is not sure that GOP heavyweight Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will run for president in 2024, but if he does, Trump believes he will win.


"I don't know if Ron is running, and I don't ask him," Trump told the New Yorker magazine in an interview. "It's his prerogative. I think I would win."


The former president and de-facto leader of the Republican party has hinted repeatedly about his intention to run in 2024.


He told the magazine that he was "very close to making a decision." Some inside the GOP believe Trump may officially announce his bid after the midterm elections, during which Republicans are expected to win back a majority in the House and possibly the Senate.


Trump endorsed DeSantis during his 2018 bid, which he narrowly won. He told the magazine that he and the Florida leader have a "very good relationship."


DeSantis has not ruled out a potential presidential bid and often declines to comment on his future political ambitions. For the moment, he says, he is focused on his job as governor and winning reelection this cycle.


Speculation continues that there may eventually be a showdown between Trump and DeSantis for leadership of the Republican party.

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"Complete list of 97 food processing plants that have been destroyed in the last two years…"