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MSM starting to report on the pope's rumored resignation.



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truly loving someone means honoring their free will.

You have to remember that when it's hard to compromise or communicate.

Trust is always the strongest foundation.

Be kind.

Choose joy.

And most of all…try picking someone you really like.

I married my best friend.

We've been thrown some pretty bad shit over the years…and recently too.

Never bring up the D word.

The only way out is Death…Divorce is never an option.

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find the root of the problem and fix it.

A woman does that because she feels less than or demeaned. Not valued.

One of the best books ever for a marriage is an old one. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Women and men are very different and speak VERY different languages.

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get rid of the TV

it's programming her.

You choose the things that will influence you.

You still have choices every day.

Make good ones.

Does she have her own uninfluenced opinions?

Lead her to her own mind