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This seems bass-ackwards.

How about we just drain his bank account because we are afraid that he is going to spend his money on illegal drugs.

Once he proves that he wasn't going to do that, after due process, then he can have his funds back again.


No one who has had their guns confiscated under a Red Flag Law, will ever get their guns back again. The guns will end up in an alley for gang bangers to use on each other.

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Keep voting in rigged elections.

Nothing lazy about that.



Keep voting.

Vote moar.

Vote harder!

Your vote counts for either a RINO that TPTB have chosen to have fake righteous indignation against the Dems., or your vote will be flipped to a Dem. who is actively trying to turn the US into a 3rd World Shithole country.


Keep playing the Illusion of Choice Game.

As long as you think your vote counts, they win.


It is not your right as a citizen to do nothing.

That is unpatriotic.

So get off of your ass and go vote so that TPTB can keep telling us that we live in a Democracy.

So that MSM can keep calling us a Democracy.

We vote here, we are a Democracy.

Even if the elections are rigged.


It makes the criminals look legitimate.

You voted, didn't you?

Then it isYOURfault if things are fucked up. It isYOURfault. You voted for these assholes, if your don't like what is happening you can vote them out of office in the next Rigged Election. Some have been cheated into office for the past 30 years, because people keep voting for them in rigged elections. They are legitimate politicians. The Rigged Elections say so.

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It's really not that complicated.

They tell people to vote.

Then they rig the elections.

Then when things go sideways, they tell people that they voted for it, and if they don't like it they can vote for "Change" in the next Rigged Election.

This goes on for decades and people never catch on to the ruse.

They flip flop Dems. with RINOs to make it look like The People have spoken.

I have voted Repub. my whole life. I don't flip flop and vote Dem. one year and then Repub. the next time.

And we are supposed to believe that every 4 or 8 years that a large portion of the population flip flops?

If the Repubs. never won, then Repubs. would just stop voting. They can't have that happen, that would destroy the Illusion of Choice, so the Repubs. get thrown a bone every one in awhile and get a RINO.


So they gave us the Bush Crime Family to appease us for 12 years.


Trump threw them off of their Game.